Karpolo McWalrus

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Karpolo McWalrus

Cars Cars Cars Cars CARS!
Born Wayne Argon
32nd Lexctember 0000
Residence Walrus Warehouse
Gender Male
Nationality Antarctican
Other names CARSSSSSS
Ethnicity Walrus
Citizenship Freezelandian
Education "Ph.D in Kar Racing" (illegal)
Alma mater ""Skool of Kars" (does not exist)
Occupation Officer
Years active XX0X -
Employer Walrus Crime Ring
Home town Arctic
Salary USP5500 per month
Net worth USP0 per month
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Known for Officer in Walrus Crime Ring, chaffeur of many notable penguins
Partner None
Children None
Parents None
Relatives Walrus Crime Ring
LOLZ! [email protected]@K AT ME! I'M SO HANDZOME!
— Karpolo McWalrus at a press conference.

Karpolo McWalrus (32nd Lexctember 0000 - ) (nee Wayne Argon) is an officer within the Walrus Crime Ring who is also the chauffeur of many notable penguins. Aside from the everyday activities of an officer within the WCR, by night, he drives celebrities, businesspersons, and V.I.P.s all around Antarctica, although he never earned an actual driving permit. He lives in the Outer Club Penguin but is technically a registered citizen of Freezeland. No one is sure why.


This is based on Karpolo McWalrus's statements, which are HIGHLY uncredible!

So, I was born in the Arctic in [incomprehensible] to big hot [censored]. Then, some [censored by TurtleShroom Productions] happened in which [censored (for seven lines) ]...

And by the time I woke up, BAM! [censored again]

That's how I came here.

— Karpolo McWalrus with help of a translator

From this, we could derive that:

  1. Karpolo McWalrus uses profanities in his standard speech
  1. Karpolo McWalrus has no idea about his background at all.


By night, he's a chauffeur, driving luxury limousines and sedans all across Antarctica to a variety of hosts - from notable Savannah City to Dan Beronews and even Swiss Ninja. Seems simple enough, eh? Well, no. Here, we've got some juicy gossip to share thanks to some whistleblowers from the Walrus Crime Ring.

— Walrus who was unable to start interview after mysterious disappearance
You think good 'ol Karpol's got a good business hanging around Hoity Toity and his mates, eh? Well, 'ya in for a surprise (or not) - he's working undercover. 'Ya see, Karpol's specially trained by Big 'Ol Tusky there, and ah reckon he got some split going on somewhere, with all 'dem celebrities talkin', he ought to hear good information. 'Course, them hackers find no use to those info, but it does come in handy sometimes - this once, Tusky got some hint on "measures to curb Walri from doing their dasterdly deeds" from some celebrity. 'Dunno how that guy got it, but the group managed to avoid some big disaster! 'Tell ya, this guy seems to be a waste, but he's in no Officer position otherwise.
— Walrus banished from crime ring, has fake accent.
Karpolo? Oh, he's a joy to hang around with. He gives us all the juicy info about those penguins. Hackers got more than a life, you know. Telling about his ride with DJ Crow, days before September of '09, when he overheard him getting a new album or something. Turns out, he was right. Then there's this scandal with Katy Spitz or someone, got into a fight or something. Press never caught wind until the year later. He's a real good source of info. Call him if you want the juice.
— Walrus in Crime Ring
tEh kArpOlo? oHOHOhoohOHOHOhHOHOHO! he's DA BOMB. he 'got me DA cItY sIgGy. mE pLisEd!
— L33t-speaking Walrus.

That's quite about enough.

Interesting Facets of Info (Trivia)[edit]

  • Karpolo's personal car is a specially-configured limousine in the guise of an ordinary family car, where it could hold up to the entire Walrus Crime Ring membership. It's a hybrid, so it runs on clean energy that is stolen directly from the Governance's power plants.
  • Karpolo enjoys speaking in softcore L33t and usually exclaims he is handsome, mainly as a form of self-praise. He would usually begin press conferences through "announcing his handsomeness".
  • Karpolo actually has no grudge whatsoever against TurtleShroom (penguin), much less the Club Penguin Weekee. He has even driven TSP personally (and alone!), yet does not steal a single bit of info when TSP talks on the phone. Although he has banished Karpolo once from the CPW, TSP's privacy is not intruded and talks freely about upcoming plans and otherwise useful information.
  • Karpolo is somehow not in the Bureau of Fiction's records, nor in the Bureau of Entropy, Bureau of Nonsense or any Bureau Wannabees' records. He is one of the few creatures that have this privilege.