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John Henry Adams Churchill
Here he is!
Title Founder of the Progressive Party of UnitedTerra
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Health Healthy
Level Age 39
Status Campaigning for president of the country
Location Lives in and was born in New Club Penguin, UnitedTerra

John Henry Adams Churchill or John Churchill is a UnitedTerran politician born in 1977 who is campaigning to be president of UnitedTerra in 2016 as part of the Progressive Party. His father is Jack Churchill and mother is Laura Churchill. His daughter is (currently) 7 year old Jane Churchill.


He was born in New Club Penguin, UnitedTerra to Jack and Laura Churchill. He was always interested in entering politics and making things better for everyone. In his 20s he became serious about his desire and created in 2005, at 25 years of age, created the Progressive Party of UnitedTerra and campaigned for liberty, justice and against corruption in the system.

2016 Presidential Campaign[edit]

In May 2016 he announced he will be running for president of UnitedTerra and his polling numbers grew quiet fast. He held many notable speeches around the country, criticizing the rigged system and criticizing the "supposed lack of full democracy". He picked Diana Lite as his running mate.

Issue stances[edit]

Gun Rights[edit]

He is a proponent of gun rights, stating that the Constitution of UnitedTerra allows penguins to own guns.


He is strongly in favour of free healthcare and universal healthcare rights.

Foreign Policy[edit]

He is in favor of keeping the status quo in terms of foreign policy. He believes that UT should be committed to upholding peace around the world and doing its duty as a major world power.


He is against spending more on the military, and believes military spending needs to be lowered.


He believes the UT should let in refugees with open arms and that UT should become a melting pot of cultures.


He is against free trade.


  • His poll numbers are rising considerably fast and many people believe he will be the one to win the presidency.

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