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Background information
Birth name Justina A Beaverus
Other names Justin Beaver
Born March 2, 1995 (1995-03-02) (age 24)
A place called Canada (Calada?)
Origin Canada
Genres Pop, R&B
Occupations Singer-songwriter, musician
Instruments singing, gutar
Years active 2009-present
Labels Music Industry
Website justinbeaverthesingingbeaver.com

Justin Beaver is a migrated North American Beaver that plays the guitar and sings.

Originally intended to be used in a hideous expirement by Xary, Justin Beaver has managed to become one of the USA's top celebrities in his short time there, though he does have his fair share of haters and critics.


Early Life[edit]

Justin Beaver (birth name Justina A Beaverus) was born on March 2, 1995 in a swamp in Canada, along with a few other beavers. As he grew up it was clear that he was not like the other beavers, as he was very lazy and was quite a show off. Indeed, he spent most of his days cleaning his fur and trying to enter human beauty pagents, but he was always kicked out because he was a beaver and could not speak. But one day, he was kidnapped by XTUX Hun and brought down to Antartica, which was a relief to the other beavers and the workers at the beauty pagents.

Nobody knows exactly what XTUX was doing up there, anyways once he arrived back home Xary bribed him to give him the beaver (he outbid G's offer) and XTUX promptly shipped him to the Darktonian Realm. When the package arrived Justin Beaver was a sorry sight (XTUX, not knowing much about beavers sent him a jar of mayonnaise to munch on and Justin ate the entire jar, glass and all, giving him a terrific bellyache) and Xary decided to use the creature on one of his expirements.

Xary tied up Justin in a chair, hooked him up to a brainwashing machine and forced him to watch a seven-hour long documentary about how to speak English. However, a few hours into the film Darktan II decided to watch TV in the next room and seeing the English-teaching documentary (which was extremely boring) on, he switched to the "Rockstarz PRO!" channel. Xary also happened to be out for a drink while this happened and when he came back, Justin Beaver had been given a rockstar personality. Xary was furious and tried to undo the changes, but it was too late. A few days later he was back in his crate, and to pacify him Xary give him a rock guitar.

Beginning of Career[edit]

It was extremely loud, and soon Justin Beaver had been kicked out of the Darktonian Realm and he wandered into the USA, penniless. There he spent his first few days sitting on a park bench wondering what to do, and on the 5th day he decided to find a beauty pagent and enter. However beauty pagents are hard to find in the USA and Justin Beaver's quest was in vain. Feeling lonely, he picked up his guitar and sat down on a rock and played a slow, sad, song. A few penguins gathered around to listen and after a few minutes there was a small crowd surrounding him. As he gradually realized that they were listening to him, his song got more faster and more lively, and soon he was playing at an incredible speed.

And then, he started to sing. If the crowd had been astonished before, they were really surprised now. His voice was like nothing they had ever heard and indeed no penguin could sing like he did. The crowd started to ooh and ahh at him, and as word got around, in a few short minutes the entire South Pole City was crowded into that street and the nearby streets to listen to him sing. Pretty soon a penguin named Bobberson Flangely (known by most as Bob Fang) came out of the crowd and decided to hire him on the spot, and offered to sponsor him. Justin Beaver accepted and soon became a real sensation.


Justin Beaver is 2.4 ft tall, and weighs around 27 kg, which makes him a little short for a North American Beaver. His fur is well groomed, and he often wears a top hat, which contrasts immensely with the rock guitar that he always lugs around. Justin Beaver does have smaller teeth than most beavers, which keeps him from cutting down trees and building a dam, which is a minor annoyance to him. They are extremely well brushed, and he uses a puffle toothbrush and toothpaste, as penguins do not have teeth and thus cannot brush them.


Justin Beaver is extremely self-centered, selfish and rude, with his only redeeming feature being his singing talent. He is fairly kind to fans though, and through this he manages to portray himself (or rather, Bob Fang does) as a nice guy. Justin is very passionate about his singing, and may often spend weeks practicing for his next concert, with them sometimes being postponed because Justin "needs to practice a bit more". He is also quite conscious about his appearance, sometimes even more so then his singing, and sometimes he has been known to stop in the middle of a concert and check his fur, in case it is messy. However these quirks have made him even more popular amongst his fans, and Justin Beaver continues to remain one of the USA's top celebrities.

Music Career[edit]

Justin Beaver has been a major celebrity throughout the USA and UnitedTerra, and is fairly popular in countries such as Calada, Waffleland and Freezeland. He has been singing since 2009 and his popularity has not decreased, in fact it has increased. Justin's career began with Fabulous Fart, which was first published in his first major album was Poppin' Paddled Puffles and was fairly sucessful, with good ratings for a rookie singer. After that Justin decided to release a single named The Barren Figtree Sings LIVE!, with disastrous results and poor ratings. Not detered, Justin Beaver then performed at a live concert a new song he had made up called Rocking teh Babeh, which got high ratings and was hugely succesfull, becoming his flagship song. Currently Justin Beaver is working on a new song called Mah BeaverBoi, which is scheduled to be released sometime in June.


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