Kaylee Tulip

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Kaylee Ann Tulip
Dana Tulip.PNG
Title Tails Stalker, Girl With Issues
Gender Female
Race Gentoo penguin
Faction Stalker
Health High
Level 12 (really 8)
Status Alive
Location Wherever Tails is
Occupation Stalker
Interests Tails
Friends Tails
Enemies People who slap her, this guy
Archetype Good

Kaylee Ann Tulip is a 12-year-old penguin who is currently in the PSA and the EPF (as an underage secret employee). She is MADLY in love with Tails6000 and will do anything to go out with him.


She was a lively and troublesome 6 year old chick nicknamed "Tula the Troublemaker." One day, she climbed a very tall tree and realized she couldn't get down. Fortunately at that moment, Tails was performing his daily run, stopped at the tree, and climbed it to rescue the chick. After that moment, Kaylee vowed that she would stay with Tails and be his true love and soulmate no matter what.

Then she turned eight. She tried to join an underground organization that fights for freedom and against the Wiki (just because Tails was a member of the organization), but she was too young. She mixed together ice cream, a gold ring, computer cables, a Vii remote, and one of Tails' feathers (who knows how she got that), and somehow that was a potion to make her twelve, the youngest age for one who could join the underground resistance. Kaylee got to join and hang out with her crush more. Her crush went from tiny to HUGE, and all just because of one little rescue and a random concoction.


She follows Tails6000 around like she has nothing else to do with her time (besides making Tails-themed scrapbooks, life-sized Tail's plushies, fanfiction about Tails, kissing his video games, etc.). When she gets mad, she swings a red-and-yellow screwdriver (called a Wiko Wiko Screwdriver) that always seems to appear out of nowhere when she needs it.


  • She is a parody of Amy Rose from the Sonic games.
  • She has serious issues.
  • Tails was happy to save a chick in need, but he sure isn't happy about her giant obsession.
  • She herself matured, but her obsession with Tails is just like her eight-year-old self and her voice is annoyingly high.
  • She sometimes holds sleepovers with other fellow stalkers (like Dara and Tammyshroom) and shares tips with them.
  • She says "Tails" a lot.


  • "Tails is so cute!"
  • "Tails rocks!"
  • "I'm going out with Tails!"

Get the picture?

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