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Timothy Bryce Gibson
Jolly Timmy watching puffle videos on the Internet
Title Jolly Timmy
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Unknown
Health Very healthy
Status Goofing around with his friends
Location Wizzint, Moon Island
Birth date January 1, 2001 (2001-01-01) (age 18)
Occupation Lawyer
Friends Penstubal, Bobbie Wood
Archetype Funny

Timothy Bryce Gibson, nicknamed Jolly Timmy by his friends, is a lawyer and one of the founding fathers of the future Republic of Moon Island. He is close friends with Penstubal, whom he met during their college years, and Bobbie Wood, his best friend since early childhood. He is a goofy and incredibly clumsy penguin - he is almost exactly like his buddy Bobbie, the only difference between the two probably being their feather color.

Timmy has a friendly rivalry with Rookie, often comparing their clumsiness and stupidity. Neither of those things have stopped Jolly Timmy from pursuing a spectacular law career, leading to him eventually becoming a lawyer and personal advocate of dozens of penguins during his life. He is also a signatory of the Moon Island Declaration of Independence in 2027, and is partly responsible for the creation of the Republic of Moon Island as an independent state.


Timothy Bryce Gibson was born on New Year's Day, January 1st 2001. His parents were called 'extremely jolly' that New Year's, and so their child got the nickname "Jolly Timmy". The nickname only really got popular when Timmy was in primary school, as that is when his classmates started calling him Jolly Timmy, sometimes even just "Jolly". Jolly Timmy reportedly had a very fun childhood and was a really extroverted person - he was really popular in primary school, but his popularity dwindled in high school and he was forced to seek consolation in just one friend, and that's Bobbie Wood - the two proclaimed themselves "best friends for life".

In 2019, Jolly Timmy was introduced to Penstubal by Bobbie Wood. Jolly Timmy immediately liked the guy, and eventually started adopting his behavioral habits. Jolly Timmy and Bobbie Wood both started looking more and more like Penstubal in terms of their thoughts and behavior over the years, and found themselves effectively controlled by Penstubal - he became the leader of the little gang that formed as he was easily able to assert his dominance thanks to his aggressive personality. Two major fights occurred during their friendships - both involved Timmy and Bobbie against Penstubal - and they seem to have been forced to back down both times due to Penstubal's incessant whining.

In 2026, Timmy and Bobbie separated, never to see each other again. Bobbie Wood was infamously killed in the Shops Civil War, and in his book "Salt and the City", his friend Penstubal puts the blame on Penquino and Chill57181, the most prominent leaders in the United States of Shops Island, for the death of his buddy. He got this information through Jolly Timmy, who claims to have been personally informed during the summer by mail that Bobbie Wood was killed in the Frosian Islands. Jolly Timmy was absolutely devastated by the death of his buddy. He found his friendship with Penstubal hard to resume - it could never be the same again, and as a result Jolly Timmy and Penstubal stopped seeing each other regularly, instead visiting each other once in a couple of weeks or months.

Jolly Timmy was completely alone after the fall of Shops Island. He got involved in creating the Republic of Moon Island by proposing the Declaration of Independence, which was in the end adopted, albeit an amended version from the one he proposed originally. He was to be the first president of this new republic - he refused the position in favor of Dps04. Later, he reluctantly agreed to serve as an advisor to President Penstubal from 2036 to 2044. Both during and after the presidency, he found himself lonely and fell into depression - he attempted to write just like his Penstubal but his writing career failed miserably.

He died on March 19, 2060, age 59, under mysterious circumstances. He was buried in Dancing Penguin City on March 23 and his friend Penstubal delivered a very emotional eulogy to celebrate him and his legacy. It forever remained a mystery how Jolly Timmy died.


Jolly Timmy is very silly, goofy and finds it hard to concentrate. He has ADHD and is disgusted by anything slightly disgusting, particularly things such as blood, and he sometimes vomits if he thinks about it and looks at it for too long. He is very emotional, just like his friends Penstubal and Bobbie Wood, and just like the two is known to misinterpret and twist anything anybody ever says.


He is an aqua-colored penguin that most of the time wears no clothes. He used to openly refuse to wear clothing on his duty as a lawyer, but he was eventually forced to wear suits when doing his job.


Jolly Timmy is a leftist and is an opponent of capitalism. He also cites capitalism as one of the main reasons he does not buy clothes from major retailers - "he does not wish to endorse chick labor in poorer countries". Jolly Timmy has political conflicts with Penstubal later on in his lives, this being due to the fact that Penstubal is only slightly further to the right wing of the spectrum from Jolly Timmy, but that did not stop Jolly Timmy from serving in Penstubal's presidency as an advisor anyway.




  • His favorite game is Blockcraft and he would often play it with Bobbie Wood during their youth.

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