Journey to the Center of the Realm

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Journey to the Center of the Realm
JTTCOTR poster.png
Start November 16, 2016
End December 3, 2016
Prerequisites Wikipenguino finds out that his X-Antibody has reportedly resurfaced in Acadia and tries to locate him in hopes of finding and bringing justice to Darktan.
Level Moderate
Location Acadia, Darktonian Realm, USA
Rewards The team enter the Darktonian Realm despite many obstacles and drawbacks.
None Operation: Improbable, The Dynamic Trio: File X

After successfully tracking down Wikipenguino X to the city-state of Acadia, Wikipenguino45 believes it's possible to follow him to the Darktonian Realm in hope of finding and defeating Darktan II. An unexpected team the accomplish the mission is formed as they try to track Wikipenguino X down and stop Darktan. However, the team does not know that they will have a long journey, as Darktan and his minions are planning to stop them as much as possible. As they travel all around the continent, they encounter all sorts of trouble. Will they manage to succeed in this epic journey and apprehend Darktan once an for all? Or will they die trying?


On another perfectly regular day in Acadia, business was going as usual. But on the streets of Acadia, one certain lime green penguin wearing a red hoodie, blue face paint and a puffle ball cap was wandering through the streets. Another penguin wearing a ninja suit who had blond hair and a blue puffle with glasses followed him.

Falco: You're certain that he's somewhere here?

Wikipenguino: Certain! If I'm not right, I'll be a slab of smoked salmon. Terry, what does the tracker say?

Terry: He hasn't left any traces so far so I'm not seeing anything.

Wikipenguino: Looks like we're just going to have to keep looking around here. He's gotta be here somewhere. Terry, if the tracker starts beeping, tell me.

Terry: It'll mean we found him?

Falco: Well, duh. What else do you think it does?

After about 20 minutes of waddling around the city-state with no success, Wikipenguino stopped them when they came to a deserted street.

Falco: Did you see him?

Wikipenguino: Sadly, no. I just thought that we might need help. Well anyways, let's give up for now. We'll be late for William's wedding.

Falco: Honestly, couldn't he have chosen a better time to show up?

Terry: Well, let's get to the airport anyway. I have that strange feeling we're being watched.

Little did the trio know that they were being watched by a red penguin wearing a purple hoodie and a black cap with an X on it. He stood on top of the building watching the trio waddle slowly back to the main street to get a taxi.

Wikipenguino X: Heh heh. Good luck finding me.

A couple of hours later, the plane touched down in Dragonstone and the trio made their way to the wedding. A large crowd of penguins were already there talking and many were already seated. Many penguins from the Lagois family could be seen including Kenny Lagois, Cheddarbox, Dr. Infinity, adopted member Wikipengal45 and Wikipenguino's father, Penguino Lagois IV. Two figures could be seen on the podium at the front of the room which were Wikipenguino's cousin, William and his fiancée, Alayne. After they were pronounced husband and wife, the crowd cheered. The crowd was pushed into a separate room. Wikipenguino suddenly heard a muffled beeping noise inside his hoodie pocket.

Wikipenguino: Huh? You gotta be kidding...right now?

Terry overheard Wikipenguino and hopped over.

Terry: What is it?

Wikipenguino: It's the tracker. It must've located him back in Acadia or something...Hey, wait a minute...

An idea started to form inside his head, though he wasn't sure if it could happen. Wikipenguino thought that William could help them, somehow...

Wikipenguino: Terry, you wouldn't mind asking William to meet me after the wedding is over?

Terry: Sure, no problem.

The blue puffle slowly crossed the room carefully avoiding the many flippers waddling around.

William was enjoying the joyful moments and accepted a drink from a passing waiter. After a few seconds of watching other penguins in the crowd, something started tugging at his shirt.

William: Huh..? Who's there...?

Terry: Hey, William! Down here!

William looked downwards to find a blue puffle with black glasses trying to get his attention using his telekinesis.

William: Hey...aren't you Wikipen's puffle?

Terry: Wikipenguino needs to see you after the party is over. I'll come back and you follow me.

William: Umm...okay...

The puffle hopped away while William pondered over what he said.

After a few hours, the guests were clearing out and the crowd lessened. William was still present inside the room, which was now quiet, waiting for the same blue puffle to find him again, though it was getting late, and he was starting to become doubtful and think it might've been a prank. William was starting to fall asleep while standing against the wall. Just as he was about to doze off, he suddenly heard a shuffling to his right. He immediately stood properly as if expecting someone to attack him and slowly turned in the direction of the noise. Luckily, it was only the same blue puffle who had told him to wait for him.

Terry: This way!

William followed him out of the building. They came through the back of the building into a storage room. Terry pushed open the door which creaked. A light inside that wasn't coming from the light bulb above was flickering slightly and grew brighter as they came closer. Suddenly, someone jumped out of the shadows.

Cheddarbox: BOO!

William: AAAAAHH-

Another penguin slapped a flipper over William's beak while Terry jumped in shock as well. William suddenly recognized him as his relative, Wikipenguino while Cheddarbox giggled. Falco appeared to be holding a small flame in the center of his flipper.

Cheddar: Hahaha...You should've seen the look on your face...

Wikipenguino: Shhh, Careful, we don't want to be heard. And Cheddar, I think we can save pranks for later.

Cheddar: Alright then, cuz.

While Cheddarbox continued to laugh quietly in the background, Wikipenguino continued.

Wikipenguino: Well, anyways, glad you could make it, William. I don't want any of us to raise our voices, we could get caught.

William: Wikipeng? What...Why did you ask me to come here?

Falco: Recently, we three have been tracking down Wikipenguino X. We thought that you could help, somehow. Besides, the more the merrier, right?

William: Me? I'm not exactly like you, and I'm not that much of an adventurer.

Wikipenguino: What about the most recent adventure you went on with Kenny and Cheddar? And all the other ones? Quite adventurous if you ask me.

Cheddar: It sure was. Remember when we pranked that security guard?

William: Yeah, but I couldn't let them die. And those were penguins that were up to no good. I had to go.

Wikipenguino: So d'you think you can do that for us?

William: Well...Alright...I guess so....

Wikipenguino looked overjoyed.

Wikipenguino: Great! Rightio, then. Make sure you're ready, we'll meet you at the airport.

William: W-wait...y-you mean n-now?

Falco: Yeah. We gotta find Wikipenguino X before he slips away again, don't we?

William: Oh..uh...okay...I'll s-see you all there...

After making his way back to the palace where he now lived. He opened the doors and entered the main room. He suddenly realized Alayne was standing there waiting for him.

Alayne: There you are. Where have you been?

William: Uh...I just...I wanted to stay outside for a bit longer...

Alayne, however, looked very suspicious.

