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Start August 2, 2011
Prerequisites Snoss-Castillan War
Location Ninja Archipelago, Calada and Antarctica
Snoss-Castillan War, The Adventures of Piper and Leonardo Welcome to Asgard

Kidnapped! is a survival story of the kidnapping of Clovis Hochstadt, who was thrown in a box destined for Snowzerland. However, Clovis's box is shipped to the wrong place, and he soon found himself in the dreaded area of Doubletown. Having nothing on him except for his pocket knife and his clothes, Clovis must find his way back to his homeland, Castilla, before the evil Kaiser Swiss Ninja tries to recapture him. Along the way, Clovis meets up with Jock and Gottfried, and all three of them get to view a very special event in particular.

Chapter 1: A Small Problem[edit]

SN stomped through the halls of Schloss Devecter, surrounded by his elite RDA Troopers. He approached the door to the bounty hunter's planning room, and slammed both double doors open impressively. The sudden impact of the door hitting the wall jolted Austin from polishing his gun, and he stood upright immediently. Java was also there, notching his gun with a knife. Django was arm wrestling with XTUX, and Johnathan was scowling at them.


Everyone immediently turned around and saluted.

Austin nodded. "Hello, sir."

SN roared at him.


Austin gulped, and the rest of the bounty hunters looked taken aback.

"Listen up. I've been thinking recently, and I've started to scroll over your bank accounts."

Austin looked extremely nervous.

"I'm assuming those 5000 coins spent on Cream Soda definetly helped you catch Clovis, Austin."

SN snarled angrily.

"And you! Johnathan! You spent hundreds of coins upgrading your PanzerGrenader's firearms. They don't even work for me!"

He spun around, and then pointed at Java and Django.

"And Java, seriously. I know your jetpack tends to blow up, but five spares? Really? Look, Django, I'm pretty sure you actually do need more deoderant-I can smell you from here, but...ack. Never mind. Those body product expenses are nescessary."

He paused for a second.

"The whole point is, you guys aren't doing as good as you used to. And you've gotten too comfortable. Remember what happened to Vincent? That can STILL HAPPEN TO YOU."

Austin wondered what he had done to deserve this.

SN pointed at one of the RDA Troopers. The RDA Trooper brought a disk over to the computer, and played it. Immediently, a news broadcast showed up. It showed Piper, Leonardo, Clovis, and several Castillan commandos flying off on a helicopter. And then it zoomed to a picture of one of SN's many statues, defaced and chopped in half.

"LOOK AT THAT!" he screamed.


He paced back and forth, trying to calm down.

"Listen. I want a Hochstadt in three days. Or I'm going to fire a few of you."

There was a cold silence in the air.

Austin nodded.

"Yes, sir. Affirmative."

As soon as SN left the room, Austin threw his gun on the ground in disgust. XTUX smirked.

"I think gun repair is an unnesscessary expense too."

Austin glared at him.

"Okay. Listen up. SN is right. We're losing our touch. And I'm pretty sure we all don't want to get fired. So let's form a plan."

Johnathan nodded.

"I'll dial up my group. Do we want to bring whoever it is dead or alive?"

XTUX quickly interuppted.

"Dead! My office seriously needs a decoration. And I have this nice glass jar which-"

Austin yelled at him in fury.



"Anyway, I think we should do alive. I mean, it's harder and there's more chance of escape, but these ARE SN's relatives."

Django nodded.

"Which one, though?"

Austin stroked his beak and paced for a while.

"Piper is a pest, but he's good at running. Might take us too long. Plus, we don't know his location. Also, we don't want Yilk. Too old. Dave has been on a mission for a few weeks-we have no good intel on him. Gottfried has currently been managing a building project in Alemania. He's not important enough. is well protected. But we know where Leonardo and Clovis are. Fisch is a possibility."

Johnathan interupted.

"Clovis. He's a problem with all of us."

Java agreed.

"Yes. And Leonardo lives with him."

Austin nodded.

"I assume we're all in agreement? Then let's start."

Swiss Ninja returned, overhearing part of the conversation.

Swiss:"I'm back. So you lazy bums finally decided to do it?"

Austin:"We wish to restore our honor, mein Kaiser."

Swiss:"Then, let me show you your exact mission. I believe I overheard you say you wanted to capture Clovis."

Austin:"That's correct, sir."

Swiss:"Yes! I love it when I'm right! (When am I not?) Oh wait, where was I...oh yeah. Clovis. Clovis is a problem to all of us, but he is harder to capture than you may think."

Java:"Inform us."

Swiss:"Clovis lives in the city of Toledo, Castilla, which is located in the heart of the island, about several miles south of the capital city of Metido. The Castillans have learned from the Buckingham Tower attack, and they have learned all of our faces. We are officially banned from the nation when not on planned diplomatic missions."

XTUX:"Ok, well, we could..."

Swiss:"Don't interrupt the Kaiser! I wasn't finished yet! As I was saying, you guys are banned from Castilla. Therefore, I would like to present these fake ID Cards and Passports to all of you."

Austin:"Wow, cool. Are these legal?"

Swiss:"In Snowzerland, yes. It's only legal for special government workers and national secret agents undercover."

Austin:"Well, I don't remember taking these pictures at all. I don't recall ever wearing a fake moustache."

Swiss:"I had another penguin pose for your pictures. You all are in different outfits so you won't be recognized. Java and Django, you will have to put your armor in your suitcases."

Swiss Ninja took out a detailed road map of Castilla and another detailed map of the city of Toledo.

Swiss:"Tonight, you will take the afternoon flight to Metido. From there, you will have to take the bus or taxi to the train station, and get on board a fast train to the city of Toledo. By then, you should be in the city late at night. According to the information gathered by the spies, Clovis's house is here, a few blocks away from the Alcazar."

Austin:"The what?"

Swiss:"Alcazar. It's a giant building in Toledo. It used to be a palace, but it's now just a giant library. It's one of the tallest buildings in that city, besides the Telenacle Cathedral. You can't miss it."

Johnathan:"We can take both Leonardo and Clovis at the same time since they both live together."

Swiss:"Actually, they do not, according to the spies. Leonardo is a Free Puffle who lives on his own in a similar looking home, which is only a few houses down from Clovis's. It's right here, approximately."

Austin:"Ok. Should be bring any specific items with us?"

Swiss:"Yes. Instead of basic Icebullet Guns or deadly laser blasters, I just want you all to carry simple tranquilizer guns that the Puffle Control uses to tranquilize stray puffles."

Austin:"Isn't Clovis a bit too big for that?"

Swiss:"That's why you guys have a couple of these tranquilizers. A couple shots at him shall do. Do I make myself clear?"

All Bounty Hunters:"Yes, sir."

Swiss:"Well then, get into your disguises and head for the airport at 6:30."

Tren RENFE a Toledo.png

Austin, Java, Django, Johnathan, and XTUX (Ben 10002 was doing buisness in Terninia) were soon on their 6:30 Pacifica Airlines flight to Metido. They landed on schedule two and a half hours later, and took the fast train to Toledo, which took about another hour and a half. By the time they reached the Toledo train station, it was 10:30, PM.

Austin:"Wow. These streets are narrow and confusing."

Java:"It is certainly an old Medieval town. At least there are some street lamps attached to the building that give some light."

Austin:"Relax. It's only 10:30. Clovis might still be awake still. Let's strike at midnight. He'll never see it coming.

XTUX:"Fine. Let's find this 'Alcazar' first. It's a library, right? Maybe we can go read something there."

Johnathan:"I think they're closed at late hours."

XTUX:"That is true. I forgot about that."

Django:"Can I take this ridiculous constume off? I want to wear my regular uniform."

Austin:"Go ahead. It's night time. Barely anyone is out by now."

XTUX:"Lets go to a Cream Soda bar or something. I'm sure they have one here."

Austin:"You read my mind. I hear Castilla has their own special varieties of Cream Soda, a different type in each region."

With that being said, the bounty hunters went to the nearest Cream Soda Bar they could find.

Chapter 2: The Kidnapping[edit]

It was 11:55, and Austin and the other bounty hunters were already approaching Clovis's house.

Austin whispered: "Not one sound."

He immediately loaded his tranquilizer gun.

XTUX whispered:"Why?"

Austin whispered:"Night Watch."


