Kaitlin Karkrashian

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Kaitlin Karkrashian
Kaitlin posing with her stylish ombre hair.
Title Kim's shadow
Gender Female
Faction The Bad Guys
Birth date June 27, 1984 (1984-06-27) (age 35)
Occupation Model, TV Personality, Store Owner, Designer
Nationality Antarctican

Kaitlin Alexandria Karkrashian, also known as Kait Karkrashian or Kait K, was born June 27, 1984 and is one of the sisters to the ludicrously popular Kim Karkrashian. Being related to someone that famous makes her constantly overshadowed, along with her sister, Kolette Karkrashian. She is mostly involved in the retail and fashion industries, mostly "brandishing and showing off her and her sisters' signature logo on their wares." She currently goes wherever her sister, Kim goes. She and her other sister, Kolette, are almost inseparable.


Early Life[edit]

Not much is known about her childhood, except she wouldn't be famous if it weren't for Kim. She mostly grew up behind Kim as her shadow, always doing as much as she could in attempt to outshine her, but she was constantly eclipsed by her older sister.

Current Life[edit]

She spends most of her days struggling to take care of Eloise with the help of her sister, Kolette.


  • She is a parody of one of Kim Kardashian's sisters, Khloe Kardashian.

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