Kai Hills

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Kai Hills
Kai, with his puffle, Snowcone.
Title Kai Ian Hills
Gender Male
Race Adelie Penguin
Faction Good
Health Healthy
Status Alive
Location Usually at his laptop or with his puffle, Snowcone.
Occupation Unemployed.
Height 2'4
Eye color Green
Feather color Aqua
Hair color Dark brown
Interests Computers, blueberries, snowcones, DotA.
Allergies None.
Favourite color Aqua, green, brown.
Fears Spiders, Dota dying.
Friends Dota
Enemies Becky Nivaj

Not to be confused with the extremely powerful puffle, Administrator Kai.

Kai, or more likely known by his full name, Kai Ian Hills is a 23 year old Adelie penguin who has a white puffle named Snowcone. His color is aqua, as his mother was peach and his father was aqua. He has brown, wavy hair. Kai is shy and humble, but not as shy as Dota, whom Kai has a crush on.



Kai Hills was hatched on January 5th, 1991 to two loving parents. He grew up with a computer which he loved to play with. His favorite subject in school was computer class throughout his life. In middle school, he had gotten a volunteer job in the computer lab to help repair computers. He gained other penguins' respect that way.


Kai went to South Pole City High as a teenager, and repaired computers in computer class the same as he did in middle school. He was picked on because of this, being called a nerd and such, but the penguins who made fun of him, the Jocks, were failing their classes anyway. He befriended Dota around this time. He graduated high school with flying colors, but with an A+ in computer class.


Kai lives with his white puffle, Snowcone, in a condo in Bakunyumoria, fairly close to where Dota lives. He currently makes a living by repairing computers, but it isn't his full time job... yet.







  • "Yeah, computers are cool."
  • "I like computers, and I like Dota, but if I had to choose one, I'd choose Dota."
  • "Umm, no I don't think I have a crush on DotA."
  • "Don't worry, I'll fix your computer."
  • "Of course you're not bad DotA, you're cute, talented, sweet and a good friend."
  • (When DotA asks him to be biology partners), "Woot!"
  • "Hey, I can be myself right?"
  • "What?! My future wife is bullied?!"
  • "Ohhh Becky, I'm already so sorry that you got eye damaged from staring at my computer!"
  • "Sheesh, was Becky always like that?"
  • "Would you please stop calling me a computer geek?!"
  • (When Becky slaps him), "Ow, gee, what was that for?!"
  • "Hold on Becky, I also thought the judges hate you because you're mean!"
  • "Sweet, I'm going to send this cute e-mail to DotA and she'll finally like me!"
  • (When DotA asked him if he's ok when he blushes), "Oh yeah, I'm fine."
  • "Hey DotA, um, would you like to be my lab partner?"
  • "So DotA, you're not ready for a boyfriend yet?"
  • "Ahhhhhh, kill that spider!"
  • "Why do you hate DotA sooo much?!"
  • "Hey Becky I saw you on the internet and guess what part of you is ugly? You're face and personality!"
  • "The most beautiful thing? Well, I have no idea." (Note: He is too shy to confirm that he has a crush on DotA)
  • "Aw shoot! My computer is broken!"
  • (When asked how he describes DotA), "She's sweet, cool and cute. (covers beak), did I said cute? I don't think so, I think of her as my friend!"
  • (when asked how he describes Becky) "She's mean, ugly and bratty. She totally hates me not just that I called her ugly but she thinks I'm a total nerd."
  • (when asked about Angie Hills) "Probably my favourite cousin, I love her songs. The cool part is that I'm related to a popstar princess."
  • (when asked how he describes Angie Hills) "Oh my gosh, I love her as a relative and celebrity. She's cool with those things: she's rich, famous and all awesome."
  • "No, DotA is not going to be my future wife. *blushes*"
  • "Oh cool!"


  • He has a huge crush on Dota.
  • You may call him a computer geek, but that would be an understatement.
  • He "wishes" he was an Otaku Penguin, but he isn't. His aunt (through marriage) is though, and thats how he got the Otaku name.
  • Whenever he complements DotA, he usually has close calls about having a crush on her.
  • He sometimes got bullied at his school by getting called "Computer nerd/geek!".
  • He gets disappointed every-time DotA says she's not ready for having a boyfriend yet.
  • He despises Becky because she bullies DotA a lot.
  • He thinks the Fashion Police are ugly.
  • His personality is similar to Tony from JESSIE and Brandon from Dork Diaries.
  • He is related to popstar princess Angie Hills as his cousin.
  • He is close friends with Angie Hills and they almost feel like siblings.
  • He's six months older than Angie Hills.
  • Like his Cousin, he has a Family.
  • His favourite food are Snow cones.
  • His excellent at video games.
  • Sometime in 2015, he revealed his feelings for DotA and asked her to be his girlfriend.