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Type Candy Bars
Effects It makes Judge Xavier angry.
Source United Rebels Republic of Club Penguin
Location Snowzerland
Cost to buy 10 Coins
Cost to sell Nothing as you would have eaten it or in the case of Judge Xavier, thrown it away.

Judgies, originally called Judge Xavier Candy Bars, are long, roundish Candy Bars made to torment Judge Xavier. Though they originated in the United Rebel's Republic of Club Penguin, the company that made them was later purchased by Snowzerland as a sub-brand to Snoss Chocolate, to further antagonize the USA. Though they are eaten by many, Judgies are also used as ammunition for specially-modified Judgey Tanks.


Judge Xavier Candy Bars were created in the United Rebel's Republic of Club Penguin in the mid-2000s by penguins who wanted the URRCP to be recognized as a free republic. Shortly after, Judge Xavier had them banned in the USA. At the request of the South Pole Council (specifically Judge Xavier), Freezeland's navy captured and destroyed any shipments of the candy heading for the USA. However, they became so popular in the USA and other places that they quickly earned the nickname "Judgies". Though The Leader, who once endorsed them, also banned eating them, he said they still had a use for things such as special tank ammunition.

After the URRCP was recognized and became a free republic in 2009, the creators considered shutting down the business or changing the packaging, but Judgies were so loved that they decided to stay open and keep selling the candy bars to other countries. Despite being illegal, Judgies are easy to find in the USA due to mass Judgey smuggling, and most penguins have tried them before.

After the Great Snowzerland War III in 2010, Swiss Ninja bought the company behind Judgies to further distribute them and antagonize Judge Xavier. It officially changed its name to Judgies and became a subsidiary of the Snoss Chocolate company. After the UPR voted to join the USA in 2011, the company moved its headquarters to Snowzerland. Judgies are still mass made and distributed today, although their legality varies depending on the nation.


Judgies are long White Chocolate candy bars with "ORDUUUHHH" written on them. The candy has a black-dyed caramel center in them (the color of judicial robes), and are made fresh daily in Snowzerland, Kaiser approved.

The wrapper's front shows Judge Xavier with glasses, a goatee, and a gavel on his head. The image also shows him drooling.

On the back are the nutrition facts and "Tips on How to Eliminate Krytocracy", which include thing like "don't go to court", "hold secret democratic meetings in your cellar", "protest in the streets", "bow to Swiss Ninja", and "eat more Judgies".


It is illegal to posses, own, consume, sell, distribute, purchase, or hoard Judgies anywhere in the USA. However, they're legal in most other countries, and are thoroughly enjoyed by some, such as Skydale and Acadia.


  • Criminals make millions of coins from illegal Judgey smuggling into the USA.
  • The Company has mailed Judgey bars to Judge Xavier every day since it was founded. He despises them. However, his assistants have secretly enjoyed eating the Judgies before they get to his office.
  • Almost every South Pole Council delegate has secretly admitted to eating a Judgy at least once.
  • Het1692 loves to eat Judgies.
  • Bommy Games made an arcade game where you shoot Judgies with a paintball gun, in Judge Xavier and the South Pole Council's favour.
  • By sending in so many Judgie wrappers, one can obtain "Judgie Bucks" which are redeemable for Judgie merchandise, or , more Judgies.
  • The Leader decided to ban eating them. He says: "They're useless. Anyway, we could use them for the Pie War with a Judgey Tank. So, they're to be used for military purposes." Despite this, many still eat these.

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