Kaylin Pie

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Kaylin Pie

Kaylin in her flight attendant suit, minus the hat.
Born Kaylin Zeb
December 25, 1981 (1981-12-25) (age 37)
Aer, Olde Antarctica
Gender Female
Nationality Antarctican
Other names Kay
Education Flight School
Occupation Unemployed at the moment.
Years active 13 years
Notable works The Race to Thanksgiving!
Height 3ft. 11in.
Weight 43 pounds.
Known for Going on adventures with Feey1
Title Kaylin Pie
Children Joe, Lexi, Manny, Mia Peirce, Feey3 Pie
Relatives Married to Feey1 Pie.

Kaylin Pie (formerly Peirce; neé Zeb) is a penguin, and also loves adventure. She was born December 25th, 1981, and her mother considered Kaylin her Christmas present. She worked as a flight attendant, but got laid off four times. She is now homeless and hopes to return home to her chicks.


Young Years[edit]

Kaylin grew up in a poor family. Her dad was a black marketer, and had been to jail four times before Kaylin was born. Her mother was a sower, and made all of Kaylin's clothing. Kaylin was tutored by her uncle, who was a teacher at a college. Kaylin had imaginary friends, and played in a cave. She called the cave Millas, and she would discover massive tunnels and caves in there. When she turned 9 she was kidnapped by a Viking, and was taking to Castilla. It would later be learned that the kidnapper was working for Kaylin's father, and when this was discovered Kaylin's mom divorced with her husband.

Teenage Years[edit]

At age 14 Kaylin's parents divorced, and her father moved away. After that the Peirces became even poorer, and couldn't pay taxes. Their bank account was soon emptied by the government, because of unpaid taxes. The Peirces were also kicked out of their house by the bank, and ended up living in an abandoned car repair shop. Due to this Kaylin lost education, and grew angry of her father. So at 16 she took a bus to where her father lived. When she arrived she asked her father why he had hired someone to kidnap her. Her father freaked out and ran away. He burnt down a couple of buildings and shot a police officer, and kidnapped an egg. At age 17 Kaylin received news that her father had been put on an electric chair, and died.

Adult Years[edit]

At age 18 Kaylin moved from her home and went to live with her uncle, who at the time was very rich. She was tutored by him, and in return she cleaned his very large house. At 19 her uncle hired a young butler to help around the house, and take some work off of Kaylin's shoulders. The butler was 21 years old, and was named Henry Bears. Kaylin soon fell in love with Henry, and the two married when Kaylin was 20. After that Henry and Kaylin moved out of her uncle's house, and moved to Yow after news of poor penguins becoming averagely rich. But Henry and Kaylin failed to save money for the move, so ended up living in the new USA. When they had their first egg hatched Henry said he didn't want to have chicks, and he refused to stay if they were having a chick. So Kaylin and Henry divorced, and Kaylin got a quarter of the money. She got a job as a flight attendant, and had her mom take care of her daughter.


Kaylin met Feey1 during his crazy Halloween, and soon fell in love with him.

EPF Agent[edit]

In 2009 Kaylin moved to Club Penguin to live there, after she divorced. She lived in a small, normal igloo near the Plaza. She worked at the Pizza Parlor and started to notice weird things. Penguins dressed up official would always come to the Pizza Parlor, then just leave without doing anything. Kaylin had enough of them and decided to find out about them. So when the next penguin entered she would ask what's up. When she did she learned about the EPF, a secret agency that protects Club Penguin. The agent took her to the HQ, and reluctantly showed her around. Soon she decided to apply for it, and she did. She past the test, and started to train with PH. She continued to work for the EPF until she learned that she wasn't paid at all, she was just a volunteer. When she complained to The Director she got this reply.

To be paid you must first join the PSA, and become an agent there. Then you will get
paid. The EPF is low on money, so we cannot pay our EPF agents. But they do get payed
through PSA work, which they more often. If you want to be paid, please join the PSA.
                                             -The Director   

Kaylin refused to this and quit immediately. It was actually never learned that the letter was a fraud, and Kaylin didn't get paid because of a mess up by Rookie.



  • "Thanks, Feey1!"
  • "I don't understand the EPF."
  • "No, no. I'll look like a total fool, don't cause a flash mob!"


  • She has a pet green puffle.
  • The cave she hung out at as a chick collapsed in 2005.
  • She currently has no job.
  • Kaylin married Feey1 in 2012, and officially joined The Pie Family.

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