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Is he good or bad?
Title Villian or Hero?
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction RPF
Status Unknown
Location Unknown

K310(Unknown birth date) is a major general in the army RPF. He is also a fugitive from The Hot Snow, probably...


K310 was born in a family of 4, with his real name unknown. Nobody knew much about him.

His Story[edit]

While he was in the HQ, he discovered a TOP SECRET file. He opened it. It turned out to be a file made by the Director himself. He stole the file and discovered an area in Club Penguin that only G, the owner, the Director and a few special penguins could go to. It was a secret island. He decided to go there. By that time, the Director had found out he had the file. When K310 got there, he discovered the Director, G and other agents there. They attempted to arrest him. K310 fled to the island of CP and went to the dojo. He hid there for a while. When the "cops" discovered his location, they arrested him.

The Escape[edit]

K310 escaped jail. He went to the lighthouse and stole a jetpack and fuel. He ran to the HQ and stole the TOP SECRET file and his own file. He discovered a copy of his file. He destroyed it. He fled to the mountain. G cornered him with his new Cornerer 3002. G shot him with it. K310 fell off the mountain. He vanished after that.


The PSA found him and made him a deal. Test out some experiments, become an agent and go on some missions. He accepted. Some of his missions included capturing some criminals.


  • He could be Pen Chi!
  • Nobody knows if he is a good guy or not.
  • He is known to have a puffle named Ber-blins.

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