Alayne: You're lying...aren't you?

William: No. No, I'm...

William sighed.

Alayne: So what took you so long?

William: Wiki's blue puffle, Terry, asked me to go and meet his owner, so I stayed behind and waited for him. When everyone cleared out, he came back and led me to his owner, Falco and Cheddar. They...they want me to go on a mission to find Wikipenguino X and Darktan.

Alayne: Stop Darktan?

William: And find Wikipenguino X.

Alayne: Well, let's go, then.

William: Wait, you mean both of us?

Alayne: Of course. Let's get ready.

William: But...No, no, you can't come!

Alayne: Well, why not?

William: It...It's too dangerous. And trust me, Cheddar doesn't make it any easier.

Alayne: But I want to come. It's my first time doing one of these adventures, and you're definitely going to need more help.

William: But-

Alayne: Please?

William thought about and decided he might as well let her.

William: Fine. You can come.

Alayne: Awesome!

She smiled and went upstairs to get ready. After leaving the house, they managed to get a taxi to the airport.

Cheddarbox, Wikipenguino, Falco and Terry were all waiting for them at the entrance to the airport.

Wikipenguino: Great! Glad you could make it...and...Why did you bring Alayne?

William: She wanted to come along. Should we start moving?

Wikipenguino: Yup. As Falco said, the more the merrier. Let's go.

Once they got in through the check-in area, they managed to get to the waiting area.

Alayne: it just me, or are we being...watched?

Falco: Well, Terry said exactly the same thing before, didn't he? And nothing ever happened.

Terry: Impossible. I was quite sure I heard something other than our movements back in that quiet alleyway...and I'm sure Alayne is right somehow.

Cheddarbox: Well, let's get something to eat, anyway. I'm getting hungry.

They sat down in a restaurant inside the waiting area. Terry kept on making suspicious and angry looks at a penguin reading a newspaper who had sat down on a table in front of theirs every few minutes. Wikipenguino noticed Terry staring at the penguin for a few seconds.

Wikipenguino: Why do you keep staring at him? Is he reading something interesting?

Terry: No...It's just I'm sure he was one of the penguins who Alayne talked about. And why do you think he sat down there?

Falco: You worry too much. If it's true, d'you really think they can take all of us on at once?

The team slowly moved on through the large crowd and boarded the airplane to Acadia.

As they got into the plane, the group looked around for any suspicious looking people.

William: At least there are no suspicious people here. But that's suspicious too.

The group walked a few steps, before Cheddar sat down on a seat in first class.

William: Please tell me this isn't another prank.

Wikipenguino: No. I got first class for us. I figured if we're going to chase a highly dangerous subject that we need a few hours to relax in luxury without a screaming chick kicking the back of our seat.

Falco: Oh, cool!

Chapter 1: Chase in Acadia[edit]

Surprisingly, the plane ride was smooth, with no problems. After a few hours, the plane touched down at Acadia International Airport. As the group got off, they saw more suspicious penguins.

Cheddar: Uh oh...I'm starting to see more of these penguins...d'you guys think we should prank them to shake 'em off our tail?

Falco: Let's get out of here quick then. We need to get our luggage.

The group soon got their luggage and then walked over to the rental car area to get a car. After they got their car, an SUV, they then got in and drove off. The driver, William, drove down a road in the airport before reaching the highway.

Cheddar: Uh, why are we heading south? Weren't you supposed to take an exit at A2 to get to my igloo in Shiverpool?

Wikipenguino: We're actually heading to a hotel in downtown. Darktan's going to try to look for us at your igloo, so we had to be discreet.

William continued driving further down the highway towards downtown Delphi, the capital of Acadia, where he took an exit that led onto a normal road. He drove a little further until they reached their hotel, which they checked in to. After settling down in the hotel for the night, the team grabbed something to eat at a nearby restaurant.

Cheddar: Anyone else notice Mr guy-with-a-suspicious-looking-outfit-that-cleverly-hides-his-face just follow us in?

Wikipenguino turned around to find a penguin who indeed wore a hood pulled over his face that prevented him from recognition. He suddenly felt a strange feeling he'd definitely felt before every time he encountered only one particular penguin.

Falco: Wait a minute. Is that...

The all recognized a black cap on the penguin's head with an X marked on the front.


His identity discovered, Wikipenguino X took off, running into the street while some startled customers gazed after him.

Alayne: You guys go get him, I'll go get the car!

Alayne took off, while Terry, Wikipenguino, Cheddar, and Falco started chasing Wikipenguino X. Only William remained in the restaurant, thinking.

As Alayne ran back towards the hotel parking lot to get the car, she was suddenly cornered by two hooded penguins with weapons pointed at her. Before she could react, she noticed one of the penguins grunt in pain and collapse to the ground. She briefly looked over her shoulder to see that it was William. As the other penguin was about to fire, she ducked and grabbed his gun, making him fire a few shots into the sky. William then punched the penguin in the face, and the penguin fell unconscious.

William: You can thank me later. We need to get the car.

William and Alayne then got in the car, with William in the driver's seat. He then started in the engine, and drove off, out of the parking lot.

Meanwhile, Wikipenguino X stole an empty police car, and drove off. Cheddar then threw a water balloon at a random penguin in the street, before carjacking him.

Cheddar: Sorry, nothing personal!

Before he got in the car, Falco flashed an EPF agent badge to the penguin. Wikipenguino and Terry hopped into the car as they took off after Wikipenguino X who was driving off into the distance. Wikipenguino X, meanwhile had taken a left turn and vanished down another lane.

Terry: Hey! Where is he?

Falco: There! Look!

Wikipenguino X was now on a highway in front of them. William and Alayne's car could be seen ahead. Wikipenguino pulled out his ditto pistol.

Wikipenguino: Keep driving and keep him in front of you! I'll see if I can hit him!

Cheddar continued to drive as Wikipenguino opened the window and aimed carefully. The sound of a few police cars could be heard behind him. Wikipenguino kept a close watch on his chosen target and pulled the trigger. A small orb of ditto flew out and hit the wheel of his X-Antibody's car. The car slowed down until it finally stopped.

Wikipenguino X: What!? Ditto!? I'm outta he-

Suddenly, a car that could not brake in time smashed into Wikipenguino X's car.


Wikipenguino X leapt out of the way just in time as his car was flipped onto it's side as Wikipenguino, Falco, Cheddar and Terry slowed down next to William and Alayne who had left their car and were marching towards Wikipenguino X. The penguin who had hit Wikipenguino X looked terrified.

Wikipenguino X: Out of my way!

He punched the penguin and pushed him out the car. He jumped into the car and switched it into reverse.

William: WHOA!

William and Alayne jumped out of the way and Cheddar swerved out of the way just in time.

