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'cause he's a phreakin' ninja!
Born Kenneth Peter Lagois
February 5, 1994 (1994-14-05) (age 25)
New Sandboro, Tropicalis
Residence Beaksledge, Tropicalis
Gender Male
Nationality Tropicalis Flag.png Tropicalian
Other names Kenneth
Ethnicity Emperor Penguin
(Aptenodytes forsteri)
Education Unknown
Alma mater Unknown
  • SATO Representative
  • Ninja
  • Teacher at Beaksledge Martial Arts Centre
Years active 2010-present
Notable works Unknown
Home town New Sandboro, Tropicalis
Height 4' 2" (127cm)
Weight 43.6kg
Known for Being a ninja, the SATO representative of Tropicalis, a martial artist, a member of the Dynamic Trio, and for being a little bit clumsy.
Title Propeller Capped Ninja
Spouse(s) None
Children None
Parents Steve Lagois II (father), Helen Lagois (mother)
Relatives Cheddarbox (brother), Pablo Lagois (brother)
Lagois Family

Not to be confused with Director Kenny

Out of all the things in a room you could use as a weapon, your mind is the strongest.
— Kenny Lagois

Kenneth Peter "Kenny" Lagois, sometimes referred to as the Propeller Capped Ninja (プロペラ帽子を持つ忍者), is a Ninja, Tropicalian SATO representative since 2010, martial artist, and the brother of the prankster Cheddarbox and Pablo Lagois, cousin of Wikipenguino45 and a member of the Lagois Family. Knowledgeable and clever, Kenny is a master of infiltrating, sneaking, hiding, and disappearing (despite his occasional clumsy failed attempts).

Kenny currently resides in Beaksledge, Tropicalis and teaches Card-Jitsu and other martial arts at the Beaksledge Martial Arts Centre, and has contributed a fair amount to the growing popularity of Card-Jitsu in Tropicalis. Kenny has also participated in the 2016 Summer Olympics in the Card-Jitsu team representing Tropicalis, and their team managed to get 3rd place.


Kenny was born roughly around 10 months before his brother, Cheddarbox. Kenny loved books as a chick, which was his main source of knowledge at first. Kenny would normally prefer to read while other chicks played outside which helped him in school. He was able to understand and complete most of the tasks set for him. He exceeded what was usually expected of him and overtook most of his classmates. He was sometimes bullied for being a "nerd" which made Kenny furious until he hurt one of the bullies. Kenny, Pablo and Cheddar went on a trip to visit their relative in Gernomia, William, where they all played a prank on a bully who terrorized the chicks who lived in the neighbourhood. Kenny found out he was great at climbing trees and could surmount it quicker than his brother and William. Their trip to Gernomia would inspire the creation of the Dynamic Trio.

Kenny learnt martial arts during middle school, which made the bullies less likely to target him and other students look up to him when it came to protection.

Kenny also learnt how to play Card-Jitsu, on a trip to Club Penguin, and after a while, mastered it and earned his mask after defeating Sensei. Kenny soon took an interest to Blockcraft, which he enjoyed very much and from there started to create his own server. After a few months of building, with his brother Cheddar helping him, they were able to create a suitable world for players to join. Kenny opened up the server after many months of preparation, in which his server slowly started to get more popular. He started a WaddleTube channel that would occasionally post videos every now and then of him playing Blockcraft sometimes with his relatives (and sometimes get trolled by Cheddar). Kenny was chosen as the delegate for SATO around 2010 in which he gladly joined.


Kenny is a secret agent serving both the Tropicalian Secret Intelligence Service and the Elite Penguin Force, going on missions whenever he is needed. Kenny is also a member of the Dynamic Trio, who's purpose is to uncover mysteries and intercept criminal plans, which they usually do alongside the Venturous Three. Kenny resides in Beaksledge, Tropicalis, which is located very close to the capital, Tropicapolis. Every once in a while, Kenny trains young students in the Beaksledge Martial Arts Center, helping to increase Tropicalis' ranking in Card-Jitsu. He also serves as Tropicalis' SATO representative, and travels to different locations around Antarctica to wherever the meetings are held. Kenny travels to Club Penguin once every couple of months, to see his cousin and uncle, or simply to play Card-Jitsu there. Kenny is also known for his participation in tracking down and apprehending the organization known S.H.A.R.K. along with the other two members of the Dynamic Trio.


Kenny playing an intense match of Card-Jitsu.

Kenny is a frequent Card-Jitsu player, and is also moderately skilled in Card-Jitsu Water, Fire, and Snow. Kenny often tries to play with penguins of all different level belts whether they're a no-belt or just as good as Sensei mainly for fun and for a sometimes challenging experience. He's also a Blockcraft player, and is usually joined by his cousins whenever he plays. Kenny also has a passion for reading and the desire to know more, and is also a fan of SHAZAM Comics' work and the many superheroes that they have created. Some of his other interests include climbing up trees, practising ninja moves and fighting techniques with others and camping outside.