Suddenly, through one of the alleyways, two Castillan Soldiers were carrying lanterns and walking around the sleeping town. Usually, the Castillan Soldiers patrol the streets at night and the regular police force patrol the streets during the day.

The bounty hunters immediately went behind an alleyway and a couple trash cans as the two Soldiers passed. Once they were out of sight, they began towards Clovis's home once more.

Austin:"Hmmm. Where does he sleep? We can't just storm in there and shoot him. That would cause too much ruckus and suspicion."

XTUX paused for a second, and started looking around in circles. His eyes phased a strange color of green.

Johnathan muttered under his breath.

"Working with him gives me the creeps."

XTUX turned around and grinned at him.

"Thank you. I heard that. Anyway, I used my radar and X-ray to find the location of Clovis. Clovis is on the third floor, about three blocks away, and Leonardo lives two or three houses down. Clovis is sleeping. Leonardo looks like he's watching television, but I'm pretty sure he's asleep. Must have been watching a documentary or something."

Austin gestured toward Java and Django.

"I would tell you to jetpack up there, but that would be too loud. And we can't just barge into his building."

He stroked his beak and paced back and forth. Johnathan interrupted his pacing.

"I could shoot one of them from here with my sniper rifle."

Austin thought for a second.

"Too risky. Do we have any grappling hooks?"

Java nodded, and pulled a couple out of his backpack.

"Right then. We go three blocks down, grapple up into his window, go across the roof and into Leonardo's through the roof."

Suddenly, a Castillan soldier walked out of the alley about 30 feet away. All of the bounty hunters turned around. The guard looked stunned.

"What the he-...XTUX? He's on the top 6! And that's SN's-"

He instantly pulled out a whistle and blew it three times.

XTUX scowled, and his arm-gun extended.


The shots resounded through the night, and the guard fell to the ground. Shouts were heard from a block away.

Austin glared at XTUX.

"What'd you do that for?!? Now we're screwed!"

XTUX smirked.

"No. We aren't. The first two were bullets. That was for him spotting us. The last one was a mind control chip. Now shut up and get in the dumpster."

He gestured to a large dumpster next to the building. Everyone got into it in around 5 seconds. Just as the last man was in, several soldiers ran up to the now-standing soldier.

The leader of the small group walked up to the mind-controlled soldier.

"Do you know what just happened?"

"Uhh...yeah. I was attacked by a burglar. He was coming down from that building over there, and I saw him and blew the whistle. He shot at me several times, but he was a terrible aim."

"Did you see which way he went?"

"That way."

The mind-controlled guard pointed in the opposite direction of Clovis's building. The captain signaled to his men, and they ran off in the opposite direction. As they left, the bounty hunters climbed out of the dumpster.

"That was close. Too close. Nothing like that can happen again. And we can't go through his window. That would be too loud. Try the roof." Austin muttered.

The rest of the bounty hunters nodded. They slowly crept through the streets, towards Clovis's building. Finally, they reached it. Johnathan walked forward with a grappling hook, swung it a few times around his head, and let go. It flew through the air, then hit the top of the building. Austin cringed as it scraped across the stone roof and then hooked on the roof with a loud clang. Luckily, it did not seem to wake anyone up. The rest of the bounty hunters proceeded to throw theirs also. After about a minute of climbing, they reached the rooftop.

Austin gestured to below them.

"Clovis is right under here. We need to silently drill in, then we all shoot him multiple times."

Django pulled out an air compressor attached to a mini-jackhammer from his inventory. Java slapped him.

"Are you insane? That thing is going to wake the whole block up!"

Austin glared at both of them.

"Look, Django, I appreciate that you want to help, but that thing is just going to blow our cover."

He pulled out a keysaber and started to weld a circle. Johnathan grabbed him quickly.

"Wait. That's going to fall in and be worse then Django's jackhammer."

Austin immidiently yanked it out of the stone roof...and the cut portion cracked and broke. It fell and broke on Clovis's kitchen floor, making a large crashing sound. They heard Clovis mumbling, and his footsteps coming to see what was going on. They also heard the distinct click of a shotgun.

Johnathan swore under his breath. Everyone else just ran up to the hole and stuck their tranquilizer guns through.

Clovis was wrapped in a sheet, carrying a shotgun and squinting.

He looked up. And realized about a second too late that he should pull the trigger.

There was a thump as he hit the floor, with several tranquilizer darts in his back. Austin grinned.

"Boys, our job is done. All we do is strut over to Leonardo's place, give em' the same treatment, and we're good."

Johnathan interrupted him.

"I dunno about you, but I'm not going to carry him all the way back to the boat past all the guards."

XTUX looked happy.

"Can I kill him? One slash with a knife and he's dead."

"No. SN wanted him alive. And even though it would be convenient, I don't think SN wants you knifing his relatives."

Johnathan pointed to a wooden crate with some fruit in it.

"We could just petrify him with Ditto, put him in the box, drag it down to the post office and mark it to Snowzerland."

Austin and Java looked impressed.

"I don't see why not. But throw some clothing in there. SN likes his prisoners to have clothes on-not sheets."

XTUX laughed quietly as he dumped the box's contents on the floor, picked up Clovis with Django, and put him into the box. Johnathan pulled out a staple-gun and shot a couple into the wood.

"There. That should hold him. XTUX, you bring him down to the post office. And don't even think about killing him."


As he departed, the rest of the bounty hunters went back up to the roof.

Austin pointed to a chimney on the next building.

"Okay. What we do is go down the chimney, break through it at Leonardo's apartment, and then go in and shoot him. It'll only take one shot. And we can just stash him in my suitcase."

All four of them quietly leapt off the roof and landed on the other one. Java nearly missed, but Django grabbed his arm before anything bad could happen. Austin grabbed his keysaber from his inventory, then broke the lid off the chimney and slid down. After about fifteen feet, he sliced a hole into the chimney and climbed out.

The four Castillans playing pool in the room he had broken into stared at him awkwardly. Austin was dressed in a black jacket, wearing a ninja mask, covered in soot, and holding a red keysaber. Obviously, that wasn't expected.

"¿QUÉ EL DIABLO?" (What the Devil?)

"¿Qué es ese...?" (What is that?)

"¡Es un ladrón!" (It's a theif!)

They all stared at him. Austin put out his flipper.


Suddenly, a fifth player came from the other door, holding a shotgun.

"Sabe bala, ladrón!", he cried, and then he fired several shells at Austin. Austin managed to avoid being hit lethally, but he was cut badly by shrapnel.

"WHAT IS IT WITH THE SHOTGUNS?!?" he cried, as he jumped back into the chimney, and fell another 20 feet to the bottom. He climbed out of the fireplace into the room... where a male Castillan was hugging his girlfriend.

There was an awkward silence as Austin stared at the couple. Then the girlfriend screamed, and the male penguin ran at Austin holding a cast iron lamp.

"Usted tendrá que pagar para asustar a mi novia!"

Austin yelled in dismay and blasted up the chimney with a jetpack. He burst out of the chimney, and deactivated his jetpack. There were around 6 other penguins at the street, yelling at some soldiers. Johnathan looked at him in disgust.

"Something went wrong, didn't it."

"Look, we got Clovis. We can come back later."

Django smirked.

"Let me guess. You broke into the wrong apartment."

"Shut up and run, will you?!?"

The rest of the bounty hunters activated their jetpacks, and blasted off. They flew low, through the streets. After about five minutes, they managed to hide in a building and change into their disguises again.

Austin called XTUX.

"Well, we failed to get Leonardo. I accidently broke into the wrong apartment. We'll try again tomorrow."

"Oh well. Accidents happen."


He hung up the phone.

At the post office, XTUX grinned evilly.

"Accidents happen to packages too."

He finished scrawling the address on the package.

"Doubletown, Eastshield."

He smirked for a while, and he kicked the box into the package deposit.

XTUX met up with the rest of the group at a hotel.

Johnathan:"I don't think it's quite safe to continue staying here. We will definitely get caught."

Austin:"So what are you suggesting?"

Johnathan:"We should leave before anybody notices anything."

XTUX:"We're not going anywhere until we capture Leonardo tomorrow night."

Johnathan:"But we won't be able to. I bet after what we did to Clovis, Leonardo's home will be heavily guarded to insure that we don't strike again."

Austin:"Johnathan is right. We better do it tonight or leave immediately. It's only a quarter past one right now."