Wikipenguino X: Now catch me...If you can.

Wikipenguino X zoomed off into the distance. Wikipenguino felt a surge of hatred.

Wikipenguino: Just when I thought we finally had him.

Cheddar: Welp, there's no time to waste. Let's go!

William and Alayne hopped back into their car and they both continued pursuing Wikipenguino X down the highway. After a few minutes of driving they could finally see him clearly.

Falco: There he is!

Wikipenguino X was just a couple dozen meters ahead of them. A police blockade was set up in the road ahead. Wikipenguino X took a sudden turn to the right.

Wikipenguino: Aw, COME ON!

Terry: Keep following him!

After driving for another mile, the group made it closer to the Acadian border with the United States of Antarctica. Eventually, they came to a blockade with multiple policemen stationed ahead. There was no other way for Wikipenguino X or the others to turn. Just then, Wikipenguino X took out a grenade and tossed it over and out of his car. It rolled onto the highway and in front of the car Cheddar hijacked. Cheddar sped up and passed the grenade just in time.

Wikipenguino X: Try outsmarting THIS!


A large deletion explosion erupted from the grenade engulfing part of the now crumbling highway in a large cloud of smoke. The car that Cheddar, Wikipenguino, Falco and Terry were in was knocked forwards and made it across the bridge barely keeping itself together while the policemen were knocked over and had most of their cars flipped over. William and Alayne's car unfortunately couldn't stop or cross the bridge in time, and fell into the water below.

Terry: NO!

Terry, the others and the policemen rushed to the scene.

Wikipenguino: Please don't be dead...please don't be dead...

Suddenly, a voice yelled up from below.

William: We're alright!

Wikipenguino looked down below to find that they at a remaining section of the bridge, with William pulling Alayne, who was hanging from a single rod.

Cheddar: Welp, that was close. I thought I'd have to ban myself from pranking if William couldn't make it.

The police were now examining the now broken bridge and were chatting to each other. William and Alayne had now climbed onto the highway and had caught up with the others.

Falco: Darn. Wikipenguino X broke through the blockade while we were all distracted.

Cheddar: Pssst! Guys!

Cheddar was sitting inside the drivers seat of an Gendarmerie car that appeared to have taken the least damage from the explosion.

William: Wha-? Cheddar, what are you doing?

Cheddar: Get in here before they see us...

Wikipenguino, Falco and Terry slowly moved to the car.

Alayne: Come on, William. Let's go.

William: But-

At that moment, a policeman turned their way.

Policeman: HEY!

William: Alright, let's go!

They all got in the car and slammed the doors just as more policemen began to notice and charge at them. Falco flashed an EPF agent badge at the officers, hoping they'd see. Cheddar went into reverse and knocked some cars out of their way before turning around and continuing down the highway across the border.

Falco: We've just lost Wikipenguino X, so I think we'll need a place to stay for the night.

Continuing to drive for a few more minutes, the group approached an area outside Shiverpool, a few hotels, shops, and houses on a open field with a road leading from where Highway 1 intersects Highway 11 cutting through it. The group checked into a Walton.

After checking in to the Walton, the group went into their room. Wikipenguino sat down on a chair after grabbing a drink from the hotel's refrigerator.

Wikipenguino: We need to plan where to go next. If only I could've heard the narrator say at least something, we might've had a head start on WP X.

Terry: Well, we know he's going to run back to his master in the Darktonian Realm for safety.

An idea suddenly popped into William's head.

William: Falco, do me a favor and call the Hochstadt Gang to go meet us in Frostize.

Falco: So they're joining the quest too?

William: We just need their help. They've been on more quests than us.

Falco: Ok. But we need a way to get to Frostize. We can't wait until they clear us.

Alayne: I've got an answer.

Alayne picked up, the phone, before dialing a number.

Alayne: Dad? Yeah, can we borrow a helicopter? Oh that, yeah... I'll explain later. Ok, thanks. Bye.

Chapter 2: Frostize and Meeting the Hochstadts[edit]

A few hours later, a helicopter bearing the words "Dragonstone Armed Forces" landed in a field in front of the inn. Two penguins stepped out to greet the group.

Penguin 1: Welcome m'lady. Greetings from Lord Stark.

Alayne: Thank you.

The group stepped onto the helicopter, which soon took off.

The helicopter landed in the city of Frostize, around an hour later.

Wikipenguino: I've always wanted to visit this place sometime. Here we are! Falco, where did you say the Hochstadt Gang was?

Falco: They should be meeting us by the telenacle, that's what they said I think. We're going to have to wait, though they're not here yet.

William: Maybe we can have a look around here while we wait.

Cheddar: We can find a pizza restaurant somewhere around here...I hear the cheese pizzas here are delicious!

Wikipenguino: Neat-o. Let's go find one!

After finding a restaurant to eat at, Cheddar went inside to order. Alayne noticed a penguin following them holding a newspaper.

Alayne: Oh, not again...

William: What is it?

Alayne: Another one of...them.

Falco began to approach the penguin, hoping to handcuff him. However, the penguin noticed the group, and ran off.

Wikipenguino: Aw crumbs, not again...

Alayne and William were already fast of his heels, and soon, the rest of the group followed them.

Waiter: Uh, sir, you're pizza is ready!

Cheddar stopped, ran back to grab the pizza from his hands, and ran back again.

Meanwhile, the group chased the penguin down the street, where he made a quick turn onto an alley. Unfortunately for the penguin, the alley was a dead end, with only a canal in front. Seeing no choice, the penguin jumped into the canal.

William: Do you have to?

William quickly followed the penguin into the canal, with Wikipenguino and Alayne behind him. Terry jumped onto a random bystander, distracting him before using his telekinesis to snatch a map from his hands.

Terry: Got it!

Terry then handed the map to Falco.

Falco: Oh, so we can cut him off. Cheddar, I need you to steal a gondola and cut him off at The Palazzo.

However, Cheddar held a box of breadsticks and a bowl of pasta in one hand, and two pizzas in the other.

Cheddar: Huh? Oh.

With all the food still in hand, Cheddar ran towards a nearby canal where an empty gondola was laying.

Falco: I guess I'll go the other way.

Falco took off in the other direction, hoping to cut off the penguin's path.

Terry then looked at the map Falco left behind. He turned the map to the back.

Terry: Oh, Catacomb tours at 6, interesting...

Seeing the map, Terry headed off in a different direction.

Alayne, William, and Wikipenguino were making their way on a sidewalk on the side of a canal. Just then, Terry popped out from the canal. The penguin, surprised, tripped over Terry, and fell into a gondola.

Gondola Operator: Sir, you need to pay to ride this gond-

Penguin: Out of my way!

