Kathryn Nicola Winston

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Kathryn Nicola Winston
Title Lady Kathryn Winston
Gender Female
Race High Penguin
Health Deceased
Birth date January 9, 1970 (1970-01-09) (age 49)
Place of birth Duchy of Glosethershire, Puffle'and
Death date 22 June 1995 (Age 25)
Occupation Aristocrat, Artist
Height 5'3"
Family Olivia Winston
Andrew Winston
Elise Winston

Kathryn Nicola Winston, was a Puffish High Penguin aristocrat and mother to Theodosia Evanson. Before moving to Austiceia, she lived in a wealthy family, the Winston Family.


Kathryn was born on 9 January 1970 to Olivia Winston (née Anderson) and Edward Winston in the duchy of Glosethershire, Puffle'and. She was the second child and first daughter, after Andrew Winston, her older brother. The family was joyous to have another child since their older relatives were killed in the Khanzem War. In 1973, Elise Claire Winston, her younger sister was born. Together they lived in Winston Estate, where they spent most of their days while Edward was working with the parliament. Kathryn thoroughly enjoyed art, and her mother would often hang her drawings along the hallway.

During 1989, Edward was heading to Snowdon for a highly publicised political discussion and would not come back in a week. While he was travelling, neo-naughtzees apprehended and captured him. Only one penguin witnessed the attack, who called the police and attempted to stop it. After an hour, when the police arrived, it was already too late. The description of Edward given was 'a tall, middle-aged, white penguin with dark hair and wearing an old-fashioned coat with black boots'. However, there was no need for identification as a taunting but somehow immature letter was mailed to Winston Estate. It reads:

Dear Most High Noob Face,

We have captured another of your kind!! Our plan to eradicate you Noobs is going well. Sure, you may hide from us, but remember that we are always watching you under the superior command of Whoot Smackler Whoot!! Now that the breadwinner of your family is gone, what's you're next step other than falling apart? Bribe us to release him with your heirlooms? And no, we are NOT gonna release him, no matter if you try. So don't even bother having a go at us, because the next thing we'll do is to ban you from the world! HAHA!!

Sincerely, protesting against your noobishness.

As soon as Kathryn read the letter, she began to pack her bags to escape to another country. She could not trust that she won't be captured, and told her mother to leave to a safer country with her. Olivia was despondent from Edward's capture and told her not to leave; she said that Elise was still going to school. Kathryn secretly bought tickets to fly in the next week. At dawn on 3 April 1989 to Austiceia. She arrived one month later in the city of Hoypart, ready to take on a new life.


After arriving at Hoypart, she took on the job of an artist to make a living. Kathryn lived in a cheap flat above a restaurant, where some of her artworks were displayed. Unbeknown to her, Theodore Evanson, her future husband frequently dined at the restaurant just to look at her art because he thought they were so beautiful. After the restaurant manager asked why Theodore never ate there, he asked him if he could see the artist who made the paintings that were hung up around the restaurant. The manager said that a young woman that rented the apartment upstairs painted them for a few dollars. Theodore immediately rushed up the depleted, narrow stairwell to find Kathryn outside her door, carrying a painting she was about to sell on the streets. He asked here why she was selling her artworks at such a cheap price for such good quality. Kathryn told him it was how she made her money, and dreamed of living a better life. Theodore told her that he loved her artwork, and Kathryn too, and proceeded to ask her out. Kathryn was very flattered by his response to her art, but also how someone else finally cared for her. They dated for four years before getting married. In 1995, their only child Theodosia Evanson was born. However, both parents had unprecedented deaths following her birth.


Kathryn was described by her mother as a 'bright little bub with inquisitive eyes and gorgeous hair'. She had dark black hair and deep set navy eyes which gave her a mysterious demeanour. During her young adulthood in Hoypart, she shed her aristocratic clothing and donned a simple, minimalist style instead.


  • Kathryn Winston is a loosely based off Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge.
  • As a young child Kathryn adopted three puffles, under the supervision of her mother when she lived in Puffle'and.