Katie Finn

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Katherine Octavia Finn
"This skirt could be a hat!"
Title Katherine "Katie" Octavia Finn
Gender Female
Race Penguin
Faction Finn
Health Great
Level Great
Status Alive and making crazy clothes.
Location Her apartment or school.

Katie Finn is a lime-green penguin with an odd sense of style. She is a good friend of Rocket Slug and owns Label von Injoface and Rick von Injoface.


She was born on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Her parents thought she would become a horrible nuisance, so they tried to drop her off at the Pet Shop to avoid any torn couches or fires at random times. However, she wouldn't let go of her mother's flipper, so her mom decided she needed to be cared for immediately.

Katie's parents happened to be in a low-class society where food was short. Both of her parents had to get high-paying jobs just to put food on the table. Those high-paying jobs were joining the circus, and that made Katie feel a little...weird about her parents. The money that they both earned, however, was a bit much, so Katie unfortunately ended up getting slightly Fat. Fortunately for her, she became an expert seamstress and was able to recreate her old childhood clothes, among other things (say, markers or teddy bears) into something completely new and unique. Katie is often seen wearing something as simple as a sweater with a rainbow star on it to an outfit as complex as a giant hat made from Judgie candy wrappers. Her parents didn't find this hobby of hers weird at all, because nothing seems weird when you're a circus performer.


She is the owner of Label von Injoface and enjoys hanging around Rocket Slug.

She is the only penguin known to have hacked Coins for Change and lived. The punishment for hacking the charity, if caught, is death by firing squad... -at least, that's the rumor. The real punishment is so nasty that it's classified.


  • She is a parody of Harper from Wizards of Waverly Place.
  • She thinks Rocket Slug is a bit rebellious, and often tries to straighten her best friend out.
  • She makes all of her own clothes, from her hats to her socks.
  • Katie is an expert computer hacker, but don't tell her we told you that you told everyone else about how we told you about her hacking and not telling anyone else about how we told you that she told no one else about you telling us.
  • Katie believes and participates in a fictional holiday called "Frighten People Friday." This is a parody of a bit in a Wizards episode where Harper participates in "Scare People Wednesday."
  • The only other bird able to make clothing as well as her is Agent Meltie, who happens to be an amateur clothing designer.

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