The penguin pushed the gondola's operator into the canal, and used the paddle to continue moving down the canal. Seeing this, Alayne, William, Wikipenguino, and Falco all jumped into a gondola with no one inside of it.

William: Let's keep moving!

After both gondolas were rowing down the canal, they reached a bridge where a group of policemen were standing with rifles drawn.

Police Officer 1: Freeze! Hands in the air now, or we'll shoot!

Penguin: Ugh...

The penguin quickly reached into his pocket and pulled out a grenade, which he threw onto the bridge.

Police Officer 2: Run!

All the police officers ran off the bridge just as the grenade exploded, blowing off a large section of the bridge. In the commotion, the penguin climbed from the gondola onto a section of the bridge and ran into the crowd.

Falco: *Sigh* My plan didn't work.

The rest of the group climbed onto the bridge as well and continued chasing the penguin down a small street in Frostize.

Meanwhile, Cheddar was rowing down another canal in Frostize in a gondola, with the food still by his side, looking for the penguin from earlier. As he passed another gondola, he heard a radio.

Radio: I'm in trouble; a group of penguins is after me. Get me out of here.

Penguin: I'll be right there.

Cheddar: Oh no you didn't!

The penguin looked up to see Cheddar with a water balloon.

Penguin: Huh?

The penguin loaded his gun and was about to fire it, but Cheddar threw a full pizza in his face, making him completely miss his shot, which went into the water. The penguin tried to get the pizza off of him but he tripped and fell into the canal.

Penguin: Ahhhhh!

The penguin then waded to the other side, only to see a few police officers from the bridge waiting.

The group chased down the penguin for a few more blocks, before approaching one of Frostize's main roads. The penguin crossed the street, evading cars and other vehicles. Just as the group was able to cross, a truck blocked their way, and within a moment, the penguin disappeared.

Alayne: Let's go get a hotel, we're all tired and wet, and the Hochstadt Gang won't be meeting us for another two hours.

Wikipenguino: Okay, then. In that case, we haven't got time to waste.

The group walked towards a Walton facing a canal. Alayne walked inside to get their rooms. A few minutes later, she walked out.

Alayne: Well, I got two suites for us.

William: Great!

Cheddar: Let's go in then.

The group walked into the Walton, going onto the fourth floor, where Alayne had gotten the two suites. Wikipenguino, Cheddar, Terry, and Falco, walked into their room, while William and Alayne got into theirs. Once they got in, Cheddar opened the door that connected the two rooms.

Wikipenguino: Let's eat! Uh, Cheddar, where's the other pizza box?

Cheddar: I used it to deal with a S.H.A.R.K. soldier.

Falco: Oh well. Don't worry, I'll order some room service. We still have around two hours.

After the group finished eating, took showers, and changed their clothes, they walked out of the hotel, making their way towards the Telenacle. There, Clovis, Jock, and Fisch were waiting for them.

Wikipenguino: Oh wow...the actual Hochstadt Gang...We're actually going to meet them...

Falco: Hey there, Clovis!

Clovis: Falco! Great to see you again! It's been a long time, hasn't it?

Fisch: Who are all the others that you've brought with you?

Falco: This is Terry, the blue puffle, William and his wife Alayne, Wikipenguino who always wears a puffle ball cap and red hoodie, and finally Cheddarbox, who specializes in pranking and jokes.

Jock: Nice to meet you all!

Fisch: So. Why did you call us here?

William: We're chasing down Wikipenguino's X-Antibody, named Wikipenguino X, and we thought you could help us out with a few things before we take off again.

Fisch: Yes, anything to help a family member, right Falco?

Falco: Yeah.

Clovis: Anyways, Darktan is our common enemy, and as the saying goes, "an enemy of an enemy is my friend." We are glad to help you. Let's go, there is more to show you at our headquarters. It's only a short walk away.

Terry: Alirght, let's go!

The team arrived outside a large, three story building.


Cheddar: Oh boy...if only we had a base like this...

Fisch: Welcome to the Hochstadt Gang Headquarters.

Wikipenguino: Now this is what I call neat-o.

Falco: Whoa...

Jock: Come on, let's go inside.

They went into the building and took an elevator to the computer room.

Clovis sat down in one of the chairs and started typing. After a few minutes, he turned to the rest of them.

Clovis: I've found out the fastest route to the Darktonian Realm using this map application.

Terry: I have this GPS tool. Maybe I can download the map.

Terry hooked up the computer with a USB cable.

Terry: Thanks!

Clovis: Anything for friends.

Jock: However, one last thing. This way.

Jock ushered the group down a hallway, to a metal gate guarded by two guards. He then quietly gave directions to one of the guards, who pressed a few buttons on the side. Moments later, the gate opened, revealing a grey vehicle.

Fisch: Think of this as a goodwill gesture from us.

Falco: Woah.

Clovis: This looks like an ordinary car, but is equipped with many functions that will greatly help you on this journey.

Wikipenguino: Thanks!

Jock: We'll have it shipped to your hotel tomorrow.

Cheddar: I can't wait to drive this thing...

Terry: It's not going to be so much about the driving, we have to focus on finding Wikipenguino's X-Antibody.

Chapter 3: The Journey Continues[edit]

Early morning the next day, the group had woken up and started packing and got ready to depart. Cheddar, on the other hand, had decided to leave his packing to a little later, before joining the others. William and Alayne went to check up on the others.

Alayne: Everyone ready?

Falco: Let's hit the road.

Wikipenguino: No, wait, Cheddar's lagging behind a little.

Cheddar: *wheeze* There...closed it.

William: What was taking so long?

Cheddar: Y'know. Packing up the ol' pranking supplies.

William: What-Oh come on, Cheddar...really? You've got be kidding me...

Cheddar: I'm not. Besides, you never know what could come in handy...

William: You say that every time you bring them.

Terry: Let's do more of the going, less of the talking.

Wikipenguino: Ok, so the Hochstadt Gang would ship the car to us. Where is it?

The group looked around until they found a truck with the words HOCHSTADT written on it.

William: The car must be inside that truck!

The group walked over to the truck. One of the penguins standing next to the truck greeted them.

Penguin: Hello, you must be Penguino Lagois V?

Wikipenguino: I go by Wikipenguino.

Penguin: We had orders from Jock Hochstadt to give it to you.

A few minutes later, the car was taken out of the truck.

William: I'm driving!

Group: Awwwww...

The group got into the car. William started the engine, and soon drove off. A few minutes later, they were on the highway.

Cheddar: Ok, so now that we're back on track, anybody know what we're going to do next?

Wikipenguino: Well, I have an idea. We're going to go to West Pengolia, where we're going to try and sneak into the Darktonian Realm.

Alayne: Are you sure this is going to work without that short little grump yelling at us?

Falco: Trust us, we've done this many times before. We've got this one.

