Kento Clarke

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Kento Clarke
Title Ken Clarke
Gender Male
Race Khanz Penguin
Faction Flywish's Army
Health Good
Level Middle
Status Training to get tougher
Location Flywish's Base
Occupation Soldier
Interests Fighting
Friends Flywish, Austin8310, Penghis Khan, Dennie, Dan Beronews, Swiss Ninja, Fisch, Wish Family, Slendar
Enemies Darktan, Nightmare, WishFlyX, Xorai, 12yz12ab, Whoot Smackler Whoot, Fudd Lapooh, Lapooh Family
Archetype Neutral

Kento Clarke is a Khanz Penguin from West Pengolia. He salutes his country deeply and idolizes Penghis Khan. He also has a good relationship with Austin8310. He currently works for Flywish.


Kento Clarke was hatched in West Pengolia. As a chick, he met a penguin named Dennie. Dennie was studying aircraft and warcraft at the time. He also met a penguin named Austin8310. He was good friends with both of them. Later Kento learned about his country. He started to support it very deeply. He then met Penghis Khan and he started following Penghis Khan around and asking him questions. He then decided to train with weapons. He had collected Knicicles and Powerbombs. Kento later moved to Flywish Island. He found out about Flywish's Army. He trained more and then joined it. Flywish thought he was great and made him a Greator Cronie. While working for Flywish, he met Austin8310. They found out they had a lot in comman and became friends. He then met Swiss Ninja who he also befriended and he also befriended Fisch who he didn't know hated Swiss.


He is good friends with Swiss Ninja and Fisch, he also is friends with Austin8310. He is very good at fighting and flying planes. He is Flywish's second pilot. He works with Dennie very well in air jobs. He also enjoys experimenting with Ditto. He has a strong hate for Fudd and his family. He hates how they had such a devious prankster who would shove Flywish into a box full of bronze. He also hates what Fudd did to Gruff. He is also good friends with Slendar. He thinks Slendar's pranks are better. He also likes playing Fishball. He loves to swim. He claims that he spent half of his life in the water.


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