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Status Alive
Born 1983
Species Penguin
Race Adelie Penguin
Gender Male
Residence Club Penguin
Citizenship Antarctican
Occupation EPF agent
EQF agent
PSA agent (formerly)
Employer EPF
PSA (formerly)
Years Active 2000s-now

Keyser5 is an orange Adelie Penguin who is 24Keyser's brother. He is an EPF agent.


Keyser5 hatched in August 1983 along with 24Keyser. When they were young, they went to school. They didn't like school, and their least favorite subject was math. After finishing school, Keyser5 decided to join the PSA. After he joined, he started fighting against the LEEPB along with the other agents.

In 2010, Herbert destroyed the PSA. After that, like most of the other PSA agents, Keyser5 joined the EPF, for which he still works now. He tried to pass the test 5 times until he finally did it. In 2016, he was invited to join the EQF, as well. He joined.


In 2011, he found the Dojo while he was waddling around Club Penguin. He started training to become a ninja. After he got his black belt, he challenged Sensei in Card-Jitsu. He won after he used a card that made a living sled appear (he had won 2 rounds with cards of the other elements before). The sled scared Sensei and he ran away. Then, Keyser5 became a ninja.

In 2012, Keyser5 adopted a blue puffle called Norbert, and in 2013, he adopted a red puffle called Arr. In 2014, Keyser5 found the Fire, Water and Snow Dojos. After training for some time, he became a fire ninja, a water ninja and a snow ninja.


As an EPF agent, he is involved in fighting Legion of Extremely Evil Polar Bears. He mostly does it by going to the bears' caves and telling them that they smell, which makes them angry, so they will start chasing him, and fall into a hole, while Keyser5 can fly over it with his propeller cap. As an EQF agent, he is involved in fighting The Evil Something.


Keyser5 is an orange Adelie Penguin. He usually wears a red propeller cap and a light blue t-shirt. Also, he sometimes wears a polar bear costume when he is telling the polar bears that they smell.


Keyser5 owns 2 puffles: a blue one called Norbert (not to be confused with Norbert G. Bear) and a red one called Arr. He adopted Norbert in 2012 and Arr in 2013.


  • Keyser5: "Hi Herbert!"
  • Herbert: "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!?"
  • Keyser5: "I came here to tell you that you smell!"


  • Keyser5 lives in an igloo in Club Penguin, next door to 24Keyser.

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