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Kalin McLaren Shrivelcluster IX

The black puffle who puts the mean in meany (after Mabel). He doesn't have his serious face on...
Born Kalin McLaren Shrivelcluster IX
April 5, 1990 (age 20)
Residence Ninjinian's Igloo, New Club Penguin
Gender Male
Nationality Terrain
Other names Kahlin, KMS, Nilak
Ethnicity Unknown
Citizenship Puffle
Home town New Club Penguin
Height 1"4
Weight 15kg
Known for Being Ninjinian's puffle and the trickster of UnitedTerra.
Title Kalin
Relatives Ninjinian's puffle
Awards None whatsoever

Kalin McLaren Shrivelcluster IX, better known as Kalin is Ninjinian's black puffle. Nobody likes him.

He likes insulting every penguin he sees on the roads of UnitedTerra. He can speak, like many puffles, but everybody wishes that he couldn't speak because of all the rude & foul things he says to everybody. He usually interrupts UnitedTerra Parliament meetings, annoys Yusei and troubles the whole of UnitedTerra. He is always compared to Antarctica's most-hated puffle, Mabel, and everybody say that they're like each other in every way, and when his owner visits the USA to meet his chick-hood friend, Explorer, they talk for hours and always get along.

It is always hard to control this puffle, almost as hard as controlling Mabel. Ninjinian always tries to hit him with a hard-back replica of Tops Tower, but Kalin is slyer than anybody thinks. He is quick, fast & swift, and they're all the same thing. Nobody knows if any penguin (or puffle, besides Mabel), likes this ignorant, foolish, rude, selfish, self-esteemed puffle.


Kalin was born as "Kalin McLaren Shrivelcluster IX", being the ninth McLaren Shrivelcluster in his dynasty, on April 5, 1990. He is the son of "Kalin McLaren Shrivelcluster VIII", who is better known as "Victor" and "Margaret" (surname is unknown). He was born in PreTerra, where Carcery is now. Ever since a young age he has misbehaved. Five months after he was born his parents sent him to a puffle play-place, where there were lots of other puffles that were his age. He went there every day, and almost turned into a bully. The adult puffles that were in charge of the play-place had to contact Kalin's parents every week about his behaviour. After 3 months of staying at the play-place, he was withdrawn from there and just stayed at home. His parents were almost the same as him, but in a different kind of term; they were mostly lazy, but also rude and ill-mannered, which is how it affected Kalin's behaviour; inheritance. After a year of putting up with him, his parents got him a small igloo which he was ordered to live by himself. They purposely put it away from their own igloo so he didn't bother them. He went there every week and left food outside his small door. Kalin didn't have that much luxuries - it was just as big as a kennel, with a tattered puffle bed and a small window. He never got enough food, so he would travel to the local pet shop and ask for food. The way he was treated during his early years affected his behaviour and the way he treated others.

After atleast a year of living on his own, he went back to his parents and said that he was going on a "vacation". They let him go but he didn't come back. Instead, he went to the local pet shop and stayed there for most of his life. Because of his attitude, he never really made any friends. When the owner wasn't looking, he would go to the telephone and would call his parents and stayed in contact with them. Kalin never hated his parents, but felt uncomfortable around them; as if they would lock him up by himself again. So from 1992 onwards he stayed at the pet shop. He lived in that pet shop for 11 years, miserably, without making any friends. In 2003 the owner moved him to Club Penguin's pet shop. He knew that the puffle was miserable and suggested that he went somewhere else. He spent two months at the Club Penguin Pet Shop, then Ninjinian came and saw how miserable he looked. He talked to the owner and adopted him - the owner warned him and said that he was "an aggressive one". He brought him home, with his fake fact-file (see Trivia) and then kept him there with Yusei. The green puffle really tried making friends with him but it never worked out. Over the years Kalin was allowed out into the fresh air, which improved his mood - suddenly he became happy, a feeling he hardly felt for 11 years. His was enlightened, and his pranks began.

Life in UnitedTerra[edit]

Whenever he went outside, he would stay away from the penguins and from the puffles. The news spread that Ninjinian had a new puffle - a black one. And since Ninjinian didn't want to reveal anything about him, the press went to look for him themselves. They found out that he was usually outside. Kalin heard this and kept well away from them - doing his ghastly deeds at the same time. Yusei stayed inside too, for safety measures. Kalin then decided to pull a prank on the press. As he was skilled in imitating voices, he recorded himself talking in Ninjinian's voice - speaking about Kalin, his personality and how he looked like. He drew an inaccurate picture of himself, then left the tape and picture outside a reporter's igloo. He picked it up and the tape and picture were leaked. Ninjinian noticed that there was news going around that his puffle's name was "Handsomey". He guessed that it was Kalin who had set this up. He cleared all rumours and decided to introduce Kalin at the next press conference. He did that and answered all questions - the press then stopped bothering them. In late 2004, Ninjinian thought that Kalin's surname was "IvillhaauntU", but then he investigated and searched the Pet Shop's archives and found Kalin's real fact-file - revealing his name to be "Kalin McLaren Shrivelcluster IX".

