John Llywelyn

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Now pay attention, boys.
— J showing gadgets to some agents.
John the brilliant inventor
Title John Llywelyn
Gender Male
Race Southern Kanta Penguin
Faction EPF and SIA Inventor
Health 100%
Level e πi
Status Inventor
Location Club Penguin Island
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John Llywelyn, also known as John and his SIA code-name J (1951 - present), is a double agent and an inventor for both the EPF and the SIA. His best friends are Gary the Gadget Guy and Warning von Brown.


John was born in Orcas, Puffle'and. He had always loved to invent things, but whenever he tried to invent something, it failed. His first invention that didn't fail was the Car 5000. In 1991, he moved from Puffle'and to the new Puffish territory of Colonial Antarctica where he lived near Shiverpool. When the PSA was created in 2005, John's talents were noticed and he was given an invitation to join the agency as an inventor; he obliged. One of the first penguins he met when he joined the PSA was Gary the Gadget Guy. This is how they met and became friends, and later secured John a top spot in the agency. When the PSA was dissolved, John and his position was transferred to the newly-formed EPF. A few years later during the Frosian War, he was hired to also work on and invent things for the SIA.


John has invented many smart tools for the EPF, although many of them are less used and less well known than those crafted by G. His inventions for the SIA, however, are much better known. John rarely goes out in the field and is not good at handling the weapons he builds. Even when he invents extraordinary things for the EPF, some of these things tend to be substituted for those of G, whose are held in higher esteem. During the Frosian War, John began to make military machines and vehicles to help the Shopper war effort and slowly began a transition away from a practical gadget maker into a tactical arms and espionage technology dealer. Many of John's inventions for the SIA were redrawn and also used by the USA's military.


John mostly keeps to himself while he's working, but he also has a dry and quick wit, which he uses when conversing with his agents. He is very impatient with many of the younger agents from both the EPF and SIA, such as Bro, Slender, Star Kirby12, Agent Rogue Tvarkov and many more, all who have terrible habits of breaking John's gadgets. He often tells his agents to "pay attention" whenever their minds wander while he presents his inventions to them.



  • He is a parody of Q from the James Bond series.
  • He is a ninja, but he doesn't talk about it.

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