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Jokémon NO
Jokémon NO logo.PNG
Inspiration(s) Jokemon
Developer Icantic and Snowtendo
Publisher Icantic
Release dates
Release in the USA
July 6, 2016
Release in the UTR
July 13, 2016
Release in Rest of Antarctica
July 13, 2016
Additional info
Genre Augmented reality
Units sold Over 50 million
Platform icePhone

Jokémon NO (acronym for Network Output) is an evil location-based augmented reality game developed by Icantic and Snowtendo. It the latest endeavor part of the Jokémon franchise in which penguins can waddle around with their smartphones using their GPS system to catch and train fictional Puffle-like creatures called Jokémon. It was released in the United States of Antarctica on July 6, 2016 and in all other regions on July 13, 2016. Since its release it has become a continental sensation, being positively reviewed by many consumers. The game encourages video game lovers to be more active in the real world, as it is required to physically move around to move the player's character in-game.

Although the game seems all handy dandy, many conspiracies theorize that it is actually a troll game created by Jokémon to enslave users and feed on their Jokésoul. This is due to the notable suspicious features of the game, such as having to be on it all day long and taking users to dangerous Jokéstops. The high-tech technology is predicted to eventually trap the player in their own phone and transform into a Jokémon themselves once they reach the highest level. During all this, Jokémon are stalking every user and plan on selling information to the TaliBEAN.

The game has also been widely boycotted by Fat penguins, whom complain about the main aspect of the game of having to travel and waddle around outside of igloos, an activity that Fat penguins are not too keen on and struggle to engage in because they run out of breath before they can reach a Jokéstop.


First, players must connect the app to a Jokémon Trainer account and use this account to create their very own penguin avatar. They can pick from a variety of hats, hairstyles and colors, eye colors, backpacks, and outfits. After the avatar is created, it appears on a map in the player's current location. Puffle Handler will show up and greet the player, telling them about the Jokémon, their behavior, and how they are caught. Three of the Jokémon will then show up on the map, one of them to be tapped on. When this is done, the player's smartphone camera will activate and the chosen Jokémon will show up as an augmented reality character (the player can choose from three Jokémon: Bulbapuff, Charhopper, and Squirffle). After one of the Jokémon is caught using a Joké Ball, a sphere-shaped device used to capture the Jokémon, PH will congratulate the player and encourage them to keep catching more Jokémon, which can be done by moving around in the real world and tapping on Jokémon that appear.

The gameplay of Jokémon NO. (version 0.0-1.9, the new version features a sleeker penguin avatar in the bottom left.)

Various areas like monuments and buildings in the real world can be seen as Jokéstops and Gyms in the app. If the player is close enough to one of them, they can tap it and a certain action will be taken. If a Jokéstop is tapped on, it will give power-ups like Joké Balls, Jokémon Eggs, and more to the player. If a Gym is tapped on, a set of Jokémon that have been entered in the corresponding Gym will be seen (when the player reaches level 5 onwards).

Catching a Jokémon. The one presented in the image is Pubat.

After catching Jokémon, the player will gain experience points and level up. Once the player reaches level 5, they will choose from three Gym teams: Fiery, Watery, and Snowy. Once they choose a team, they will be allowed to add Jokémon to a Gym to Gyms of a team that the player is on and battle Jokémon from Gyms of a team that the player is not on.

When a Jokémon is caught, Jokémon O'Berries that correspond to a different Jokémon will be given to the player. Once the player collects enough Jokémon Candy of a corresponding Jokémon, they can evolve it to make it stronger in battle.


On Christmas of 2016, a new Jokémon that doesn't appear in the main Jokémon games was added: a Kanechu with a Santa Claus hat. It was a much more common version of Kanechu that was only available for a limited time before being removed.

Before February 16, 2017, only the Generation One Jokémon were available to catch. But after an update on the aforementioned date, Generation Two Jokémon were added into the game. By now, however, the popularity of the game had majorly died down, and few penguins are actually still playing it to experience Generation Two.


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  • It is a parody of the evil popular iOS and Android app, Pokémon GO.
  • An easter egg is found in the beginning of the game where if the player walks away from Bulbapuff, Charhopper, and Squirffle, eventually they will find a different, rarer Jokémon named Kanechu.
  • Although the app is mostly positively-reviewed, it has been criticized because many penguins have been caught trespassing in areas they would normally not be allowed to go in to catch Jokémon.
  • Cabel hates this game.
    • Many other fat creatures along with McDoodle's workers and customers also hate this game.
  • Wikipenguino45 often plays this game whenever he's bored or in some hard to get to place.
    • He's still never been able to catch a Kanechu.
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