Johnathan:"but the last train leaves at 1:45! We wont be able to get onto another train until 4:00!"

Austin:"Then lets make this quick. Quick, XTUX, find the exact location of Leonardo's house. Meanwhile, find the nearest pet store."

Java:"A pet store? Why that?"

Austin:"To buy a cage, of course."

XTUX:"Found one. Its three blocks down. It will be on your left. I suggest you run."

Java:"Is it open?"

XTUX:"Yes, since it's also a veterenarian office as well."

Java ran to buy a pet cage.

XTUX:"I found Leonardo's right location. He is....or...well....was watching TV. He's asleep by now."

Austin:"Good. Django, go to the train station and buy us our tickets for the fast train back to Metido."

Django:"Yes, sir."

Austin:"XTUX and Johnathan, we will go to Leonardo's right now."

Johnathan:"What is our strategy?"



Austin:"It's the only way. Just watch."

Austin loaded his tranquilizer gun and knocked on the door of Leonardo's home.

There was a pause, and no answer, so Austin knocked again.

This time, Leonardo woke up and asked: "¿Quien esta allá?" (Who's there?)

Austin:"Excuse me, we are but lost tourists who need shelter. Will you please come and shelter us for the night?"

Leonardo ran to the door and opened it. Immediately, Austin shot him down in a second.

Johnathan:"Wow. Great timing."

Austin:"Here. Let's put some duct tape over his mouth if he plans to scream for help....oh, and here comes Java already with the puffle cage."

Java arrived, and Austin tossed Leonardo in the cage and locked it.

Austin:"Good work. Let's head to the train station and get out of here."

The group soon returned to Snowzerland to report to the Kaiser at the Keukenhof Castle. By then, Leonardo was awake.

Austin:"Kaiser! We have captured Clovis and Leonardo."

Swiss:"Yes. I see you have Leonardo. Good work."

Leonardo:"You captured Clovis too??? You fiend! We shall escape!"

Swiss:"No, you won't. Send Leonardo to the prison. This time, you won't be able to escape so easily without your friends!"

Leonardo:"Gah! I'll escape! You'll see!!!!"

With that being said, a pair of Snoss soldiers carted Leonardo's cage away to the prison.

Swiss:"However, the only problem is....where is Clovis?"

Austin:"We mailed his box to you. First Class Mail. Didn't you get it yet?"


Java and Django suspiciously looked at XTUX. Swiss Ninja did the same.

XTUX looked nerveous.

Swiss:"Did....did you mess up the mailing adress?"


Swiss:"Have you made mistakes like this before?"

XTUX:"Once or twice."

Django:"Hey, that's MY line!"

XTUX did not wait a moment longer, and ran out of the throne room, heading for the airport again. Swiss Ninja didn't bother to stop him.

Austin:"Should we help him?"

Swiss:"No. He will fix his own mistake."

However, what XTUX did was not a mistake at all.

Chapter 3:Where am I?[edit]

Clovis was unconcious for a couple days, and did not stir. Meanwhile, his crate arrived in Pengu Town, and was hitched on a train on the Itinerod Circuit. The Train eventually delivered the crate to the city of Doubletown, where it landed at the post office. That was where Clovis woke up.

Clovis:"Ughhhh....Man...Oh shoot! I got kidnapped by those burglars who broke a hole in the must have been those bounty hunters from Swiss Ninja...I must be in Snowzerland, then."

The box was dark and cramped. There wasn't even a single slit of light coming from the crate. Clovis tried to feel around for anything inside the box. All he felt was his clothes lying next to him; his usual jester suit and his hat. Clovis was happy at least for that, since he never liked to leave anywhere without his jester hat. Clovis grabbed his clothing again, and started searching in it in the dark.

Clovis:"Ah, here it is."

In his pants, he felt the piece of metal he was looking for....his Snoss Army pocket knife. Clovis switched open the blade and began cutting the crate open since the sides of the box was made out of thin, cheap wood. Once he cut a big enough of a hole, Clovis got out of the box, still wearing his pajamas. He found himself among a bunch of other boxes and crates in a post office. Clovis looked outside a nearby window, giving a view of the city of Doubletown.

Clovis:"I'm not in Snowzerland."

Clovis immediately ran back to the crate and put on his regular clothes that was with him in the box. Clovis decided to throw away his pajamas since they were strangely dirty and also had several hole punctures in it. Without hesitation, Clovis ran out of the post office and into the streets of Doubletown.

Jock Hochstadt and Piper did not know that the kidnapping occurred at all when they woke up that morning after it happened. Since it was a normal day, they decided to visit Clovis and Leonardo. They first decided to visit Leonardo. Suddenly, they saw many neighbors in front of his residence, many of them talking to each other and concerned.

Jock:"¿Qué pasé?" (What happened?)

Neighbor:"Unos ladrónes....Ellos...." (Some theives....they....)

Jock:"...captured Leonardo?"


Jock and Piper ran into Leonardo's house. The door was unlocked, but there was no sign of any attacks. Everything was still in place.

Jock:"We should tell Clovis...."

Jock and Piper ran to Clovis's house. His door was locked.

Jock knocked.

Jock:"Clovis? Are you there? Clovis! This is urgent! Leonardo has gone missing!"

Piper, thinking smartly, began to climb up the window and into the house. Piper went up to floor three to find the hole in the celing, spilled fruits, and Clovis's shotgun on the floor.

Piper:"Clovis too."

Piper ran to the door and opened it up for Jock.

Jock:"Piper, how many times have I told you not to break into someone's...."

Piper cut Jock's lecture short by saying:"Clovis was kidnapped too!"

Jock:"Oh, no. Wait, how do you know?"

Piper:"Well. There's a hole in the ceiling, and there are fruits spilled everywhere. Clovis's shotgun was on the ground too, loaded. I think it's easy to tell."

Jock:"I'm calling the police!"

Several minutes later, a couple Castillan Police officers and Crime Scene detectives were examining both of the houses. Piper and Jock had to wait the rest of the day before they heard results. By then, a whole group of news reporters and the press were already interviewing the officers on the situation. The Chief of Police of the city of Toledo came to talk to Jock and Piper privately afterwards.

Jock:"So what happened?"

Chief:"Well. It appears that the suspects wielded a large hole into the roof of Clovis's home. The hole was done with complete precision, so it is believed strongly that it was done with a keysaber."

Jock:"Go on."

Chief:"It is also believed from witnesses that day that the victim, Clovis, bought a large box of fruit from the marketplace a day ago. The fruit seemed to be intact, but the box went missing. It was large enough for the victim to be stuffed into."

Jock:"Did you find any blood? What was with the shotgun?"

Chief:"No. Luckily, we did not find any blood. About the shotgun, with the DNA tests, we found out that Clovis was the only penguin holding the shotgun. We are still unsure why he was holding it, but it is a possibility that he was suspicious and heard the suspects approaching his residence."

Jock:"Hmmm. It's obvious who did it, right?"

Chief:"Yes. It is believed that a group of penguins ambushed Leonardo's and Clovis's homes. I'm sure it would have to be those bounty hunters. Anyways, last night, the post office DID recieve a giant wooden crate like the one Clovis had, except that it was bound for Doubletown, Eastshield, not Snowzerland."

Jock:"That's an illegal immigrant town. I've heard that place is where many Snoss outcasts end up. Other penguins are Castillans who are escaping the overcrowding...and there are Ligurians who escaped persecution from gangsters."

Chief:"True. This is quite strange."

Jock:"Perhaps it's a diversion. or a fake."

Chief:"True. It could be."

Back in Doubletown, while walking out of the building, Clovis looked back at the post office to see the sign that said, "Doubletown Post Office". Clovis finally knew where he was, but he wasn't sure why he was in such a peculiar place. It was only filled with illegal immigrants from Snowzerland, Castilla, Liguria, and some other places.

Clovis looked around to see if he could find any sign of a Snoss soldier or a bounty hunter. As far as he could see, he saw none. All civilians. However, he was wrong. XTUX was standing on top of a building nearby, spying on Clovis the whole time.

XTUX:"Now, to end this once and for all! Prepare to die, Clovis!"

XTUX loaded the machine gun in his flipper, and prepared to fire.


Suddenly, bullets started flying at the trees and the sidewalk near Clovis. Clovis ran immediately because he knew that he was being targeted. Some penguins who saw the attack began screaming in fear.

