Joseph Crosby

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Joseph Crosby
Title Senator
Gender Male
Race High Penguin
Level 100
Location Shiverpool
Birth date September 3, 1990 (1990-09-03) (age 29)

Joseph Crosby is an Antarctican politician and Senator from the Antarctic Peninsula who campaigned in the USA Presidential Elections 2016 under the Conservative Party. He previously served as Mayor of Shiverpool, before becoming a Representative in the Antarctic Peninsula House of Representatives. Joseph is the younger brother of Ryan Crosby, the vice president of Acadia. A minor politician, Joseph Crosby first entered the spotlight when he ran for the Presidency of the United States of Antarctica, which he lost.


Joseph Crosby was born in 1990 as the second son of William and Sarah Crosby, in Penguin Town, present day Club Penguin. He had an older brother, Ryan, and a younger sister, Elizabeth. During much of his early life, Antarctica was under Puffish rule, and he witnessed many of the rebel groups and movements against the Puffish, including many important ones, such as the Penguin Town Coffee Riot and the Plaza Mauling. This early exposure to the political atmosphere of Colonial Antarctica would one day inspire his political career.

When the Colonial Antarctica War broke out in 1999, Joseph was too young to join the army unlike his older brother Ryan and his friends, and instead stayed at home, helping his parents and younger sister with chores and housework. To pass the time, Joseph read many books about history, law, and ideology, further inspiring him to pursue a career in law and politics. Though too young to actually fight, he helped the rebel cause by helping make bullets and supplies, and helping raise money for rebel soldiers, and recruiting members for the Revolutionists.

After the war was over, Joseph moved to the Antarctic Peninsula, where he bought a house in the outskirts of Shiverpool, which at the time was briefly under Acadian rule. When the territory changed hands and became part of the USA, he decided to stay there, despite invitations from his brother to move to neighboring Acadia. He later became a lawyer, first working in a separate law firm, but within two years, had founded his own successful law firm in Shiverpool with a partner, which was popular for their ability to win cases, and became one of the most known lawyers in Shiverpool.

He eventually married a woman named Susanna in 2008, had one child, a boy they named John. In the 2010 Shiverpool Mayoral Elections, Joseph ran, and won by a close margin despite it being his first political experience. During his term, his policies helped the city prosper and grow, with Crosby launching economic reforms that brought the city's economy up along with building projects to improve the city. Joseph gained much popularity as a mayor, and decided to run for Representative in the Antarctic Peninsula House of Representative. His bid was also successful, and he won.

Joseph continued to gain popularity amongst the conservative representatives in the House and conservative voters in the Antarctic Peninsula. In the House, Joseph helped vote into law many conservative bills that improved the economy, military, and transportation of the state by rallying his fellow senators with many famed speeches, and became Speaker of the House as well. However, in the 2016 Elections, instead of running for a third term, Joseph announced to a cheering crowd at a venue in Shiverpool that he would run for President of the United States of Antarctica.

During the elections Joseph won primaries in Antarctic Peninsula, Trans-Antarctica, and Weddell, and city primaries in Club Penguin City, Inland, Newton Town, and Shiverpool, which he won easily due to his popularity there since he was once mayor there. According to a poll as of August 2016, Joseph scored second in the Conservative Party, behind Donal Tenorio. A few days before the election, he dropped out and endorsed Tenorio, hoping that Tenorio would make him his Vice President. However, Donal Tenorio lost the election, and thus Crosby wasn't made vice president.

After the election, which he lost, the Acadian Parliament voted to leave the FRU, which many in Antarctica claiming that Acadia only did that because "their" candidate, Joseph Crosby, lost the election. In a written statement he released shortly after, Joseph reaffirmed his loyalty to the United States of Antarctica, and denied having any connection to the Acadian government, pointing out that he turned down an offer of his brother to move to Acadia. While this statement changed the minds of some, a few accused him of being a liar and a traitor that wanted the USA to be an Acadian puppet.

Despite his failed bid for the Presidency, many in the Antarctic Peninsula still supported Joseph Crosby, and he was appointed as a Representative of the South Pole Council, representing the Antarctic Peninsula, by the governor of the state. Crosby also became popular with the members of the South Pole Council for his great speeches, and is sometimes known as having somewhat of a sense of humor. He also participates in the weekly paintball games of the South Pole Council and is considered good at the game, with many accrediting it to his mind for strategy.


Gun Rights[edit]

Joseph Crosby supports gun rights, saying it is the right of every single Antarctican to be able to defend themselves. He opposes gun control, saying it is an infringement on the rights of Antarcticans.


Joseph supports privatized healthcare. He says that free healthcare and universal healthcare would be expensive for the government.

Foreign Policy[edit]

He is against globalism, and is against the amount of power the UAN can hold. Joseph believes that the USA should get involved in conflicts if it threatens their interests. He supports sanctions on dictatorships such as East Pengolia.


He is for more military spending, stating that the USA needs adequate funding to be able to defend itself.


Joseph believes the USA should not take it refugees until they can be properly screened. He is also against illegal immigration, though he is against building a wall. Joseph does support legal immigration, though, and doesn't agree with deporting illegal immigrants unless they committed a crime.


He is for a free market and lower taxes on the rich and middle class. Joseph wants to lower the corporate tax rate and possibly introduce a flat tax rate. He is also against raising the minimum wage, saying that it would case many workers to be laid off.