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The Jumpstart Bill was a government-authorized plan and bill signed by Joseph Yslenski in Munijoch on May 9th, 2015, following his release from captivity during the Frosian War. The bill is designed to divert funds from the Education budget into the newly formed Space budget due to war crimes lowering the chick population. In turn, the space program would receive about 25bn Grams and the other 25bn Grams would still be within the educational budget. Any profits made in the public holdings of PULSE following investing would be diverted into the Educational budget, expected to be fully recovered by about 2025.


During the Frosian War, the WhiteBloods captured and enslaved multiple areas of Munijoch for their will. While they have all since recovered, many chicks were taken for their own use, leaving schools about 45% - 55% empty. Meanwhile, countries such as Ed Island or Culldrome Isles have been creating massive spacecraft and exploring space for a very long time. Having been released from his captivity, and learning how Isaac Juggernaut sought interest in sub-orbital bombers, Joseph saw opportunity to convert them into space craft. So, on May 9th, 2015, Joseph signed a bill authorizing the transferring of funds from the Education Budget to the new Space Budget, making about a 2.5bn Gram change. In turn, profits gained from it will be over flowed into the Education Budget to rebuild it.


The bill's designed to "jumpstart" the space race for Munijoch, and accommodate the smaller classes with the appropriate budget. Due to the space race and the Frosian War, the Council of Munijoch predicts that a baby boom will occur sometime between 2020 and 2024, so they aimed to have most of the funds replaced by then, which would bring the class size to about 10% less than averages pre-Frosian War. With this, the Munijoch Galactic Association was formed, spearheaded by PULSE for space exploration and possible weaponization of space using PULSE technologies and experimenting in zero-G environments for science.


By introducing the bill, Munijoch granted the Association and PULSE (indirectly) a 25bn Gram grant and budget for their desires, to which would be used for Space experimentation and exploration. With the interests of PULSE now shown in the spotlight, the Council expects investors to have interest in the arms company, investing in them and further accelerating the economy to full recovery pre-Frosian War. In addition, PULSE hopes to sell space secrets to countries within the Axle Powers or Amataria, a close ally. This would allow foreign investing interests to take note of the company, thus letting money flow further into the country.


The bill shows how Joseph is still committed to the welfare and technical interests of Munijoch, even though he was held captive for a long time. It's purpose was also to give a stern slap-on-the-back to the country to show he isn't exactly failing as a President yet.


The bill allows PULSE to experiment in zero-G environments for PULSE technologies or scientific weaponry, as well as propulsion for space. They want to invent a more efficient way to travel in the darkness of space for their allies to use, rather than rudimentary rocket propulsion. One theory was electromagnetic propulsion using microwaves, allowing for light to travel within a "bubble" faster than the average speed of light. This is commonly known as a warp drive.


Munijoch hopes to establish a sub-orbital community by 2030 to live in space and perform experiments regarding zero-G on a long term scale. This is meant to house 5 families for about 3 generations to see the effect of full term exposure to zero-G over time. It's designed to entice public to sign up for scientific courses and get excited about the mysteries of space.

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