As is not uncommon with other members of the Lagois Family, Kenny maintains more than one job. Despite considering a fully political career like most of his family (including his parents), Kenny instead decided to pursue his interests, ending up with more than one occupation due to taking interests in all of them. Kenny is the SATO representative for the entirety of Tropicalis, and stands for the country's decisions and choices when participating in SATO council meetings and gatherings. Kenny also serves as a teacher at the Beaksledge Martial Arts Academy, and teaches students Card-Jitsu and other types of self-defence, usually a few times every two weeks, typically on weekdays in the afternoon. Kenny also works with the Tropicalian Secret Intelligence Service, delivering any news he may find of suspicious or villainous activity within Tropicalis. Though he is a member, Kenny rarely works with the EPF, and usually only does so if there are any issues of international or high importance. Sometimes, Kenny teams up with his brother Cheddarbox and cousin William Lagois who altogether form the Dynamic Trio to help the Venturous Three combat threats.


At the time of his birth, Kenny's feathers were a pale yellow and over the course of around a decade, gradually transformed into the bright lemon yellow that his feathers currently are. After taking a trip to Club Penguin Island along with Cheddarbox to visit Wikipenguino and join in the April Fools' Day Party 2008, Kenny obtained a free red propeller cap, which he decided to don ever since picking it up. Prior to becoming a black belt and a ninja, Kenny would wear whichever belt he had recently earned and due to his status as a learner at the time, didn't have a ninja mask to wear. Kenny rarely wears anything else other than his usual mask, belt and propeller cap, though he may sport other attire depending on the situation (mountain climbing, extremely frigid temperatures, etc.).


Kenny normally acts mature, calm and disciplined, keeping his emotions under control and can often be seen as the polar opposite to his younger brother Cheddarbox. Kenny has a kind, good-natured, respectful personality, having a thick skin that can handle insults, criticism and teasing as light as a feather. Kenny is never one to give in to defeat, and does try any way possible unless the only option is giving up. Kenny usually acts the same way with everyone, even criminals and villains. Kenny is always cautious and wary of his surroundings, taking note of as much things as possible.

Kenny dangling from a rope.


Kenny excels at Card-Jitsu, therefore explaining his black belt and ninja mask (though his clumsiness sometimes lets him down, and he drops or scatters the cards every once in a while). He's a trained martial artist, being able to fight without weapons and knock someone unconscious if possible. He's great at infiltrating places swiftly and soundlessly, and is pretty light on his feet, able to outrun most penguins and slow down just as fast, too. Kenny has a driver's licence, being able to drive cars and also motorbikes. He's able to surmount trees or other climbable surfaces quite easily to avoid detection and stay away from danger when needed.


Kenny, though smart, quick, and the only known ninja in the Lagois Family, has some weaknesses. Kenny is known to be clumsy, which usually involves him sometimes dropping important items, stumbling, tripping, slipping on floors or accidentally throwing things. His clumsiness can sometimes ruin his missions with the Dynamic Trio, especially when they're trying to be stealthy. Kenny is allergic to flower pollen, which makes him sneeze and barely able to focus on whatever he may be doing. Kenny, despite being a good ninja, is not the greatest at Card-Jitsu Water. In fact, it's quite hard for him to win, especially with his clumsiness in which he might drop his cards.


The crest of the Lagois Family.

See main page: Lagois Family

Kenny belongs to the Lagois Family, sometimes referred to as the "House of Lagois", a renowned family throughout Tropicalis known for shaping its history, its explorers and politicians as well as its long lineage stemming from Pengtivius I, a king who is widely considered as the founding father of the country. Kenny was born to Steve Lagois II, the brother of the Tropicalian president Penguino Lagois IV and Helen Lagois. has two younger brothers - Aaron Lagois, otherwise known as Cheddarbox, or simply "Cheddar" who runs a joke shop in Shiverpool where he lives and Pablo Lagois. Kenny also has several cousins, such as Wikipenguino45, William Lagois.


Kenny is an Emperor Penguin just like most of his family's members. Kenny has mostly Tropicalian ancestry, though he has traces of Snowpriot and Viking ancestry.

Kenny's Themes[edit]

Theme Songs
Normal Battle


  • Cheddarbox - Kenny and Cheddar have remained close since childhood, and Kenny can always rely on Cheddar for a good laugh. Cheddar never pranks Kenny.
  • Wikipenguino45 - Kenny and Wikipenguino are on very good terms with each other, and often communicate with each other online everyday.


  • Mirrors are a ninja's best friend!


  • His Blockcraft nickname and WaddleTube name is MonstaLemon.
    • He nicknamed himself this because of his liking for lemonade.
  • Kenny's favourite colour is purple.
  • Like Wikipenguino, Kenny has never taken his hat off in public.
    • However, it is unknown what is his personal preference is whether he wants others to see what's under his hat or not.
  • Kenny is actually ambidextrous, but prefers to use his right flipper.
    • This may be why Kenny is clumsy.
  • Kenny owns one power 12 Card-Jitsu card.

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