XTUX:"Hmmm. Clovis is a bit more evasive than I thought. Those trees seemed to be in the way. No matter. Let's see him try to dodge these rockets!"

XTUX took out his Rocket Launcher and prepared to fire at Clovis.


Clovis, who was still running, nearly had to jump to avoid the last blast from the rocket. By now, penguins in the city began panicking crazily, fearing that their city was under a terrorist attack.

Clovis:"I gotta get out of this city as soon as possible!"

XTUX:"He's getting away!"

XTUX activated his foot rockets and flew towards Clovis. Clovis looked back in time to evade XTUX from grabbing him, and he ran into a small store.

Clovis:"Hide me!"

Store Clerk:"Vhat isht going on out zhere?"

Clovis hid under the clerk's desk.

Store Clerk:"Get out of zhere!"

All of a sudden, XTUX threw a grenade at the the store window.


The window blasted into several pieces, and the store shelves fell to the floor as if a major earthquake occurred. The store clerk dove into the desk with Clovis.

Clovis:"Aack! I'm squished!"

Then, XTUX threw several grenades into the building, mostly near the walls.


Suddenly, the building collapsed on Clovis and the Clerk.

All they could see was the stone rubble of the building surrounding them. Luckily, the desk withstood the collapse.

Clerk:"Ve're buried! Vee will die! Zis ist zee end!"

Clovis:"No, it's not. We are just going to dig ourselves out."

Clovis and the Clerk began clawing at the rubble; digging their way to freedom.

Clovis:"Almost there...."

Suddenly, a flipper grabbed Clovis and pulled him out of the rubble.


It was XTUX.

Clovis:" crud!"

XTUX:"Time to die, Jester!"

Suddenly, the clerk came out with a ditto gun, and shot XTUX in the face. Sadly, the Clerk could not afford a snowbullet gun, so the ditto one was the cheapest he could afford. Luckily, XTUX backed off and was distracted enough for the two to run into the scared crowd of citizens.

Clerk:"You must leave! Zat robotic penghvin vill keel you!"

Clovis:"I know that, I'm used to this kind of chase. I just want to know how to escape."

Clerk:"Go to the 'Great Leap Forth' paths!"

Clovis:"What are those?"

Clerk:"Nature Paths that lead to Mattress Village. You must hurry!"

Clovis:"I know, I know. So where do these trails begin?"

Clerk:"They start at 'Pedro's Alley'. It's a small, dark alleyway between these two large apartment buildings at the edge of town. Beware, though, because the alley is home to the toughest Latin Antarctican Gang in the city.....Los Toros."

Clovis:"Los Toros? I'm friendly with Latin Antarcticans. After all, I am from Castilla."

Clerk:"They might not like you more for that. Some of them didn't like Castillan rule, so that's why they're here."

Clovis:"Hmmph. Don't worry about it."

Clerk:"Just please...leave, unlucky creature!"

Clovis:"I have a name. It's Clovis."

The Clerk gave Clovis a funny look as he walked towards the alley.

Clovis, who was not expecting much, walked into the alleyway with complete bravery. Suddenly, the Los Toros gangsters, wearing saggy pants and gold chains, jumped out of the trash cans and dumpsters and surrounded Clovis. The leader, who was right in front of him, held his knicicle towards Clovis's throat.

Gang Leader:"Lookie here! This fool blindly stepped into our territory. I think he's hungry. ¿Te gusta los sándwiches de PAIN?" (Do you like PAIN sandwiches?)

Clovis was shaking as he said:"Creo que no..." (I don't think so...)

Gang Member 1:"¡Oye, él está de Castilla! ¡Tiene el acento!" (Hey, he's from Castilla! He has the accent!)

Clovis:"Hey, guys, look, I don't want any trouble."

Gang Leader:"¡Yo veo! Debe muerer!" (I see! He should die!)

Clovis:"¡No por favor!" (No please!)

The Gang leader put the knife closer to Clovis's neck so that it almost touched.

"Thank you, boys."

The Gangsters and Clovis turned around to see XTUX standing there with his flippers folded.

XTUX:"He's MY kill now...."


The Gang leader took out a gun and shot Clovis in the head. Clovis collapsed behind a trash can, and red juice came flowing down the street and into the gutter.

XTUX was shocked.

XTUX:"I suppose he's dead. That's it. I'm out of this stupid town. PEACE!"

With that being said, XTUX left the scene with this foot rockets, and flew back to Pengu Town to catch a flight back to Snowzerland.

Meanwhile, the Gang Leader picked Clovis back up to his feet and handed him a towel.

Clovis:"What...what did you shoot at me with?"

Gang Leader:"Water balloon launcher. It was water with red food coloring. I use this to fake other penguin's deaths. You were lucky that you really weren't killed."

Clovis:"So you were joking about killing me?"

Gang Leader:"No, we were serious about it."

Clovis was speechless.

Gang Leader:"We know who you are, Clovis. We recognized who you were after we saw that Red Penguin. He is one of those bounty hunters, right?"

Clovis:"Yes. How do you guys know so much about me?"

Gang Leader:"This city has many Snoss and Castillan Immigrants. You Hochstadts are the talk of the town, practically. You guys just happen to be very important penguins. We would be hated if we killed you."

Clovis:"I'm on the this is the way to Mattress Village?"

Gang Leader:"Yes."

Clovis:"Man. I don't even have any supplies, except for this pocket knife."

Gang Leader:"Here. Take this Snowbullet pistol. It's useful."

Clovis:"Thank you. I hope we meet again."

Gang Leader:"Please don't get mushy on me. Just take the pistol and get on moving. You'll be fine."

Clovis took the pistol and put it in his pocket with the pocket knife.

Clovis:"Thanks again."

With that being said, Clovis walked into the wilderness on the Great Leap Forth trail."

After several minutes of walking in the trail, Clovis forgot about his troubles and began taking in the serene beauty of nature. In fact, he was so caught up with it that he wasn't paying attention to where he was going. At least the path was the only one to Mattress Village, so he couldn't have gotten lost anyways unless if he went off the trail.

Eventually, Clovis was getting very hungry, for he hadn't eaten for a couple days. His happy-go-lucky trance was over, and now he had to find something to eat and drink. Luckily, Clovis found a small stream right away near the path, and began to lap the water. Once he was done, he began to look for food. He couldn't find any good provisions to catch any fish, so Clovis decided just to eat whatever fruits or vegetables he could find in the wilderness. For the most part, there were only O-Berry bushes, but Clovis knew better not to eat them because a friend told him how bitter and spicy they taste. The only edible (or should I say, "edible") looking berries he could find were these strange, hairy looking green berries.

Clovis immediately shoved them into his mouth. They were very bitter, but Clovis was so hungry that it didn't matter. Unfortunately, these berries were not very safe to eat. They weren't poisonous, but they make other creatures delusional, as if they had drunk ten glasses of Cream Soda.

Soon enough, the delusional Clovis began happily skipping down the road like a schoolgirl. Clovis felt great, and he was very, very happy since he was feeling excellent physically and mentally, not to mention that he was witnessing the beauty of nature.

Three Hours later, after singing several merry tunes, Clovis regained sanity....and suffered a painful hangover. Clovis had to stop and lie down as he had to endure a headache. Eventually, he had to stay the night in the wilderness, so that night, he drank some water from another nearby stream and slept that night under a pine tree.

Clovis felt much better the next morning, but he was still as hungry as yesterday. Clovis knew he would have to find something to catch a fish with. Thus, he began searching the wilderness in search of materials. He was able to find some sticks, but all of them he found were flimsy and easily breakable, and were not fit for being used as a fishing pole. However, since he was off the trail while looking for some sticks, Clovis managed to find a Puffle Trap.

There ahead of him was a load of O-Berries piled on top of each other on top of a bunch of leaves, with a net under it. Clovis decided to prank the trap, so he threw a heavy, puffle sized rock at the trap, and it activated. Clovis cut the trap open so that the net was free from the branch it was tied to.

Clovis:"Good. I'll use these O-Berries as bait."

Clovis went to the stream and casted the net into it. Then, he threw the O-Berries into the water above the net. The fish immediately came, and Clovis pulled the net to catch about four, decent sized yellow fish. He brought them back to where he had slept. Unfortunately, he did not have the materials necessary to build a fire, so Clovis decided to eat the fish raw. Once he finished, he realized where he was.

