Jordan O'vian

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A puffle construction worker (picture was taken years ago)
Title Jordan O'vian
Gender Male
Race Puffle
Faction Talking Puffles
Health old
Level medium
Status alive, but weak
Location Retirement home
Birth date 1933

Jordan O'vian is an old green puffle. He was the first O'vian to get all of the penguin's rights and was married to Mabel XVII (she only married him because he would give her those penguin rights), and is the father of Tars O'vian, grandfather of Sister Alkamesh and Icarius and Great-Grandfather of Penelope.


Like every other O'vian, Jordan wanted to be more like a penguin. He wanted to be a construction worker, but every penguin scoffed at him. He didn't know what to do. However, an improtant building collasped a few years later, and nobody knew how to rebuild it. Jordan looked at the blueprints, and decided to rebuild it himself. He did, and many penguins were happy at him. He was given the rights of a penguin, and was extremely satisfied.

He then met General Puff, who was looking for a new home. Jordan agreed to let him live with him for a while. Knew that most of Puff's children were grown up and thought Puff would be lonely, so he kept him company. General Puff told him that his daughter, Mabel XVII, was single, and Jordan asked what she was like. Puff told him, and Jordan was interested. Unfortunately, Puff sugar-coated most of his descriptions.

General Puff set up a date for his daughter Mabel XVII and Jordan. She was only interested in him because he was popular and didn't like the fact that he was a green puffle. However, she managed to pretend to be someone she wasn't and this won Jordan's heart. They had a purple puffle named Tars O'vian. Jordan loved him very much, and he brought him closer to Mabel.

Mabel eventually died, and he mourned her at the funeral.


Jordan, like General Puff, is very frail and old, and doesn't do much. He still has good ideas for archetecture, and people get ideas from him.


  • He helped construct the Awesome Drama Theater as well as other buildings.
  • He is one of the few green puffles General Puff tolerates. However, other von Injoface members don't share that sentiment.