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One of KKF's Robot War machines.
Title War Android
Gender Male
Faction The Bad Guys
Occupation Killer
Nationality Android

This android, Johnadroid, was a sick idea of Kim's to get back at the AKKF. She decided to make one of their most trusted, remembered and honored members into one of their enemies, even with her logo on it. He's one of the fastest robots, but not bulletproof, like Little Emma. He's infamous for his insane speed with his dual-sided lightsaber and ability to hop and stick to walls. His agility is not the only thing to worry about: much like the actual Johnathan, Johnadroid was programmed to remember attacks so he can dodge them in the future.

Creation and Usage[edit]

After Johnathan Rose was bravely slain in battle by Charlotte's poignant blade, Kim decided to put salt in the AKKF's wound by creating an android that looked almost exactly like him then setting him into battle against them. His skills mirror Johnathan's unmatched abilities with his dual-sided saber which make him a fear-inducing figure and opponent. Although he is immune to lasers and electricity unlike Little Emma, he is not immune to normal blades and especially not bullets. His speed makes up for this flaw as he can dodge them in the blink of an eye, but not against a skilled sniper such as Pal.


Johnadroid mainly uses his normal red dual-sided lightsaber, but occasionally can be spotted with a neon purple one, as it's the KKF's main color. He rarely uses laser firearms but is quite a fearsome enemy if he is spotted with one. It is highly advised not to fight him while he is equipped with a laser firearm, if you truly do value living.


  • His dual-sided red saber is meant to look like The Inquisitor's Lightsaber from Star Wars Rebels and Club Penguin.

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