Clovis found himself in the middle of a very unfriendly cavern. The area did not look as pleasant as it used to anymore. Every minute seemed to host the sound of a screeching animals. Clovis really was deep in the wilderness now.

Then, he heard another sound; the rustling of something in the nearby bushes.

Clovis took out his snowbullet pistol.

Clovis:"Who's there? I'm warning you! I'm armed!"


Suddenly, an angry RocketSnail launched towards Clovis. Clovis immediately fired it, knocking it down to the ground.

Clovis:"Why, it's a wild, untamed, Angry RocketSnail! These species are only found in in the wilderness near Mattress Village! I must be close to civilization!"

Then, a group of Angry RocketSnails appeared, and Clovis began to run for his life down the trail as fast as he could. At least the RocketSnails' Rockets could only go a certain distance before they burned out, and Clovis was lucky enough to evade them.

XTUX returned to Snowzerland in a new glory. XTUX proudly walked into Swiss Ninja's library, where he was having tea with the other bounty hunters.

Swiss Ninja:"You failed me again, XTUX. You did not capture Clovis."

XTUX:"No. I've had enough of him! I had him killed!"

Everyone was silent. The bounty hunters were silent. Somehow, Swiss Ninja did not buy it.

Swiss Ninja:"Where is the body?"

XTUX:" see....I didn't kill him directly...these gangsters did, and I think they have it."

Swiss Ninja:"Oh, what do you think they did with the body?"

XTUX:"I don't know. Buried it?"

Swiss Ninja:"NO! I know Clovis isn't dead. I sense it. Clovis is alive, and in good health too."

XTUX:"No, I saw him die!"

Swiss Ninja:"Search your feelings, XTUX. You know it isn't true. They faked it."

XTUX:"I'm a cyborg! I have no feelings! Besides, how do YOU know that Clovis is alive?"

Swiss Ninja:"First off, those gangsters know who Clovis is. Why would they kill a famed penguin? After all, he is a Hochstadt. Those gangsters would be hated even more."

XTUX:"I am not convinced."

Swiss Ninja:"I am sure also that Clovis's body would have been recognized. I had Snoss spies search the city that day after you left. They reported everything to me. They found that 'blood' from Clovis. It just turned out to be colored water."


Swiss Ninja:"I am Swiss Ninja, the greatest penguin in the Universe! I know my brother. He is a lucky penguin who always manages to escape death from violence. Now, XTUX. Use your head. Where do you think that jester is now?"

XTUX:"I...don't know."

Swiss:"If you were observant, you would have known that alley Clovis was at was the entrance to the 'Great Leap Forth' Trails, that lead to the famed Mattress Village."

XTUX:"Yes, my Kaiser. Shall we move out?"

Swiss:"No. Not yet. Wait until Clovis is at a reachable spot. This time, take the whole gang with you. This time, XTUX, do NOT kill him. I know you sent him to Doubletown to do so. I do not want to see that again. Am I clear?"

XTUX:"Yes, my Kaiser."

Chapter 4:Stolen Hope[edit]

The Great Leap Forth trail eventually gave way to a large series of caves. Clovis found himself wandering in there for hours, finding assorted items on the ground (which weren't of any worth to him) and running into strange, undocumented, and freaky creatures, including a giant ant! He was still terrified from the vicious RSnail attack, so the ant didn't make anything better. Nevertheless, he soon exited the caverns and back into the beautiful nature. He began to feel a lot safer now that the Angry RocketSnails did not want to leave their territory. After he reached the top of a small hill, Clovis could see Mattress Village straight ahead, only a couple miles away. Clovis ran as fast as he could to the village because he was sick of staying in the Wilderness, all hungry and alone.

Clovis walked confidently into Mattress Village. That was when he realized that he had no money on him. It would be impossible for him to go anywhere without money since he couldn't buy food or buy tickets for an airplane, or even a bus. Clovis reasoned that perhaps some penguin would be kind enough to spare him some money to borrow, so Clovis tried asking passerby.

Clovis:"Hi! Can I borrow some money?"

Penguin 1:"Sorry! Too busy!"

Clovis:"How about you? Can you spare me some money so I can make a phonecall?"

The second penguin looked at him with a fierce look of xenophobia and mistrust.

Clovis was downcast and had no place to stay. His home was all the way in Castilla. Clovis walked into the City Library, and decided that he could at least find a solution by reading books about the local area. The Library was was a bit bigger than a regular bookstore, but was very old. Clovis approached the librarian at the desk and decided to ask her about information about the local area.

Gottfried Hochstadt had already finished managing a building project in Alemania, and decided to take a little vacation to Mattress Village. Gottfried wanted to go to the local Library to read the ancient, mysterious books he had heard about. By then, he had already heard about Clovis' disappearance, and was also eventually going to search for Clovis himself after reading those ancient books.

Gottfried entered the library to find Clovis sitting down reading one of the books already.

Gottfried:"Clovis! You're alive!"


Gottfried whispered:"Sorry!"

Clovis:"Gottfried! It's good to see you. Look, I've been..."


Gottfried:"Captured? I know. How are you feeling? Are you starving? Are you thirsty?"

Clovis:"I'm feeling all right. I'm very hungry and thirsty."

Gottfried:"Ok. Come. We will go to a local restaurant and eat to replenish your strength."

The two penguins went to a pizzeria and had a large pizza that they shared.

Clovis:"Yum. This pizza is just great. This definitely beats eating fish raw!"

Gottfried:"It's good to see that you're still in good shape. So you took the 'Great Leap Forth' trail to Mattress Village from Doubletown?"

Clovis:"Yes. I encountered some crazy stuff and had to go through caves!"

While they were chatting, little did they know that they were being watched by a Snoss Agent. The Agent had a residence in Mattress Village, and was dispatched by Swiss Ninja to gather intelligence on the city's culture, importance, history, and especially it's inhabitants.

Snoss Agent:"It's the Hochstadt Jester! So he's here in the city, and the Knight is that Gottfried penguin. I must stop them."

Unfortunately, the Agent did not have any weaponry on him.

Agent:"Hmm. I believe the Gottfried penguin is staying in Oakey's Motel. I know! I will break into his room and steal all of his materials. That way, he will be stranded here."

The Agent left the pizzeria to execute his plan. Once Clovis and Gottfried finished their meal, Gottfried took Clovis back to his motel room.

Gottfried:"I'm staying here at Oakey's Motel. It's quite comfortable, actually."

Then, the two penguins saw that Gottfried's room door had been broken down. They rushed into the room to find that everything was taken.

Gottfried:"My suitcase! My airline tickets! My Passport! My wallet!"

Clovis:"Wait, didn't you take it with you to the Pizzeria?"

Gottfried:"No. I was just using the spare cash I had on me. We're ruined! We're stranded!"

Clovis:"That was how I felt when I found myself all alone in Doubletown!"

Gottfried:"The only thing I have left is my sword.....which I hid in the closet. Funny enough it wasn't stolen....but who would want to steal my stuff??"

Clovis:"The Snoss."

Gottfried:"I have a feeling that it was because of your disappearance. We must leave this town immediately, or else we might get attacked."


Gottfried and Clovis left the motel, after Gottfried checked out. (Luckily, Gottfried paid ahead of time, and he was able to get some of his money back because he wasn't staying as long as he planned.)

Clovis:"We hardly have any money. Do you think we can afford a place to stay and food to eat for a little while?"

Gottfried:"Yes, but we don't need a place to stay. We'll save the money for food and transportation."

Clovis:"That much money couldn't pay for a single airline ticket at all!"

Gottfried:"Yes. But we must give our trust to whoever offers help. Our goal is to reach Polaris. Let's hope they will recognize us."

Clovis:"Actually, let's hope we can get in at all! Polaris is a Special Administrative District now. We might need our passports."

Gottfried:"Ah. Might. Let's hope it's a might, not a for sure thing."

The two set down the paved road of Mattress' Village's "downtown" and sighed as it gave way to dirt. Looking deep into the distance, past the farms and pasture, they saw a stone wall and a gate. From there, towering mountains and forests, along with an unfinished road would lead, after over thirty miles, to Highway One. Even then, it'd be weeks to Polaris, months on foot. They couldn't be stranded in a worse place.

