Johnny Tightbeak

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Johnny Tightbeak
Silenced gangsta LOL.png
I ain't sayin' nothin'.
Title The anti-squealer
Gender Male
Race Adelie Penguin
Faction He ain't goinna say anythin'.
Health Not saying, though doctors say he is fine.
Level 0
Status Not saying anything
Location Unknown, probably in the UPM's dining room for the King's spaghetti

Johnny Tightbeak is a penguin in the Underground PWN Mafia. He is quite silent, refusing to ever reply to messages. This sometime causes annoyance among his fellow gangsters, but when the PSA come knocking he's the most valued member of the group because, in his words, "he ain't sayin nothin'."


Then he was a chick, he lied to everyone about anything. He was so dishonest that everyone refused to acknowledge his existence. He started to go crazy from lack of acknowledgement, so he decided to never speak again. Still, nobody paid attention to him. In grief, he stop saying things altogether, from email to parties. Getting a job was tough, because his resume was empty, only bearing the phrase "I ain't sayin' nothin'." He tried to apply the UPM later. After much consideration, the UPM allowed him because he could not tell the PSA anything if he was caught. He now smuggles all sorts of stuff into the USA.


Being a gangster in the UPM is tough, so on vacation leave times, he opens a lemonade stand, though he never tells the ingredients to it, nor the price.


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