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Johnathan "Johnny 115" Kari

Swag yo.
Born Johnathan Kari
August 19, 1999 (1999-08-19) (age 20)
Colonial Antarctica
Residence Tomville, Shops Island
Gender Male
Nationality Antarctic
Other names Kari, Johnny, Atum
Ethnicity Swag Penguin
Citizenship Shopper
Occupation Mayor, Entrepreneur
Notable works Founding Tomville
Height 3 ft. 9 in.
Title Mayor of Tomville
Term 2012-present
Call-sign Johnny, Atum

Jonathan Kari (commonly known as Johnny or Atum) is a car enthusiast who lived most of his life in the USA. He moved to Club Penguin Island in 2009 and moved to Shops Island in 2011, because the EBUL kept him from pursuing his interest in automobiles. He had an obsession with cars, and loved rap music and female swaggers (like him). Johnny is a Swag Penguin, and therefore always acts cool even when he isn't. He's also the author of a popular comic: Tom the Atum. He is good friends with Chill57181, Mario Arkay, LMGT, and Penquino.


Johnny was born in 1999 and lived a childhood filled with cars, toy cars that is. Interested in bringing the car love to other penguins, Johnny relocated to Club Penguin Island in November 2009 at 10 years old (without his mommy and daddy! Yay him!) Johnny tried to use his swaggy personality to market good brand name cars to the penguins of CP Island. But the EBUL stepped on his ambitions and kept it from happening. He moved to Shops Island a couple years later so he could actually start selling automobiles, and started his own car sales company, Swag Motors, but was quickly exiled by the island's dictator leader Ben. However, his company lived on, and it still lives on today. In April 2012, after contracting a rare disease that came from an eight-year old pizza, Johnny has began to slow down on life to feel better; therefore, he has not returned to Club Penguin Island since contracting the illness. However, he caused an outbreak of Golden Puffles after he tainted with Mama Golden's birth medication . They destroyed the southern part of Eastern Shops and small sections of Shops Island.


Johnny's personality is mostly friendly, though his swaginess can put him off as egotistical and self-centered, even though he isn't. He also has an unfortunate tendency of loving to find people, which gets him punished. This was the basis of The Tomville Creeper.

Tom Atum[edit]

See Article: Tom Atum

Tom Atum is Johnny's robot that does work around Tomville. He was built in July 2013. Due to Johnny's one-week arrest on July 26, Tom is currently the mayor of Tomville until August 2.

Ethnicity and ancestry[edit]

As for Johnny's father's side of the family, ethnicities are unknown. It is presumed that most of his paternal family members are normal Antarctican-born penguins. The exception to the mystery is Johnny's father, who is a normal King Penguin.

Johnny's maternal roots is where things get interesting and confusing. Both of his Great-Grandparents were Antarctican-born Jerk Penguins who were abducted and experimented with by the Ruscans in 1953. They met in a secluded Ruscan Swag Penguin town a few years later, and hatched a chick in 1956, who is Johnny's grandfather.

Although Johnny's grandfather was supposedly raised as a communist, his parents raised him the right way, for freedom and such. On his 18th birthday, Johnny's grandfather was enlisted into the Ruscan military. As part of an escape plan, he asked to be and was soon after stationed at the nearest base to to South Alemania's border. Two weeks after being stationed there, he made his escape and crossed the border into South Alemania.

He moved Olde Antarctica, got married, and hatched a chick in 1977 who is Johnny's mother. However, Johnny's mom (nor dad, for that matter) wasn't a full swag penguin, due to her mom's regularity. Johnny ended up being a Swag Penguin due to his traits, getting the recessive Swag Penguin genes.

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