Voice: "*sniffle* Excuse me, did ya'll say somethin' 'bout passports and needin' 'em?"

The two turned around, only to see a tall, dark purple Dorkugese Penguin. He was wearing an uncharacteristic suit, colored a tannish brown, and he had greasy, dirty-blonde hair that was very messy and unkept. As with most of his species, he was wearing heavy, thick coke-bottle glasses for him to see. He was carrying an old leather briefcase, and a worn-out, faded sash was draped over him. It read "POWER OF ATTORNEY". He had the usual nasally voice of his kind.

Voice: "The name's Nate, Attorney at Law. I'm a law-ya. Mah job's excercisin' power of attorney fer creatures disenfranchised or *SNORT* otherwise unable to act as independent creatures in Mattress Village."

Clovis looked at Nate.

Clovis: "Who can't make their own purchases and stuff in Mattress Village?"

Nate: "Puffles."

Clovis: "...............what do you mean?"

Nate: "The laws of Antarctica are rather loose when it comes to puffles. Some extend them equal rights as penguins. Others, like Club Penguin, gots some animal cruelty laws in place. We, however, maintain the 'master' rule that existed back in the Snowman Empire."

Clovis: "...-and that is?"

Nate: "All puffles that don't got a mastuh are classified as wild and can not perform any actions of a penguin. Puffles with a mastuh must have their co-signature on all documents, and only mastuhs can purchase stuff. Puffles can not perform this on their own. In the eyes of Unoian law, they're just animals."

Clovis: "That's absurd! What do you do when puffles come as tourists?"

Nate: "There *sniffle* lies mah job! Puffle tourists sign a 'Power of Attorney' contract that allows me to purchase things and perform actions in their name. I serve as their mastuh for the duration of their stay. It's a brilliant workaround, to be honest. They can do all the things a penguin can do... they just have to go through me. A puffle asks for candy, takes it to the countuh, and then they hand me their money. I purchase the candy, hand it back to them, and walk out. Middleman."

Clovis:"Uh huh. But what does that have to do with us? We're penguins like you."

Ned:"I'm gonna come help ya both take you home. By being you middleman since you two don't have any money."


Gottfried:"Yes, of course! I never knew penguins in this area could be so friendly!"

Ned:"It's my pleasure. So where are we headed?"

Clovis:"Polaris. We have friends there."

Nate:"Is that also where you guys live?"

Clovis:"No. I live in Castilla."

Ned said nothing.

Gottfried:"Let me introduce myself. My name is Gottfried Hochstadt, knight of Alemania."

Ned:"Nice to meet you, Gottfried! I've heard Alemania is just beautiful!"

Gottfried:"It is. This is Clovis Hochstadt."

Ned:"Hi, Clovis."

Clovis:"Hi, Ned."

Ned:"Hey, don't worry, I'm friendly with Castillans despite being Dorkugese."

Clovis:"Ok. Don't you guys have any buses we can take, to say, South Pole City or the nearest airport?"

Ned:"Nope. Not at all."

Gottfried:"Hmmmm. What about that one?"


Suddenly, a quickly growing dust cloud was coming towards them."

Clovis:"Holy Toledo! How fast is that thing driving?"

Ned:"According to my calculations, its going over..."

Clovis:"Forget calculating! Let's not get killed!"

Clovis pushed off Ned off the road along with himself. Gottfried jumped off after them.

The bus stopped right in front of the three penguins, and it's doors opened up to let them in.


A penguin inside the bus was motioning with his mouth not to get on.

Gottfried:"Apparently so."

Clovis:"I don't trust this bus."

The Bus was quite old, for it said on it: ICE KINGDOM AREA PUBLIC TRANSIT.

Ned:"This is a familiar looking bus..."

The driver was an older looking penguin who seemed to have a lot of vigor still left in him.

Driver:"Hi there! The name's Fraz! Can I offer you guys a ride?"

Gottfried:"Yes, desperately, but how much will it cost to ride the Polaris?"

Fraz:"Nothing at all, good knight."

Gottfried:"Then we're coming on board!"

The penguin who was warning Clovis previously now was audibly pleading to Gottfried, saying:"Don't get on this bus! You'll regret it!"

A female penguin named Winoa said:"Albert! Let the Knight, jester, and lawyer make a decision for themselves. They would be cowards to turn the offer down."

Gottfried was not sure what she meant, and did not think that it was of any importance. After all, it was just going to be another bus he thought.

Chapter 5:Fraz and the Conservators Going for a Ride[edit]

The three penguins got onto the bus and took a seat together in one of the empty rows.

Fraz:"So, fellas, do you have names?"

Gottfried:"Yes. My name is Gottfried Hochstadt. I hail from Alemania."

Another female penguin named Deloris said:"You're Got Fried Hochstadt! If what I read is true, you're a member of the infamous Snoss fugitives: the Hochstadt Gang!"

Gottfried:"Uh, no. I am a Hochstadt Gang member, but my name is Gottfried Hochstadt. It's a pure Alemanian name. My parents were only German speaking, and they believed the name fitted me. Try saying it as I do."

Deloris nodded.

Delrois: "Got Fried."

Gottfried:"I SAID, My name is Gottfried! Not Got Fried! What is wrong with Antarctican pronunciation???"

Deloris tilted her head a bit.

Delrois:"Nothing, Got Fried."

Deloris pulled out a book. It was an Alemanian language dictionary.

Deloris:"If what I read is true..."

Gottfried glared, expecting what was coming next.

Deloris:"Then, obeying the Almarian sentence structure and enunciation..."

Gottfried reached for a sword. He stood up.

Deloris:"Your name really is Got Fried, by your people's own langua-"


Clovis:"Alright, Gottfried, I think she got the point..."

Deloris:"You're saying his name wrong, it's Got Fried..."

Gottfried stood up and drew his sword and pointed it at Delrois.

Gottfried:"I DARE you to mess my name up again! I HATE it when penguins call me that! Do you know how annoying it is to have your name being called wrong constantly?"


Gottfried:"See? I told... wait, what? Ok, then. What's your name?"


Gottfried:"Nice to meet you, Rolls-Royce."

Delrois:"No. My name is Delrois. Deh-lore-russ."

Gottfried:"Sure thing, Del Rey."



Clovis:"Break it up, ladies. Gottfried, chivalry, remember?"

Gottfried:"Oh. Right. Sorry, my lady. Please, don't upset me. My name is Gottfried."

Delrois:"Ok, Got mean, Gottfried."

Fraz:"Ok...that was interesting. Who else do we got here? A jester?"

Clovis:"My name is Clovis Hochstadt. I hail from Toledo, Castilla."

Fraz:"Ah yes, Clovis. I read about you in the paper today. I know about your situation. We would be glad to take you and your Knight friend to Polaris for your safe trip back to Castilla."

Clovis:"Thank you, Fraz."

Fraz:"Now, who are you? I usually don't see Dorkugese Penguins travelling around with a Castillan."

Ned:"My name is Ned, sir. I'm a law-ya from Mattress Village. I came to help these here penguins with legal stuff since they ain't got money and passports."

Fraz:"I see."

Jeane:"Wait, why do we need another lawyer on here?"

Fraz:"He wants a ride, Jeane."

Clovis:"So Ned, are you really sure you want to come with us?"

Ned:"Yes. I'd like a little vacation trip once on a while. I don't leave Mattress Village very often."


Fraz:"Buckle up your seatbelts extra tight! We're going to be heading for Polaris!"

Clovis:"But there aren't any seatbelts..."

Fraz:"I was just kidding. Let's get this show on the road! WAHOOO!!!!!"

With that being said, Fraz slammed on the gas and in seconds the bus accelerated from zero to 100 miles per hour.



Ned:"Oooh! Fraz must have really modernized this old bus's engines!"

Clovis:"I hate thisssss already!!!! Stop this thing! Stop it!!!"

Gottfried:"We must be going WAY over the speed limit!"

Fraz:"As I always say, speed limits are for wusses!"


Clovis:"I think I'm going to puke...."

Ned:"This is dangerous!"

Clovis:"You think?"

Albert:"I told you that you guys shouldn't get on the bus. Dad usually drives like this on a daily basis, you know."

Clovis was shocked, and so were Gottfried and Ned.

