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A blue Keysaber when activated
Type Plasma sword
Effects Slices many objects, and can deflect lasers
Source Ed Island
Location Ed Island, Antarctica
Cost to buy Ed Islandian: ⏇4,800 (training model)
Cost to sell Ed Islandian: Varies

A Keysaber is a sword-like weapon that projects a plasma beam into a key shape. They are the successor to the Lightsaber, and were first invented when Ed Laboratories began to experiment with the ancient weapons in 1998. The Keysaber is perhaps the most iconic weapon in Antarctica, due to its legendary reputation and near-exclusivity to Ed Island.


The keysaber is an extremely powerful and effective melee weapon in close-quarters combat. A single strike can penetrate through the armor of most troops. This is due to the design of the weapon, which utilizes ionized gas rather than traditional shaped, solid matter - because the plasma-based sword lacks any solid material in which to hold, or impale anything, the weapon does not cut or carve in the traditional sense, but rather boils anything it comes into contact with. This allows the weapon to pass through any type of material, including the toughest metal, with ease. The sheer destructive power of the sword makes it a weapon to be feared on any battlefield and is known for its physiological effects on any soldier unlucky enough to be faced with a keysaber wielder.

Save for the Keysabers constructed by the Jedi and Sith, virtually all Keysabers are constructed on Ed Island or its territories, with very few exceptions. Knockoff weapons—that is, weapons designed to resemble Keysabers—have been produced, mostly to less-than-successful results due to the difficulties in replicating the miniature nuclear core. In 2000, an Antarctica-based company named LasTech began producing counterfeit Keysabers based on an external battery-powered prototype. Specialized SF units were sent to destroy the tooling equipment for the weapons and steal company information, opening LasTech to be taken over by Ed Laboratories.

The Keysaber's main disadvantage is that it is purely a close-quarters weapon, any weapon outside of the effective range puts the wielder at risk. Furthermore, the sword is vulnerable to other magnetic fields, as they can block, disrupt, or possibly even alter the functionality of the sword. Two swords clashing together create a small disruption of energy as a result of the same type of magnetic fields clashing together, this clash has a slight area of effect damage that can possibly affect the combatants.

Ed Laboratories, due to holding a near-complete monopoly on the manufacture and sale of Keysabers, is openly known to overprice the valuable weapons. The cheapest training models are sold at a staggering 4,800 Thalers, with more advanced models being priced higher. The notable exception to this is Keysabers sold to Ed Island citizens are sold at much more reasonable prices.


The typical Keysaber hilt consisted of a metal cylinder tailored to the creator's specific needs and preferences. These hilts house an energy storage and generation device, as well as the blade projector; that forms a blade of superheated plasma, stabilized by two small magnetic field generators built into the handle of the weapon — this forms and contains the long, ionized blades for which the weapon is recognized. The weapon is powered by a small fission battery that supplies power to the plasma generation device and magnetic field generators which generate and contain the plasma needed to form the blade. Keysabers that are used by Jedi and Sith are extremely dangerous to use, since they are fatal and can slice anything in its path due to its strong concentration of heat; keysabers used by police and militaries are nearly as strong, but don't have as high of a concentration of plasma. Non-affiliated penguins wishing to obtain these weapons must receive special licenses from their countries in order to legally own one.

Some Ed Islandian keysabers contains a failsafe mechanism that can permanently disable the weapon if the user wielding it drops it. When dropped, the failsafe engages by deactivating the magnetic field before dispersing the plasma. The plasma then consumes the handle and thus destroys the weapon. This failsafe is included to prevent enemy infantry from acquiring the weapon and using it, and gives slight insight to Ed Islandian tactics. Additionally, many exported keysabers possess this feature, though it cannot activated. It is rumored that these failsafes can be remotely activated, to prevent Keysabers from being used against Ed Islandian forces. This was confirmed after Snowinn keysabers were remotely vaporized by Ed Islandian troops during the Ed-Snowinn War.

The very first Keysabers were produced using modified batteries for power, and all of the blades were a pure white color. The original Jedi Lightsaber they studied to make a Keysaber didn't contain batteries, but did contain a single blue crystal. No replacement crystal could be found, due to the location being a Jedi secret. Ed Islandian scientists eventually found a workaround to this by installing a small fission battery into the hilt, which directly powered the plasma generator. This modification was created so the blade of the weapon would only expend a noticeable amount of energy while in contact with matter. However, this causes the keysaber to maintain a charge, requiring the user to either recharge the weapon or discard it when the power is depleted. Although the handle can be used as a club, the keysaber's combat effectiveness at that point is minimal, as other weapons can be used for the same purpose.