After a while, the sun was starting to set and the sky had become a mix of blue, orange and red and were only a couple miles away from the frontier of the Região Lisboaguesa, which was bordering the Happyface State.

William: Wow. So that's what they meant about the sunsets around these parts.

Cheddar: Can we get something to eat? I'm hungry again.

Terry: Lucky for us, I see a gas station ahead of us. We can refill there. We need fuel, anyways.

William turned to go into the gas station. The others got out of the car.

Wikipenguino: Finally! Let's see if this store has anything good.

They all piled into the store and browsed through the shelves.

Cheddar: Let's see...there's a few cans of Cream Soda if you'd guys would like any and some Poritos. Maybe I'll buy these...

Another penguin wandered into the store just as Cheddar and Wikipenguino made their purchases and started making their way back to the car.

Cashier Penguin: Thanks for coming! See you next time!

Suddenly, the penguin who wandered in after them turned around and stopped Wikipenguino who also whirled around to see a familiar red penguin with a dark-grey cap marked with an X and a purple hoodie. He grinned evilly.

Wikipenguino X: Going somehwere?

Wikipenguino reacted quickly and so did his X-Antibody. He reached for his ditto pistol and fired a few shots at his X-Antibody who dodged them.

Cheddar: Wait, what!? GUYS IT'S HIM!

The penguin at the cashier yelped and cowered in fear. William and Alayne took out their ice pistols and fired at Wikipenguino X who whipped out his red keysaber, activated it and swung it. The bullets were sliced, shattered, blocked and deflected. William and Alayne ducked and darted out of the deflected bullets' path while Terry rolled to the side. William and Alayne seized the opportunity to get the car as soon as possible as Wikipenguino X was doing the same.

Falco rushed forwards just as Wikipenguino X got into the car. Falco sent out a jet of flame with his flippers at Wikipenguino X who deflected it towards one of the pumps with his keysaber just as Terry yelled something.




Cashier Penguin: AAAAAAHHHHH!

A loud explosion could be heard followed by blinding light and a wall of heat with Falco standing closest to it. Suddely, just as the explosion happened, Cheddar appeared to have come sprinting out of nowhere and rammed Falco out of harm's way. The windows of the small store were shattered just as William, Alayne and Wikipenguino were knocked off their feet. Wikipenguino X sped off down the road and into the distance. Cheddar lay on his back on the ground with his red shirt stained with soot.

Falco: Cheddar!?

The rest of the team rushed over to see Cheddar.

William: Oh...

Wikipenguino: Sweet...Snowzer...Cheese...what have I done!?

Wikipenguino looked horrified at what had just happened and for a few seconds didn't care about Wikipenguino X escaping once again from their grasp. The rest of the team seemed to be thinking the same thing.

Falco: I can't believe he actually-

Suddenly, Cheddar coughed and chuckled.

Cheddar: Chill, guys, there's no need to get so excited, I'm not dead. It's going to take more than that to strike down ol' Cheddar.

Most of the group let out sighs of relief.

Wikipenguino: Thank programmer...Cheddar we thought were dead.

Falco: All the same, thanks for saving me back there. I owe you one.

William: Either way, I still don't know whether things would be the same without you. Even when you work me up with those pranks.

Wikipenguino: Well, now that we've got that covered...Falco, would you mind putting out the flames? We can at least help by tidying up this mess a little before the police come.

Falco: With pleasure.

Falco stood up and absorbed the flames which seemed to look like a rewind of him projecting them. The sound of police sirens could be heard in the distance.

Alayne: I guess that's our cue to go. Come on, guys.

Terry: It's a miracle the car survived. We're lucky that explosion wasn't too close.

The group shuffled back into the car and took off down the road towards the border.

A few minutes later, the group had crossed the border and re-entered the USA.

Terry: So guys?

Falco: Yeah?

Terry: I found this nifty little thingamabob hiding on our luggage.

Using his telekinesis, he held up a small metal object.

William: Is that what I think it is...?

Terry: If you were thinking in terms of being tracked, yes. Turns out, somebody thought they could track us. This is how those minions found us back in Frostize and Acadia. If there's enough time, I might be able to use the tracker to track where it's communicating with so we can get an idea of where Wikipenguino X is. For now, I'm going to dismantle it and see if I can disable it for now.

Falco: Awww, I was hoping I could fry it.

William: Where's our next destination?

Wikipenguino: After going to New Happyface City, we're going to head straight to South Pole City from there. For now, I think we're going to stay at a hotel for a bit before taking off again.

Cheddar: Boy, this sure has been some journey...

The next afternoon, the group had exited the hotel to go and eat and had just left a nearby Dank Burgers restaurant. Cheddar walked out last holding a burger.

Wikipenguino: And finally, for a day we're not chasing or being chased by anyone.

Terry: For some hours you mean. We still have plenty of time to confirm that. But on the other flipper, what could possibly go wrong-?

Suddenly, an ice bullet whizzed past them and struck through Cheddar's burger and nailed itself into the wall.

Falco: Well done, Terry. Out of all the things you could've said you chose the one phrase that always attracts trouble.

Cheddar looked sadly at his burger which was dangling off of the sharp ice.

Cheddar: But I was gonna eat that...

Wikipenguino: Well, I guess I stand corrected.

Suddenly, a loud air horn could be heard.


William: What was that..?

Many penguins around them started looking around curiously to find the source of the noise.

After a few moments, a dark red penguin with black sunglasses, purple jetpack, belt, rifle and a black hat that was labelled "OBEY" jumped down in front of them and fired three bullets. Most of the crowd scattered at that moment. Falco swiped upwards and created a wall of flame, melting the bullets.

William: W-who're you?

Rektster: The one who's gonna PWN you for $400,000!

William rolled out of the way and fired a few shots at Rektster who's jetpack re-activated and started flying upwards.

Wikipenguino, Falco and Terry were hiding behind a building.

Wikipenguino: Can't we just have one villain-free day? These guys don't give us a chance to catch our breath.

Terry: He said he's going to take us out for $400,000. I'd guess that he's a bounty hunter who Wikipenguino X must've hired.

Falco: Now he's hiring others to shake us off his tail? This just went to a whole new level...

Alayne started firing at the bounty hunter, too. One of their bullets hit his jetpack.

Rektster: AAAAHHHH!

He spun out of control and smashed into a car.

Wikipenguino: Now's my chance.

He took out a Hashbang and pulled out the ring and carefully rolled it towards Rektster. Unfortunately, Rektster saw it and kicked it back at the trio. Terry was the first to notice.




After the smoke cleared, Rektster noticed and waddled over to them. Falco, Terry and Wikipenguino all lay on the floor with their eyes closed. Rektster looked around for William, Cheddar and Alayne who were nowhere to be found and smiled. He flew upwards and out of the area. Falco opened one of his eyelids and looked at Wikipenguino and Terry who got up carefully.

