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Born South Pole City, Ice Kingdom
Residence Disparu Island
Gender Male
Ethnicity Japalandese Anime Penguin
Occupation President of Hailvale
Years active 2001 - June 2, 2010
Known for Founding Hailvale

Sir Karazachi is an Anime Penguin who is known for discovering and founding the Free Republic of Hailvale. After serving as Hailvale's President for many years, he and his puffles were shipwrecked and forced to swim to Disparu Island, where they remain stranded to this day.


Karazachi hatched in South Pole City in 1977, to Japalandese immigrants. It was here where he developed an affinity with politics, and an interest with sailing, which was strange since SPC is nowhere near the ocean. When he was old enough, his father, the CEO of a Television set company, gave him a large sum of his fortune to go exploring and discover new islands. Hence, Karazachi hired a crew and purchased a ship to sail around the Antarctic. During his early voyages, he would travel to well known places such as the Ninja Archipelago and the Asiapelago just to see the beauty of each island. In the meantime, he established a fishing business so that he could earn a steady income to prevent draining his father's bank account. After visiting many civilized islands around the continent, Karazachi mustered enough courage to go deep sea exploring, searching for new islands to discover.

Founding Hailvale[edit]

For many weeks he sailed the Southern Sea, North of Antarctica, but stumbled upon no land. Just when he was giving up hope he found a small uninhabited island. He and his crew landed and named the island Hailvale, the name fitting because it was hailing at the time. He established a government with himself as its head, and he helped to attract immigrants. Despite not being a member of the Free Republic Union until 2009, Karazachi had an observer seat in the South Pole Council to represent Hailvale.

Pinkcoolcat II once ordered her Robotic Rabbits O' Evil to throw a fruit cake in his face. Thankfully, Karazachi has quick reflexes and dodged the lethal pastry. Secret Service later apprehended the culprit.


One day in mid-2009, Karazachi resolved to go on a short "vacation" because he missed his old days of seafaring. However, he was shortsighted in his plans because he wanted to sail alone with his puffles and during the harsh wintertime. In response to his poor choices, he was caught in a terrible storm and his ship capsized and sunk. Karazachi and his puffles were soon declared missing, and were assumed dead a month later. His disappearance led to the rise of Iamred777 as Hailvale's president in 2010.

However, Karazachi and his puffles did not die. Instead, they had been stranded on Disparu Island, which they still live on today.


Karazachi has two puffles - a blue one named Schmuck, and a pink one named Pinkpuffs.

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