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Ketchup, the Deadly Alliance's first cyborg created
Title Cyborg
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Health Good
Level 124
Status Alive
Location Deadly Alliance residences
Death date He is Alive
Occupation Works for an evil army, is a murderer, bounty hunter
Feather color Red
Friends Boon Tobias, Ninjasaurus
Enemies Good Guys
Weapon of choice Pulse Blades ("keysaber knock-offs")

Ketchup, real name Kevin Herrera, (born October 13th, 1969) is the Deadly Alliance's first ever cyborg created. He was once a penguin, who was evil from birth and was one of the Deadly Alliance's best members. However, he was shot, until they decided to re-animate him, in the form of a semi-cyborg. As they manufactured him, they his muscles for the inside, while the outside was pure mechanic, red metal, which had areas colored black to represent that he is a cyborg.


His mother and father were both Zhouese, and adopted him since his parents went missing. They named him Kevin, and he went on as a normal chick. Little did he know that his parents were a part of a now-defunct ninja clan, called the "Ice Masters", and teaches him when he knew why his foster parents were gone from time to time. He was also self-defense and fighting. At age 12, he would begin to act more of a bully and became more "corrupt" over the years. Then, at age 24, he enrolled as a member of the evil group or army, the Deadly Alliance, as he was now fully evil. When his parents knew about this, they were sad and warned the entire clan.

Deadly Alliance[edit]

He got to know many members, like Ninjasaurus, and the Ice Dragon. He was a skilled member. Until during one mission, he would attack a ninja clan known as the "Fire Clan", he would kill three members and injure eight others. But, unfortunately, he was shot in the stomach with a flaming arrow. When the Deadly Alliance found out, they did not want to leave him dead. They had different plans...

They decided to make him a cyborg, taking his muscles, and putting it inside a metal, cybernetic "case" and after the job was finished, they painted him red and black, to represent he was a vicious cyborg. When he woke up, his vision was blue, with words in the corners. The members told him he was now a cyborg and showed some dangerous moves, such as mini-flamethrowers on his arms, rockets able to be shot through his chest, and the most dangerous weapon we would obtain: The Pulse Blades. Though Pulse Blades look like Keysabers, they are considered knock-offs, they are dangerous.

Ketchup Clan[edit]

Though he still works as a member of the Deadly Alliance full-time, he has his own clan of cyborg minions. Known as the Ketchup Clan, he works as the head leader and is also an ally group to the Deadly Alliance.


October 13th, 1969 he is born.

Age 9, he gets involved with his parents' ninja clan.

Age 11, signs of corruption are showing.

Age 19, joins the Deadly Alliance.

Age 24, he dies for a short period and returns as a cyborg.


He is involved in some of the most brutal and savage missions of the Deadly Alliance, and also works as a bounty hunter, targeting ninjas, and so on. Even innocent penguins. In the Deadly Alliance's "orchestra group", he plays the Flugelhorn.


He is a corrupt soul, and by judging by what he says in his own catchphrase, it is pretty reasonable: "I WILL SHOW NO MERCY!"

Abilities and weaknesses[edit]

His Pulse Blades are a good weapon of choice (though his leader gave it to him), as well as some of his other weapons such as mini-flamethrowers, and a rocket that shots from his chest. He has an invisibility move, where his changes himself to be invisible at all times if needed. One of his weaknesses is being mortal, but also, since inside his cybernetic form, it is flesh and bones, so if the armor is cut, he would be burning a lot. Death could happen, since he is a cyborg, he can killed, if sliced or other things of the sort.