Kanapa City

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Kanapa City
Kanapa City map.PNG
The brown area indicates the city.
Key details
Type Island
Level 230
Location Kanapa Island, New North Etana
Inhabitants Penguins and puffles

Kanapa City is a city in New North Etana State. Since it was being built, it serves as an army base. The base is located on the nearby island. The city, comparing to Wentley, has less population, but it is built on bigger terrain. It is more tropical, then most islands in the area. Kanapa City is currently the second smallest city in the USA, after Itsy Bitsy Tiny Micro Town. A writer, Brisbane Perth lives there.


The city of Kanapa was founded by the rest of the Etana rebels in the early days of New North Etana state. They have built a colony, which remained hidden for around a month. Now it is known as the USA city, located furthest north. It is still too small, and unheard of to build an airport, but the seaport is already built, and ships arrive there from Wentley, Frostborough, and other ports in Happyface State and Freezeland. The place is famous for its' nice, dry weather, and temperature between 15°C and going up to 35°C in the warm time. The island is perfect for an army base, as it provides great visibility. When the clouds are moving very fast, it means that a plane is coming.


The city is built on the southern side of the island. The northern island consists of sunny beaches, and a small forest. On the southern island, there is an army base. After Etana Conflict, penguins from Etana realised, that army is needed. Etana territory is demilitarised, but New North Etana isn't. The army has alreadcy recruits, which are being trained to become a professional, modern army. There are rumours of a hidden underwater base there.

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