Judge Reo Children's Hospital

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Judge Reo's Children's Hospital
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Key details
Type children's hospital
Level good
Location Enderby City
Inhabitants Chicks, kids, doctors, nurses

Judge Reo's Children's Hospital is a large hospital for chicks and adult penguins, created in reaction to a deadly epidemic that proved a new, more local hospital needed to be constructed. Hours of ambulance driving to Eastshield wouldn't cut it.


HF Children's Hospital was established in response to a catestrophic, but curable, epicdemic in 2008. It swept the coasts of Freezeland, Eastshield, and Happyface State in weeks, and killed three thousand rural USA chicks. First response groups were unable to carry everyone to the nearest hospital that had the cure (Eastshield Hope), so thousands died before they could get the cure.

The families sued the state government for damages and lack of infrastructure. Since Eastshield was the only state with a hospital, and the Freezelandians were fine, Happyface was named the plaintiff. In a quick, open-and-shut court case, the court of first instance- a panel of eleven judges -ruled unanimously in favor of the grieving families. They ordered that the Legislature of the Happyface State, the state's lawmakers (and the only state with a true legislative branch), find a remedy immediately or face impeachment by court order. The state did not appeal, because, honestly, they agreed with the court and with the familes. The legislature didn't dare appeal, if they wanted their jobs.

Fearing for their jobs, lawmakers immediately came up with the solution. They were going to appropriate funds for the "construction of a state-of-the-art hospital capable of treating tens of thousands of creatures with superior and accessable care".

The funds set, construction began immediately, and by the end of the year, the hospital was up, running, and staffed. That same epidemic returned in Februrary 2009. However, the citizens were well prepared with their fancy new hospital, and this time, no one died.


Judge Reo Hospital is eight stories tall and named after the leading judge of the court that the familes sued in: Reo55.

At maximum, Judge Reo can comfortably house and treat thirty thousand paitients. In emergencies, the hospital can squeeze in forty thousand and barely manage to treat them all completely. Anything else, and the medical supplies would not be enough.

There are tens of thousands of individual rooms for paitients, and sixteen operating rooms, two for each floor. There are also four emergency rooms and two trauma centers, each ranked the highest category on the Barrbuh scale. The ERs and truama centers are funded with a small, dedicated state tax on license plates.

One tenth of the first floor is a lobby and waiting room with entertainment for non-paitients. One tenth of the seventh floor is for hospice. One of the first floor operating rooms is dedicated to "extreme operations that can't wait".


The Wards-Where most patients go.

Rooms-These are available for those who wish to pay more.

Balcony-Patients are taken out here for fresh air

Messegucci's-A Ligurian restaurant.

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