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Thomas Jackson
Born ????
Club Penguin
Gender Male
Nationality Penguin
Other names KBM, Kerboom
Occupation Battle Expert
Employer The Good Guys
Home town ????
Known for Former villain, current hero
Partner N/A
Children none
Parents ????

Thomas Jackson, otherwise known as Kerboommista, is a former enemy and current ally of the Good Guys. Formerly tricked into becoming a villain by Darktan, he is now a dedicated EPF agent and has been known for his major finishing role in Operation Blackout.


No one, not even Kerboommista himself, knows exactly when and where he was born. After examination, doctors concluded that Kerboommista had caught the Nookularix Virus a long time ago and thus could not remember where he came from. Due to mental illness and some other condition, permanent amnesia occurred thus removed all his memory of family and hometown. The other condition may be a blow to the head, fall, or some other cause related to the head.

According to Kerboommista, he woke up in Darktan's castle, totally unaware of who he was. Darktan used this to his advantage and convinced him that he was a villain who destroyed cities. However, realizing that he had been tricked, he immediately betrayed Darktan and joined the EPF.

Operation Blackout[edit]

Kerboommista was captured by Herbert in an attempt to find out about Herbert's plans. Herbert initially planned to hold him hostage, but he escaped and confronted Herbert. Defeating him and destroying his Destructobot, KBM successfully scattered his army, also freeing Jack Frost. Kerboommista then received the Blackout Upgrade and became a senior agent.

Operation: Puffle[edit]

A year later, Kerboom was dispatched to locate a surveillance agent whose communication was mysteriously cut off. There, he faced Herbert once again, only to realize he had gotten stronger and was defeated. However, Star Kirby12 arrived at the scene in time, taking Herbert down and forcing him to escape. Kerboom managed to survive the fight with minor injuries.


Kerboom's main weapon is his Shooter Bracelet, which is able to shift into different projectile weapons including a machine gun, a sniper, a flamethrower and an extinguisher. However, he is also good at physical combat. In his Blackout upgrade, Kerboom also has a plasma laser, with plasma so powerful it can penetrate anything. (Well, it could penetrate flesh, if CPFW was rated PG-13 and above)