Joseph Andreev

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Joseph Andreev
Joseph and his pickaxe.
Title Joseph Andreev
Gender Male
Race Viking Penguin
Faction Penguin
Health Good
Level 100
Status Mining
Location Culldrome Isles
Birth date 1993
Occupation Miner, Agent
Strengths His strength
Friends Chub 777, Buhc 777, Sonic Boom
Enemies Chairman Dux
Archetype Good

Joseph Andreev is a half-Culldrome, half-Ruscan miner from the Culldrome Isles. Joseph is well known as a small but very strong penguin; many other miners look up to him for his strength. After becoming involved in the events of the Culldrome Civil War and being part of the Super Seven, Joseph became a CSIA agent and Porcyal wielder.


Joseph Andreev was hatched on June 29 1993 in a small village secluded away in the Mossroam forest of the Culldrome Isles. Joseph was born into a small family, with a brother and a sister and was the youngest. His father, Alexi Andreev, moved from Rusca in 1974 to Culldrome, after getting fed up of the cold and harsh Ruscan life. Formerly a miner, he was unable to get a job in Culldrome City so he became a logger in the countryside, where he met Joseph's mother.

Joseph and his family worked in a small logging business in the forest. Joseph grew up as a very strong and well-built penguin, even as a young chick. Many were astounded by his strength and he then became well known as the strongest logger in the area. In 2009, when Joseph was aged 15, the logging business where he worked at went out of business and moved over to the Treshurr Isles. Joseph, having a sense of adventure, wanted to go out and become a miner on Menap Island. Mining had recently had a boom and helped Culldrome economically. His father also encouraged him to become a miner, like he was in the past. Joseph traveled to the island while his family stayed behind and got a job at a mining business.

Joseph became employed on Menap Island in 2010, purposely chosing to work at a small mining operation, which used manual labor rather than heavy machinery. Joseph, like before, was known as the strongest miner on the entire island and eventually became the boss and owner of the mining business. However, as the mining business began to slow down, he moved back to the mainland in a small secluded village near Bluetower Castle. There he became famed for his strength and practically became the leader.


Joseph got heavily involved during the Battle of Culldrome. Joseph met up with the Adlie brothers and their friends, joining them on their adventure to find the fabled swords of the Twin Heroes. However, as the Culldrome Civil War began to escalate, they were dragged into it, having to fight several times. After dropping a Porcyal bomb on Culldrome City, Joseph and his friends were captured by the Confederacy.

In the Shadow of Culldrome, he remained with the group as they were 'pitted against each other' in a Confederate battle dome. After being rescued by CSIA agent Sonic Boom, Joseph was placed into a top secret elite group, Super Seven. The group were responsible for several missions during the later stages of the war and aimed to stop the Confederacy. Joseph was the strongest of the group, but suffered injuries from a mission. Eventually, he was at hand at the final battle of the Confederacy, culminating in a large stand off with its leaders.

Afterwards, Joseph became a member of the CSIA and trained to become a Porcyal wielder. His strength and skill made him a valued member of the agency.


Joseph almost always wears his mining helmet. In a way he has become attached to it and never lets it go. He has had the same mining helmet since he began mining. The helmet is still in surprisingly good condition despite the dustiness; the light in the helmet still works. Joseph also wears a heavy-duty robe, with a belt holding it together. Like the helmet, he has had it for a long time and is also very dusty from his time down at the mines. Joseph also has a big orange beard, which has also gotten dusty.

Joseph usually carries around his trusted pickaxe, which he latches onto his back. Sometimes, though, he attaches other tools, such as rakes, shovels or even swords.


  • He is based off Gimli from the Lord of the Rings universe.
  • Despite being half-Ruscan, he cannot speak or understand it.
    • He does, however, have a Ruscan accent.

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