Clovis:"Well. I wonder why Fraz never got a ticket or arrest- "

Gottfried:"I can't believe you all can survive this!"

Ned:"I can't believe this old bus can stay together so well under all this pressure! And how do the bus's tires seem to survive?"

Albert:"Um.... ok.... just relax. You all will get used to it eventually."

Clovis:"Hey, Fraz!"

Fraz:"Yes, Clovis?"

Clovis:"Can we stop in South Pole City?"

Fraz:"Sure. We are going to be staying there overnight anyways. Tomorrow, we'll arrive in Polaris."


Clovis knew that tomorrow would bring in a very, very wild ride. It made him sick to his stomach.

Fraz:"As I always say, don't worry about tommorrow, tommorrow will worry about itself!"

Back in Snowzerland, the Snoss Agent delivered the news of Clovis's presence in Mattress Village via telephone.

Swiss Ninja assembled the bounty hunters to tell them the latest news.

Swiss Ninja:"All right. So Clovis did survive, XTUX. One of our agents spotted him in Mattress Village with Gottfried."

XTUX:"So he did survive. I guess there is enough proof, now."

Swiss:"Luckily, the agent stole all of Gottfried's belongings, including his passport, wallet, and airline tickets."

Austin:"He won't be leaving the Village too soon, then."

Swiss:"Actually no. Surprisingly enough, he joined Clovis and left Mattress Village with some Lawyer trailing behind them."

Austin:"And they've been gone ever since?"

Swiss:"Yes. That's all we know so far."

Austin:"Any predictions?"

Swiss:"The closest big city is South Pole City, and it's the most logical choice. They might be there very soon. I suppose you guys should go there today and wait until they arrive."

Austin:"Yes sir. We will go there tonight."

Swiss Ninja:"You know what? How about you count me in as well for this one?"


About an hour into the drive, Gottfried, Clovis, and Ned were able to get used to the drive.

Clovis:"Hey, Fraz, don't you get flat tires from driving so fast all the time?"

Fraz:"Yes, sometimes, but we get new ones."

Clovis did not reply.

Gottfried:"You amaze me, even though I personally hate cars."

Fraz:"Are you one of those hippie types?"

Gottfried:"No. I do care about the environment, but I'm more of the old fashioned type."

Clarence:"I could tell..."

Fraz:"So you like the puffle drawn carriages then?"

Gottfried:"For pleasure rides. Buses and cars go good for far distances. At least they can go places off the road."

Fraz:"Heh. Like I always say, when the road ends, just drive on the dirt."

Gottfried:"That is crazy."

Fraz:"Well, it's normal life for me."

Gottfried:"I figured."

It seemed like it was an hour or two by the time the bus reached the city limits of South Pole City.

Gottfried:"We're actually here? Already?"

Fraz:"All that talking makes time fly by!"

Gottfried:"Wonderful. What hotel are we going to?"

Clovis:"Ok...I see a hotel over there. It looks pretty good. Booklin Heights Inn. Perfect place."

With that being said, Fraz made a dangerously fast U-turn on a No U-Turn traffic light and parked at the Hotel Parking lot.

Gottfried:"Ned, would you like to come with us too?"

Ned nodded, and he unboarded. Fraz looked at his offspring, aware that they'd want to stay in the hotel.

Russel:"Dad, we haven't slept in a real building in ages. Can we spend the night here?"

All: "Pleeeeeeeeaaaaassseee?"

Fraz smiled and nodded. The children cheered and uboarded. They all ran over to Clovis and Gottfried and crowded behind him, with Fraz bringing up the rear. They entered.

That night, Ned paid for the rooms for the travellers, and had a good night sleep after going to a nearby restaurant with Fraz and his children for dinner. The next morning, they went to the lobby to eat their free, complimentary breakfast that came with the rooms. Fraz and his children siezed the opportunity by joining them anyways.

Clovis:"Hey, Fraz, you know you're not supposed to be in here. "You didn't upgrade to the complementary breakfast."

Fraz:"So what? It's free food! Like I always say, live for today! Hey, that rhymed!"

Gottfried:"Yes. Yes it did."

Fraz and the others gourged on anything they could eat at what was served at the hotel lobby, acting like it was a buffet.

Eventually, one of the hotel employees became suspicious of this and figured that Fraz was not permitted.

Employee:"Sir, I need to ask you to leave. This breakfast is for Hotel Guests ONLY."

Fraz looked at him, stood up, and laughed a hearty laugh.


Fraz slapped the employee on the back as if he had known him all his life.

Fraz:"Ok. Thank you for welcoming me as a guest to the hotel! You guys are very friendly around here!"

Employee:"No, that is not what I meant! Get out, or I'm calling the police! All of you who are not hotel guests, leave immediately!"

Fraz and his children, except for Albert, left the hotel. The Employee turned to Gottfried, pushing the curly haired penguin forwards to the knight.

Employee:"Is he your son?"


Albert:"YES. YES I AM."

Gottfried:"Yeah. He's my son."

Employee:"Good. For a second I thought you were one of those other guys."

Albert:"No, I'm not their type."

The employee looked at Albert, and at the others leaving.

Employee:"You're all about the same height, age, and you all have black hair."

Gottfried:"Oh, that? He got it from his mom's side, who's-"

Albert:"O-onnn vacation! We're just having some father/son time."

The employee nodded, but he continued looking at them suspiciously as they left.

Albert:"Thanks for covering me."

Gottfried:"You're welcome. Just please don't do that again."

Albert:"I won't."

The three walked to the bus. Fraz was already waiting in the driver's seat, and opened the doors for them.

That was when Swiss Ninja, Austin8310, and the other bounty hunters popped out.

Fraz:"You wouldn't believe who I ran into and needed a ride! It's Austin8310! He happened to be in town!"

Clovis:"You KNOW him?"

Fraz:"He's ridden with me before, yes. He helped me through a rough spot, too. He's a very good penguin, and apparently, a warrior. Like you!"

Clovis and Gottfried looked at each other.

Fraz:"All right everyone, into the bus! We're bound for Polaris and have to be there in less than thirty hours! Time's a-wastin'!"

The jester and knight were extremely nervous as they boarded. The bus was almost full, so all the seats were taken. Austin and his goons took up the first two rows of eight seats, while Clovis and Gottfried went to the back-right half of the end row. The Conservators sat in between.

Fraz called role, and with a shout, they flew off. Everyone was prepared, this time, so it only took a short time to get situated. Peggy, who was in front of the duo, turned around in her seat and spoke in her timid little voice.

Peggy:"Clovis, Got Fr- Gottfried, is something wrong?"

Chapter 6:Swiss Ninja the Bus Driver[edit]

Clovis leaned towards Peggy as close as he could, and whispered:"Those guys are our mortal enemies! They are the reason that we are in this mess..."

Peggy:"Explain further."

Clovis:"Those thugs kidnapped me and sent me to Doubletown. Then, they stole Gottfried's belongings so that we're stuck here. The laywer behind us, Ned, is helping us for legal stuff."

Peggy:"They're working for Swiss Ninja, right?"


Peggy:"But aren't you supporting him?"

Clovis:"NO! We're the Hochstadt Gang! We oppose him!"

Swiss Ninja:"We heard that!"

Clovis lowered his voice, whispering:"Swiss Ninja is my brother, but he's a cold hearted dictator that must be stopped. Our opposition towards him is the reason why he wants to have us captured. Maybe even killed, if he let XTUX take care of us..."

Peggy:"Who's XTUX?"

Gottfried:"Do you see Swiss Ninja right there next to Austin?"

Peggy:"Yeah. He's not hard to miss."

Gottfried:"Do you see the red penguin next to him?"


Gottfried:"That's him. He's a cyborg monster."

XTUX, who heard that, turned around and gave Gottfried and Clovis a nasty look. He shook his flipper at them, swearing that they won't be living very much longer.

Swiss Ninja:"Hey, Fraz! Stop the bus, I need to pee!"

Fraz:"Don't worry. You can hold it 'till we get to Polaris."

Swiss was furious. He was sick of pretending, so he decided to stop the bus himself. He lunged forward out of his seat, with a knicicle in his flipper.

Gottfried was about to get up and stop him when all of a sudden, Fraz made a jolting turn on the bus, throwing Swiss Ninja across the bus.

Swiss:"AAAUGH!!! @$%@!%!!!!"

