Jorkjon Fransor

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Jorkjon R Fransor image.png
Jorkjon... with his pet shovel.
Title King Jorkjon R Fransor
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Builder
Status Deceased
Location Ice City Graveyard

Jorkjon R Fransor, or King Jorkjon was the founder and King of Ice City. He was a light blue penguin who always carried around his "pet" shovel. He always helped in building things, as he is a builder. He traveled the world, searching for a new place to call home, and, if he found a place that he couldn't call his home, he would help them build for a few days, then continue his journey.


Jorkjon was hatched in 1937 somewhere on the Antarctic continent. He ran away from his igloo when he turned five, as it was "boring" to him. From then until the time he turned 13, he scavenged and lived on his own looking for a good place to call home. He set out to sea when he turned 13 to search for a new home. He traveled and traveled but couldn't find any place that wasn't already taken. By the time he was 15, he was ready to give up, but just before he packed to go back to the USA, he saw an island in the distance. He went to the icey island to see that no one but fish were near this island, so, he became king and began to build. He called the place Icey Land, which is now called Ice City. After being king for 17 years, he peacefully passed away in in 1969. Luckily, by this time he had a family that lived on the island, so his son Vikor D Fransor became the King.


Before and after he became a "King", Jorkjon was a builder. He enjoyed using his flipper to build things, including buildings. However, since he had no money for most of his life, he didn't have very many things to build with. So, when in his teens he started building using snow blocks, like those used on igloos. No matter the building, he used snow blocks, and that architecture style stayed with the people of Ice City even after he passed away. Even today, most if not all of the buildings there were built with compact ice and snow blocks.


  • There is a rumor that he is Barkjon's great-grandfather...
  • He had a pet shovel called Cloudy, which he used when shoveling and packing snow blocks to build buildings with.

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