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Jsudsu9988 Del Cierto
This is the most recent picture of Archduke Jsudsu9988!
Title Archduke Jsudsu9988
Gender Male
Race Emperor Penguin
Faction Archduke of Zurich, Professional Ninja/ Shogun/ Samurai
Health Mild
Level Archduke of Snowzerland
Status Alive, Training & Mastering
Location RANDOMLY, but usually in Chateau Jsudsu, Geneva, Snowzerland
Birth date Club Penguin
Occupation Archduke
Friends Swiss Ninja, Fisch (ironically), Hochstadt Gang
Archetype Good Guy
Archduke Jsudsu9988 Del Cierto
Archduke of the Snowzerland
Reign Present
Coronation As
Full name Archduke Jsudsu9988 Del Cierto
English "Prefer not to state"
Titles Emperor Swiss Ninja
Birthplace Club Penguin
Predecessor My father
Successor TBA
Offspring Not yet
Dynasty Unknown Dynasty

Archduke Jsudsu9988 Del Cierto is an Emperor Penguin who is the Archduke of Snowzerland. He's a long-time friend of Swiss Ninja, Red River 2, and Yilk.


His heritage wasn't from Antarctica. His father had migrated there, from Tierra del Fuego, when he and his wife joined the Yilk Dynasty and kingdom. Jsudsu9988's father was very poor, for they were starting to adapt to Antarctica. His father meet Red River 2, who offered kindness to Jsudsu9988's father, right before he past. Jsudsu9988's mother, however, was expecting a child when they migrated to Antarctica. While conceiving the egg, she past because of the unbearable stress. As Jsudsu9988 hatched, Red River 2 raised Jsudsu9988 through infantry.

Jsudsu9988 grew up with Red River 2's son, Swiss Ninja. Jsudsu9988 and Swiss Ninja became wiser, stronger, and nobler everyday. They both got educated very strictly by Red River 2. While Swiss Ninja was the rightful successor, Jsudsu9988 became an Archduke under Swiss Ninja.


Also being a Rollback, Jsudsu9988 excels in managing Snowzerland's economy and technological advancements.


  • Besides being a powerful Snoss Official, Jsudsu9988 agrees with most Penguins that Swiss Ninja takes conquering a bit too far.
  • Jsudsu9988 defends Swiss Ninja's case at the meetings of the South Pole Council.
  • Jsudsu9988 is a total Yes-Man.
  • Jsudsu9988's last name, "Del Cierto," means of the True in Spanish.
  • Jsudsu9988 has an antibody known as Jsudsu X, an anti-hero who is known as a henchman for Darktan's Army.


  • After seeing SN stressed out: "Don't worry, Sire. I'll help thee with thy problems. I must!"
  • At the council meeting: "Swiss Ninja is a Great Ruler! He has brought our country to its peak!"

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