Kalin always goes around pulling pranks - whether it is on Ninjinian, Yusei, Mayor Crepsley, the neighbours, UnitedTerra Parliament or anyone else, Kalin is almost always responsible for it. Ninjinian knows about how miserable Kalin's old life was; which is why he adopted him. Every time he gets into trouble he knows that he is happy now. In 2008 he was granted a seat into the UnitedTerra Parliament and started getting income of 100 dauroes per month - the reason for that is unknown. Kalin currently lives peacefully in Ninjinian's igloo in New Club Penguin.


Kalin is a black puffle, who has half-shaved eyebrows. Nobody knows how he got eyebrows, as puffles do not normally have them. It is a conspiracy, almost as serious as the conspiracy of Administrator Kai's yellow hair. He almost looks like a regular black puffle, but with some slight changes. His hair is like any other black puffles, but with some more spikes. When he was adopted, he had almost the identical hair as Mabel, though many of Ninjinian's friends (who were allowed to see Kalin at the time) said that he resembled Mabel a lot. Kalin didn't want to be compared to her, so sneaked out of Ninjinian's igloo and went to the barbers, and styled it. Administrator Kai claims that Kalin copied his hairdo, but Kalin denies any allegations that are against him.

Kalin has a maniac laugh, which is frightening on so many levels. As soon as he starts laughing, a spooky music starts to play. It gets louder, then turns into a distorted and slow type of laugh, then gets even louder and finally turns into a bark. He then stops immediately. You... don't want to hear it...

At the time, sketchers were working together a picture of him. The only known profile of him was that he was a black puffle. Many reporters tried hard enough to get into Ninjinian's igloo, but it was very hard to get in and still is. After Kalin's prank was successful, the press were almost put to shame for publishing a fake story - so the media hate Kalin especially.

Gallery of Kalin[edit]


Kalin: Hahahahahahahaha! A-hahahahaha!

Ninjinian: Kalin, stop laughing your evil laugh!

Kalin: Your not my owner - Oh, right . . .

Ninjinian: Yeah, that's right, brother, your in big tro - WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

Kalin: Escaping.

Ninjinian: No, I mean how did you get that balloon-propeller?

Kalin: Internet.

Ninjinian: Curses! YOU COME BACK HERE KALIN!

Ninjinian: Kalin! It's dinner time!

Kalin: (Walks over to food bowl) You stupid peasant.

Ninjinian: Who? Me?

Kalin: Yes, You.

Ninjinian: You seriously need to watch my PengTube health videos!

Kalin: This food is obscured! As the hip puffles are saying, it's not groovy.

Ninjinian: Nobody says that anymore!

Kalin: (Presses the Eject Trap-Door button) AHHHHHHH!!!!!

Ninjinian: Try's to use an eject trap-door. So cliché, brother!

Judge Konquer: Ninjinian, the growing TaliBEA-

Kalin: HA HA HA!

Ninjinian: Kalin, quiet. Konquer, finish that sentence.

Konquer: We're not in court!

Ninjinian: No, the sentence.

Konquer: The growing TaliB- PFFFFFFFFTTTTT! Ahhh! Who put the whoopee cushion on my seat? And where's Kalin?


  • It is suggested that Kalin maybe a relative of Mabel, just that he changed his name like Director Benny, but Mabel knows nothing about this yet until Kalin's photograph is released.
  • He's part of the UnitedTerra Parliament.
  • He bites, but only sometimes.
  • It was thought that his surname was "IvillhaauntU". Before adoption, he threatened the Pet Shop Owner to change his birth certificate. Then the real birth certificate was leaked.
  • Before Kalin was adopted, when he arrived, all the other puffles were moved because of Kalin's aggressiveness and "need for space".
  • He has a Beakbook, though he hasn't got many friends on his. He has tried sending friend requests to many, but about 90 percent of the time, nobody accepts his invites.
  • Kalin is much like Mabel, but he does not accept that he is.
  • When Kalin screams & shouts it is unrecognizable on what he's saying. He says it's "puffle gibberish".
  • He could be related to Mabel, but nobody is actually sure.
  • Once Kalin wanted to get noticed because Mabel got all the attention, he did several things to upset penguins & to get him into trouble. He tricked Yusei on bouncing on the top of Tops Tower and almost created a black-out throughout the entire UnitedTerra and almost the USA.
  • He does not know that he has eyebrows, but he still dislikes it when others mock his eyebrows.
  • Kalin once sang "This Wiki's Not the Same Without You" at the top of voice in a microphone that was heard all across UnitedTerra & nearer parts of Antarctica.
  • He is in the PPT's Top 40 Most Wanted list, peaking at #7. Ninjinian will not give him up.

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