Jedi and Sith keysabers, which don't make use of plasma generators, contain at least one crystal. In order to build their weapon, they must go on a journey, in which they use the Force to eventually find the right crystal for their blade. Since they are real crystals rather than factory-made, they not only make the weapon much stronger than factory-made, but also power it much more than even batteries do. Some of these special crystals appeared on the surface of Club Penguin in April 2013, and even gave some of the residents "strange powers"; it has since been confirmed by the Jedi that there is an entire unexplored cave system near the Mines which contain hundreds of "Club Penguin Crystals", varying in all sorts of colors, shapes and sizes.

Due to the weightlessness of the laser and the strong gyroscopic effect generated by it, Keysabers require a great deal of strength to wield, and are extremely difficult—and dangerous—for the untrained to attempt using. Despite this, they are extremely powerful, as they can deflect Deletion Lasers and vaporize bullets and snowballs.


As a highly modular weapon, the Keysaber can be found in many different forms and designs. The most common of which are a metal cylinder that projects the blade of the weapon.

Standard Keysaber[edit]

The most common as well as dangerous form of the Keysaber. It comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. The standard original Keysaber is capable of destroying everything in it's path except living organisms, to which it gives a large electric shock. Jedi and Sith are known to use normal keysabers as training weapons.

Training Keysaber[edit]

The second most common form of the Keysaber, this keysaber is not as painful and can only slightly shock a penguin when struck. Most keysabers of this type possess solid white blades. Penguins taking the Battle Class in the Penguin University use these to learn.

Energy Keysaber[edit]

An Energy Keysaber

The Type-1 Energy Keysaber is a unique variant of the normal plasma sword, as it emits two rounded blades. Its shape, which was derived from a ceremonial Ed Islandian sword, makes it difficult to wield if untrained, and can be even more dangerous than the normal Keysaber. The Energy Keysaber is a vital part of Ed Islandian culture, and is seen as a figure of honor. As such, an Energy Keysaber in the hands of a non-Ed Islandian is considered extremely dishonorable. The culture is very strict on who can be trained in the art of swordsmanship; outside the military, only aristocrats are permitted to wield Energy Keysabers (this rule does not extend to normal Keysabers). Like Jedi Keysabers, Energy Keysabers can cut through living tissue.


The Keydagger is a smaller version of the Keysaber which is often dual wielded or concealed in a gauntlet. In addition to the smaller hilt, the blade of a Keydagger only possesses one "prong" as opposed to the two of a regular Keysaber.

Deletion Keysaber[edit]

Deletion Keysabers are a rare but powerful variant of the regular keysaber. They can cut through anything like a normal keysaber, but can also delete a target upon striking them. After their abilities were determined as being "too effective", all but one Deletion Keysaber were destroyed, with the single one remaining was placed in the Ed Island Citadel's "black vault," where it would remain. Its blade is a unique dark purple color. It is rumored that Ed Laboratories still possesses the tooling equipment to produce more, but this has not been confirmed by the corporation.

Jedi Keysaber[edit]

The Jedi (and Sith) use a special variant of the keysaber. This one is much more powerful than the standard one, due to each one being hand-crafted by a Jedi knight (or Sith lord) and fused together with the force. They are rarely seen since very few Jedi have arisen since 1998 as all Jedi prior to that built Lightsabers. If authentic, a Jedi/Sith keysaber can sell for unbelievably high prices on the black market, but they are almost always retrieved by the force-wielder who constructed it. In the hands of a non-force wielder, it's only as good as a normal keysaber would be. However, in the flippers/hands/etc. of a Jedi or Sith, it can be one of the deadliest and most precise weapons in Antarctica.


The Lightsaber is the predecessor and original design of the keysaber. Lightsabers were created over 2,000 years ago by the Jerdi in the Land of Lord Guin. The weapon used cutting edge technology and was powerful enough to overthrow the whole country. However, even though it has been in existence for a long time, the existence and use of it was limited to only the Jerdi. It's use was very rare and eventually became a secret for a long time. In fact, for the 2,000 years that it existed, nobody other than the Jerdi knew anything about lightsabers beyond rumors and hearsay until 1998, when Ed Laboratories began to experiment with a Lightsaber taken from a Jedi killed in Ed Island. They eventually, after thorough experimentation with several different types of power sources, created keysabers. There are very few lightsaber wielders remaining, most of whom are surviving Jedi Masters from the Khanzem War, as lightsabers are no longer built by the Jedi anymore and have largely been replaced with the more effective and modern Keysaber.

Notable Keysaber Wielders[edit]

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Bold means the holder wields more than one.

Jedi and Sith wielders[edit]

The type of keysaber owned by the Jedi and Sith is a special variant, especially used by the Jedi (depending on which stage of training they're at).


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  • It can humorously unlock doors, due to its key form.
  • The Keysaber is heavily inspired by the Lightsaber from Star Wars
  • The Ed Islandian government is known to give special engraved Keysabers to accomplished citizens as gifts, usually accompanied by a Citizen of the Nation medal.

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