Falco: Is he gone?

Wikipenguino: I think so. Let's just hope that's the last we'll see of him.

William and Alayne got out from an alleyway and rushed towards them.

Alayne: Is that guy gone?

Falco: Yup. Or, at least I think so.

Cheddar waddled towards them while eating a burger. William looked at him suspiciously.

William: And just were have you been?

Cheddar: Buying another burger.

William looked like he was going to complain, but stopped at the last minute.

Terry: Well, we can't let our journey be cut short. Off to South Pole City!

Falco: Let's do it.

Cheddar: Ditto, Terry.

William still looked slightly annoyed at Cheddar but followed the rest of the team nevertheless.

Chapter 4: South Pole City[edit]

The next day, the group got into their car, and drove towards South Pole City. After driving for a few hours, stopping along the way, surprisingly with no problems, the group finally arrived in South Pole City.

Alayne was driving, and within about a few miles away from the city, the car came to a halt. The sudden jolt woke the other members of the group.

Wikipenguino: Are we there yet?

Alayne: The GPS says we have at least an hour before we get to our hotel, thanks to this traffic.

Cheddar: Well, in that case, wake me up when we're there.

William: Since we're stuck here for an hour, let's talk about our plans for what we're going to do next. Going to South Pole City to make it look like we're heading the "wrong" way to throw Darktan's spies off our back was a smart idea, but now we need a plan.

Falco: Well, Wikipenguino got us a Four Puffles Hotel in the middle of The Metro. And since we finally have those minions off our backs for once, we're going to have some fun. I got us a few tours around the city. Also, we're going to go to EPF field office here.

William: And after?

Terry: We're going to use the Eastshield back-country roads and head south so we can't be tracked. Then, we're going to try and sneak into the Darktonian Realm, though that's going to be hard, considering its guarded by an army of X-antibodies.

Wikipenguino: No need to fret, Terry, we'll figure it out somehow.

After an hour, the group arrived at their hotel and went to a restaurant to find something to eat.

Falco: Okay...nothing too suspicious at the moment...

Terry: This has been an unbelievable journey so far, hasn't it?

Cheddar: Can't disagree with you there, pal. And that ride on the exploding highway was awesome!

William: Cheddar, we could've got ourselves killed.

Cheddar: Well, yeah but it was still a lot of fun, right? Why don't you learn to live a little? If only Kenny were here...

Wikipenguino ordered something from the menu while they were discussing.

Wikipenguino: Yeah, speaking of family, I'm not sure my dad's going to be too pleased to hear about all this.

Falco: Well, at least it's better to try to stop a villain then sit around at let them terrorize Antarctica.

Terry seemed excited about something. The small metal tracking device was hooked up to an EPF Spyphone and his GPS tool.

Wikipenguino: W-Terry that's my spyphone! What are you doing with it?

Terry: I managed to use the EPF's tracking application and my GPS to locate wherever this thing was sending it's coordinates too.

Suddenly, he looked disappointed.

Terry: Oh. He's already shut it off a long time ago.

Falco: We'll find that creep anyways. He can run, but he can't hide.

After they finished their meal, a penguin stopped them as they were leaving.

Cheddar: Is it another minion? Should I-

Alayne: No, it's just a package. From my father.

William: What's inside it?

Wikipenguino: We're about find out.

Meanwhile, several hundred miles away Dr. Infinity had just entered his lab in the Elite Penguin Force base in Club Penguin Island.

An agent waddled up to him holding some file holders.

Agent: Dr. Infinity?

Dr. Infinity turned the agent's way. It was none other than Agent Tux.

Dr. Infinity: Ah. Good afternoon, Agent Tux. I don't usually see you in here too often...How may I help?

Tux: Remember how you said that your nephews went on that chase throughout Acadia trying to get to Darktan?

Dr. Infinity: Have they caused another notable accident?

Tux: No, it's just that we found a flaw in their plan to bring him to justice.

The agent passed the file to the confused looking scientist. On the file were pictures and information concerning Darktan II.

Tux: Darktan II's been pardoned. And unless they either end their search or find some way to prove him guilty, it's all just going to be some wild goose chase.

Dr. Infinity paused for a few moments.

Dr. Infinity: Oh no...I'll have to go and tell them. Thanks for your time, agent.

Tux: Any time.

Without another word, the scientist rushed off out of his lab.

Dr. Infinity walked out of the EPF building. He pulled his phone from out of his pocket and dialed Wikipenguino's number.

Wikipenguino: Uncle?

Dr. Infinity: Wiki, Darktan was pardoned a few months ago. You must find evidence of wrongdoing. Otherwise, the authorities won't aid you, and if you capture him, it will be considered kidnap.

Wikipenguino: We're on our way to the EPF HQ right now.

Dr. Infinity: They'll tell you the same thing. You don't need to go.

Wikipenguino: Okay, thanks. Bye uncle!

Dr. Infinity: Goodbye, Wiki. And good luck.

Wikipenguino rushed to inform his group of the bad news just when they were about to break open the box.

Wikipenguino: Uh...guys? We have some very bad news...

William: What is it?

Wikipenguino: Darktan's been pardoned.

Nobody spoke for a few moments.

William: So you're saying we went on this whole trip...for nothing?

Cheddar: WHAT?!?

Wikipenguino: No no no, that's not what I meant! I mean, Darktan's been pardoned, and the only way we can actually catch him is to prove that he's guilty. Otherwise, we may as well consider ourselves fugitives.

Falco: Well, that's just great...

Terry: We should open the package back in the hotel. I don't feel safe opening it out here...

William: Good idea.

The team returned to their hotel room and locked the door behind them. Terry closed the curtains.

Wikipenguino: Alright then, what's in the box?

Alayne opened the package and they all eagerly looked inside.

Cheddar: Ooooh...what're these?

Cheddar pulled out some interesting looking gadgets.

Terry: Hey, guys! Look!

Terry pulled out a file labelled "Darktan II".

William and Wikipenguino read through it then looked surprised.

William: We can use this to convince the government and prove Darktan's guilt!

Wikipenguino: Great! This is just what we need to continue our mission...

As the group prepared to leave, Wikipenguino pulled out his phone.

Falco: Who're you calling?

Wikipenguino: You'll see. Follow me when you're all packed.

After a few hours, the group headed out into an open area. The sun was now setting and the sky was getting darker with every few minutes.

Terry: So why did you get us out here?

Cheddar: Hey, guys! Look up!

The sound of a helicopter could be heard and within a few minutes, an actual helicopter descended on the ground a couple dozen meters ahead of them.

The pilot hopped out.

