John C. Beckson

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John C. Beckson
John C. Beckson
Born John C. Beckson
May 3, 1955 (1955-05-03) (age 64)
Species Penguin
Race Macaroni Penguin
Gender Male
Residence ChillIslandFlag.png Chill Island
Citizenship ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island
Children James D. Beckson
Occupation Daily Egg Editor-in-Chief
Employer Self-employed

John C. Beckson is the gruff yet lovable editor-in-chief of the Daily Egg, Chill Island's local newspaper. He also serves as the news anchor for the Daily Egg's TV station, and is well-known among the island's residents for his iconic voice.



Beckson is well known for his gruff personality and holding his employees to a high standard. He is highly critical of anyone who disrupts day-to-day life on Chill Island and often writes opinion pieces for the Daily Egg denouncing them as menaces. He rarely shows fear and is not afraid to stand up to villains like Radztur and Evil Pengy, actually scaring the latter when he came to take over the Daily Egg. He has a tendency to not remember the names of his employees and instead refers to them by nicknames based on their traits, such as personality or appearance.

Beckson takes news reporting very seriously and considers it a privilege and great responsibility to deliver Antarctic events to its residents. Because of his philosophy, he despises tabloids and anyone who works on them, as well as the concept of clickbait.

Beckson is very proud of his son James, an agent in the Chill Island Protection Force, and frequently brags about "my son the secret agent".


  • Carl the Fry Thief - Beckson despises Carl for his many heinous acts and has called him a menace with the potential to destabilize Antarctica in the Daily Egg, frequently writing opinion pieces bashing him and hoping for his capture. Beckson hopes to get pictures of Carl caught in the act to publish in the Daily Egg, although deep down hopes he never does, as he is too scared to look at Carl's face.
  • What Tambourine - Upon his arrival on Chill Island, Tambourine moved across the street from Beckson and began irritating him with his excessively loud techno music. Beckson has wrote many opinion pieces for the Daily Egg denouncing Tambourine and the Techno State as menaces.



  • "With great news comes great responsibility."
  • "I want pictures, pictures of the Fry Thief!"