Pilot: You're Wikipenguino, right?

Wikipenguino: Yes I am. We all need a lift.

Pilot: Sure! Hop in.

The helicopter started up again and they felt the ground descend under them.

Chapter 5: Final Destination[edit]

By the time the group had approached their destination, night was upon them. The helicopter landed and the crew disembarked from it and thanked the pilot before he flew off again.

William: Where are we?

Wikipenguino: Snow Town, Eastshield. The closest inhabited area to the Darktonian Realm.

Wikipenguino gestured towards the mountains. The sky in the distance seemed to be darker than the sky above them.

Falco: So we don't have to go through the long road journey after all?

Wikipenguino: Nope. And seeing as we have what we need, we should be fully justified in taking out Darktan once and for all.

Cheddar: Aw, I was kinda hoping we'd be able to keep going along the road and engage in more villainous battles.

William: Are you kidding? We nearly got ourselves killed several times. YOU nearly got yourself killed.

Cheddar: Well, I lived to tell the tale, didn't I? And it's all for the thrill right?

William decided not to argue back as the team spotted a nearby hotel and waddled along the deserted, quiet town. A lamp post illuminated the front of the hotel.

Falco: By the way, there's still some more stuff in the package, we haven't checked them all out yet.

The group checked in and headed to their room and started examining the rest of the items inside.

William: We should have all we need to take on Darktan...evidence, footage, several witness statements...

Wikipenguino: In that case, we should start preparing. Darktan will be brought to justice once and for all!

It was a silent motionless, early morning in the Darktonian Realm. Nothing moved or made a sound except the occasional rustle of fallen leaves, or the howl of the wind. Even though the sun had risen, the sky remained lightless and almost pitch black. A flash of lightning followed by a clap of thunder would disturb the uneasy silence every once in a while.

Cheddar: It's a horrible morning in the Darktonian Realm, accompanied by overcast skies, thunderstorms and chilly weather...Temperatures are expected to average -7.6 degrees fahrenheit and-

William suddenly cut across him.

William: Stop talking, Cheddar, you're gonna attract unwanted attention...

Cheddar: Then why are YOU talking?

William: I'm whispering. You can at least keep it down, can't you?

Wikipenguino, who was cautiously listening for noise and had kept one headphone away from his ears turned to the two.

Wikipenguino: Relax guys, there's no need to get into any arguments here. Cheddar, William's right, you'd better keep it down because we're nearing our destination. And who knows, something or someone could just be dying to pounce on us if we make too much noise...

Cheddar merely shrugged as the team continued to waddle slowly and carefully through the darkness while making sure nothing was on their tail.

Terry: This place really gives me the creeps. Can we hurry up?

Falco: Terry, we've done this a million times, we know what we're doing. And that's to stay nice and slow.

Wikipenguino: Well, as soon as we find Darktan, the sooner we can take him down and scramble from this never-ending wasteland.

Alayne: I think I can see something up ahead...

The others scrambled forwards up a hill to where Alayne was standing.

A set of houses and dwellings were situated down below.

Wikipenguino pulled out his book and flipped many pages forwards until he got to the middle and unfolded a sheet of paper that looked like a map of the Darktonian Realm.

Wikipenguino: According to my map...we're close to leaving the south-east section. Darktan's mansion shouldn't be too far up ahead. You're all probably gonna wanna be quiet, I'm sure at least one penguin is home...boy, I hope nobody there likes polka...

Falco: I think one or two of us needs to stay here to keep watch while the rest go in. I'll stay.

Terry: I think I'll stay as well.

Wikipenguino: Sounds like a good idea. Now let's open up the briefcase and take out what we need.

William handed Wikipenguino the briefcase, who opened and pulled out multiple pistols, rifles, and some other weapons and spy gear. Each group member grabbed what they needed and began equipping themselves.

Wikipenguino: I guess this is it. We went all this way, defied death, for this.

The rest of the team continued over the rocky hills until a flash of lightning revealed the entrance of Darktan's Mansion up ahead.

Wikipenguino: And there it is, folks.

Wikipenguino withdrew his keysaber from his hoodie pocket.

Wikipenguino: It's now or never...

The penguins waddled forwards until they were at the doorstep of Darktan's Mansion. Wikipenguino activated his keysaber, kicked the door open and marched inside.

Wikipenguino: ...Huh...?

Alayne: What is it?

Wikipenguino: There' one here...

Nobody spoke for a few moments.

William: Wh-wha...B-b-but...But then...What...what do you mean there's nobody here?

Wikipenguino: I mean there's nobody here. Period. That's it.

William: But then...?

Alayne: There has to be someone here. I'm pretty sure this is a ruse. Darktan would never leave the Darktonian Realm empty, where would everyone go?

Wikipenguino: Okay, Cheddar and I will scout the rooms, and you and William will do the same. Keep your guard up. This is really suspicious...

Wikipenguino and Cheddar quietly waddled into the dark corridor while Wikipenguino used his keysaber to provide light.

Cheddar: Is it always this empty? Or this quiet?

Wikipenguino: 'Course not. Strange, I thought the Dark Archons usually patrolled this place...?

Wikipenguino waddled quietly into the ballroom.

Wikipenguino: That's odd, there's nobody in here either.

Cheddar: I'll check the throne room if I can get in. There's gotta be someone in there.

Cheddar pulled out a water balloon and waddled further down the corridor. The usual three locks on the door to the throne room were unlocked.

Cheddar: Well, would you look at that! Someone must've left it open.

Cheddar peered around the doorway and prepared to throw. Strangely enough, the room was vacant as well.

Cheddar: Nope. Nobody in here either. What a shame.

Wikipenguino: There's probably something in the dungeon, at least the magma puffles that Darktan keeps should be there. I'll go get William and Alayne.

After Wikipenguino went to get William and Alayne, they all progressed into the dungeon.

William: See anything?

Cheddar: Can't really...It's dark in here!

Wikipenguino waddled in and noticed the magma puffles Darktan usually kept in cages were not there either.

Wikipenguino: Odd...Why isn't there anybody or anything in this place?

William: Maybe we struck at the wrong time...

???: Oh, I highly doubt that. You were just in time.

Wikipenguino turned around to see none other than Wikipenguino X who grinned evilly. He raised his keysaber.

Wikipenguino: Where's Darktan?

Wikipenguino X: In case you haven't already noticed, he's not here and I don't know. And even if I did, why would I tell you?

Wikipenguino took a step closer. William and Alayne both took out their weapons.

Wikipenguino X: Even if you did take me, what difference would it make?

Cheddar: Probably satisfy all of us to know that you weren't running around causing all sorts of ruckus.

Wikipenguino ran forward to attack his X-Antibody who took out his keysaber and activated it just in time to block his host's attack before retaliating. Wikipenguino ducked and pulled out a walkie-talkie just as William and Alayne were trying to distract Wikipenguino X.

Wikipenguino: Falco! We've got Wikipenguino X in the Darktonian Mansion's dungeon!

Falco: (On the walkie-talkie) Alright! Bring him outside! I'll try call for support!

Wikipenguino X meanwhile was now deflecting and slicing the bullets in half.

Wikipenguino X: I could do this all day-


Wikipenguino X was hit with Cheddar's water balloon, drenching him and throwing him off focus. His keysaber dropped to the floor and deactivated.

Wikipenguino X: Why you-!

William hit Wikipenguino X hard on the head who hit a wall and collapsed.

William: You're coming with us!

Wikipenguino: And no funny business either!

Wikipenguino X still grinned.

Wikipenguino X: Heh heh heh...I've done my part anyway.

Alayne kept her gun pointed at Wikipenguino X and followed the rest of the team back to the main room.

William: Well, at least we have Wikipenguino X. I guess that's all that matters since we couldn't catch Darktan.

???: And just where do you think you're going?

Standing in front of them was a black-feathered, red-eyed winged penguin protected by two minions.

Wikipenguino: Darktan!

Wikipenguino X grinned yet again.

Cheddar attempted to back away slowly but noticed that they were surrounded by more minions.

Darktan: Why don't you surrender? We can end this all peacefully, can't we?

The group all readied their weapons.

Darktan: Fine then. You chose the hard way.

William was suddenly blasted across the room and landed with a short exclamation of pain.

Alayne: William!

Alayne rushed over to try and check on him until Darktan raised his flipper and sent a laser-like beam at her.

Wikipenguino: NO!

Wikipenguino charged at the minions who were starting to close in and started fighting them off one by one. Cheddar meanwhile, was throwing water balloons at random minions until Darktan used his powers, temporarily blinding Cheddar.

Cheddar: Hey! Who turned out the lights!? I can't see-

Darktan punched him over onto the floor.

Darktan: Now, it's time for your doom!

Darktan's flippers glowed bright red. Cheddar got up as Darktan waddled closer and suddenly turned around with a jack-in-the-box-like object.

Cheddar: SURPRISE!

The box sprung open and filled part of the room with multi-coloured smoke while Darktan got the full blast and started coughing, trying to fan it away.

With Darktan temporarily stunned, Cheddar got up and took out a few more minions.

Meanwhile, William managed to get up, and fended off a few minions trying to get near Alayne's body. All around him, the group was taking out most of the minions, but more minions poured in. The four eventually got cornered.

Darktan: You should have taken the easy way. Now, prepare to meet your doom!

The minions prepared to kill the members of the group, until a bright flash appeared at the doorway where the group walked in. Two minions closest to the door fell back. Wikipenguino saw that they were wearing body armor, and had EPF badges.

EPF Agents: Put your hands in the air where I can see them!

The EPF agents swiftly handcuffed the minions how had put there hands up, while those who resisted were stunned by the EPF agents' tasers. Meanwhile, in the confusion, Darktan quietly slipped out with two minions. The last people to enter the room were Falco and Terry.

Falco: Medic! We need a medic!

Two EPF agents rushed in with a stretcher, and put Alayne on it.

William: Please be alive. Please be alive.

EPF Medic: I can feel a pulse, but she's not going to make it if we don't get her to a hospital soon.

The medics walked out of the building, followed by Falco, Wikipenguino, William, Cheddar, and Terry.

Outside, Alayne was loaded into a helicopter, followed by the group. As the helicopter began its ascent, the group looked below to see that the minions and Wikipenguino X were being loaded onto the EPF's vans.

Wikipenguino: All this time, and we finally catch my X-Antibody. We've been on so many missions here. I've been waiting for this day for a long time.


The group, Wikipenguino's father, Brandon Stark and some other penguins were in Alayne's hospital room later the next day. Alayne however, was still in a state of deep unconsciousness ever since the fight at the Darktonian Realm. She was bandaged in multiple places, and had a sling on her arm.

William meanwhile, was still worried.

William: Please come back...We all still miss you...I miss you.

Alayne still continued to remain motionless while William seemed to look more upset than before.

After a few moments, just as some penguins looked like they were starting to leave, Alayne slowly opened her eyes.

Cheddar: Hey! She's awake!

Everybody suddenly seemed relieved and overjoyed.

Wikipenguino: Thank goodness! This is great news!

Everyone seemed to be immensely more happier than usual now that Alayne was awake. Cheddar seemed more mischievous than usual, but William didn't seem to mind at all. Sooner or later, the group found themselves at the airport.

Wikipenguino: Well, this is it, guys.

Cheddar: Yeah.

Terry: I never thought I'd say this, but it certainly was an interesting adventure.

Falco: And we all lived to tell the tale in the end. This is truly a story worth telling...

William: Thanks for a great first adventure.

Wikipenguino: Anytime! I'm just glad that Wikipenguino X is behind bars.

Terry: At least for now.

Falco: Stop saying that, you're gonna start jinxing things.

Suddenly, an announcement came over the airport's loudspeakers.

Cheddar: Yep, I definitely heard Shiverpool in there, my flight must be going. It's been a blast knowing you all.

Alayne: Sure has been.

Cheddar: Gotta go then. See you all, and remember that comedy is the best remedy!

The group all waved goodbye to the penguin prankster who liked cheese.

Alayne: Our flight's probably departing soon, we've gotta go. Bye guys!

Falco: Bye!

Wikipenguino: See ya both around!

Alayne and William both departed and vanished behind the many penguins.

Wikipenguino: I guess this wraps up another adventure. C'mon, let's go!

And with that, the trio headed off in the direction labeled "Club Penguin"

Meanwhile, back in the Darktonian Realm, Darktan was not quite satisfied. The EPF cleared out after arresting many of his minions who didn't escape, but many remained in hiding and managed to evade the EPF.

Darktan: This plan will surely beat the rest when we're done...Keep thinking of ideas, I must go do something important.

Many miles away, in the cold, freezing ocean, the minions who had been captured during the battle were grumbling and complaining in Owcatraz.

Sam Rudi X: When are we going to get out of here!?

Suddenly, guards could be heard screaming about something.

Agent X: What...?


The cells containing Sam Rudi X, Wikipenguino X, Agent X and several other minions of the DTA as well as some others suddenly had their walls exploded. Darktan was hovering in the air.

Darktan: Be thankful that I let you escape. Now hurry, we must spread the word so everyone will know where to meet.

Wikipenguino X and several others grinned evilly.

Wikipenguino X: And so it will begin.

The villains cackled as they escaped the prison discussing tactics, strategies and ideas for a mission that was truly improbable.