Swiss Ninja gathered himself together again, and charged at Fraz. Once again, Fraz made a jolting turn and flew Swiss Ninja to the other side of the bus.

Once again, Swiss Ninja got to his feet, and reached Fraz. Gottfried got up and charged at Swiss Ninja, but he was too late. Luckily enough, Swiss Ninja lost his Knicicle when he was thrown around by the bus, but instead, Swiss Ninja grabbed Fraz and threw him off the driver's seat. Swiss Ninja hopped onto the seat for himself, and began driving the bus for himself.


Swiss:"Don't call me that! HOW DARE YOU call me such a peasant like name!"

Swiss Ninja swiveled the bus so that Fraz and Gottfried were flung across the bus like Swiss Ninja had.


Swiss:"I don't care! Bounty Hunters, pin him down!"

The Conservator penguins were shocked at this betrayal.

Austin was still reluctant about betraying Fraz, but orders were orders.

Austin and XTUX grabbed Fraz and handcuffed him, and brought him towards where Clovis, Gottfried, and Ned were sitting.

Clovis:"Uh oh."

Clovis, Ned, and Gottfried got out of their seats, and stood in front of the aisle in single file.

Clovis took out his pistol.

Gottfried took out his sword.

Ned...well...he just took out a sharpened pencil. After all, he was just a lawyer on duty.

Fraz:"Watch where you shoot that, kid."

Clovis:"I ain't no kid no more. I'm Swiss Ninja's brother."


Clovis:"No. I am against my brother's dictatorial ways."

Austin:"Shut your mouth, Clovis. He's not a dictator. He's going to be the greatest ruler in history."

Clovis:"I don't think so."

Clovis was about to fire again, when all of a sudden, Swiss Ninja swayed the bus again to park it at the edge of the forest edged road. It threw everyone standing off balance, but once the bus was in a complete stop, the rest of the bounty hunters got up and joined the fight.

Clovis, Ned, and Gottfried wasted no time to wait until the rest of the bounty hunters got up, for they immediately reached for the bus's rooftop escape and jumped out.

Peggy:"Clovis! Got Fri...Gottfried! Don't leave us!"

Clovis:"Let's run into the forest and hope they get lost!"

Gottfried:"No. We must help Fraz! It is a knight's duty to help the weak!"

Clovis:"But OUR lives are on the line!"

Gottfried:"Exactly. That's what a knight is all about..."

Ned:"How noble. You don't find penguins with that kind of attitude these days anymore."

Clovis:"But I'm not a kn-..."

Austin, who was just stepping out of the bus, was immediately ambused by Gottfried, who jumped on top of him, swinging his sword at him.

Austin nearly got hit, but was able to roll out of the way before he took out his knicicle.

Gottfried:"You with to fight my sword with that small knicicle? You are brave."

Austin:"No. Just determined."

Austin charged at Gottfried, who went into an all out fencing match.

Clovis just stood there for a minute, watching the fight between Austin and Gottfried.

Somehow, Clovis thought he saw his ancestor, Chin Yang in ghost form, standing at the edge of the bus on the rooftop with him and Ned.

Chin Yang:"Clovis. You are an EPF agent! Your job is to risk your life and save civilians too! Clovis, sacrifice has it's rewards. It always does. Go out there, and always be out there for others. Be Resourceful. Be Remarkable. Be Ready."

It seemed as if Clovis had a new air and him, and he took out his pistol and jumped on XTUX's shoulders, who was watching the fight while guarding Fraz with Java and Django Ghent.

Ned joined too, with his pencil, and tried to help Clovis. However, since he had only a pencil, he just decided to draw on Django's helmet, which just annoyed him.

Clovis hit XTUX in the head several times while giving him a piggy back ride. Clovis then jumped off and kicked XTUX in the face in the process, and started firing his icebullet pistol once he reached the ground. XTUX got hit in the flipper, and everyone ducked for cover except for Austin and Gottfried, who were still fighting.

Then, Swiss Ninja came out of the bus with his knicicle. He knew he couldn't get to Clovis without getting shot at, so he threw the knicicle at Clovis.

Albert quickly rolled down the bus window and screamed:"Clovis! Watch oooouuutt!!!"

Clovis saw the knicicle and tried to dive out of the way....but it was too late.

Swiss Ninja's knicicle landed right into Clovis's chest.

Ned:"THIS IS MADNESS! I wasn't hired to be a soldier!"

Gottfried saw this, and he immediately redirected Austin's knicicle strike so that his knicicle flew out of his flipper and landed into a patch of grass nearby. And immediately rushed to the scene, while Austin quickly grabbed his knicicle and followed him.

Ned quickly grabbed the key from the unconscious XTUX's flipper, and rushed to Fraz to set him free.

The Conservator Penguins in the bus cheered.

Suddenly, Clarence pulled out an already loaded snowball machine gun and tossed it to Fraz. Fraz immediately caught it and fired it at Swiss Ninja the bounty hunters who were still standing.


Gottfried and Ned grabbed Clovis and carried him up into the bus quickly. Once they were in, Fraz stopped firing and jumped into the bus, closing the doors immediately. Fraz turned on the engine and drove away as fast as the bus could go.

Even after the bus left, everyone left behind was still ducking under cover just in case.

Swiss Ninja:"Dang! We lost them!"

Austin:"You mortally wounded Clovis."

Java:"Hey, maybe he's dead!"


Swiss:"No. Mortally wounded. Not dead. He CAN die though, if he doesn't receive treatment soon."

Everyone in the bus was cheering the four heroes who saved the day; Gottfried, Clovis, Ned, and Fraz.

At the same time, Everyone became very worried about Clovis.

Gottfried:"Where's the nearest hospital? We NEED to get to one soon! Who knows how long Clovis will make it..."

Fraz:"I'm going as fast as possible. Polaris is the only closest one available that can treat stuff this serious."

Clovis:"Ughh...Gottfried....did...did I fail??? Did we all fail??"

Gottfried:"No. You didn't fail. You pretty much set up the scene for our escape. You should be proud."

Clovis:"Good, good. *painful cough*"

Gottfried:"Let's hurry up to Polaris, Fraz!"

Almost in less than an hour later, Fraz's bus zipped into the Polaris SAD border, and was speedily heading towards Polaris City's hospital. Fraz sped into Polaris city, and abruptly parked at the Polaris Hospital. Gottfried and Ned carried Clovis to the emergency room, and he was immediately sent into the operation room to remove the knicicle that had not been removed.

Clovis woke up two hours later, to find Gottfried at his side, along with Mayor Kratz and Jock Hochstadt, who came to visit.

Jock:"How are you feeling?"

Clovis:"Ok. I survived?"

Gottfried:"Yes. You were lucky. Thank Fraz for driving you all the way to the hospital."

Jock:"Swiss has been really brutal lately. I've been chatting with King Carlos just recently, and we're trying to find ways to reduce this hostility."

Clovis:"Swiss will not comply."

Jock:"We will have to try our best so he does. Next time, he might actually kill one of us."

Gottfried:"That is especially bad. That could mean another war."

Clovis:"Which is what Swiss wants. Swiss wants to wage war to destroy us, so he can invade all of Antarctica."


Gottfried:"Anyways, you're being released in two weeks from now."

Jock:"Good news for you: we returned your passports to you two, and we have planned to go on a vacation to Calada to relax for a bit. I am coming as well."

Clovis:"How nice. Where in Calada?"

Jock:"My favorite province, of course; Crebbec. We're going to be visiting the St. Loirre River areas, and staying in the scenic cities of Montrealm and Crebbec City."

Clovis:"Ah, nice. Those were really nice cities. I still remember them when we travelled all over Antarctica."

Jock:"Yeah, I left before I got to see them. I hear they are like Frankterran cities. So nice."

Clovis:"Ah, at last. Vacation."

Clovis was looking forward for a little vacation, and a bit of some rest from all the political activiy going on. He couldn't wait until he got out of the hospital in two weeks.

Jock and Clovis Crebbec.png

Two weeks later, Jock, Clovis, and Gottfried flew to Crebbec City, Calada, for their vacation. They stayed in a small inn in the old town section of the city, and enjoyed their time there by visiting great restaurants, visiting tourist spots, and chatting. By then, Clovis was recovering very well, and wasn't in bandages anymore.

Chapter 7:The Formation of the AU[edit]

Two weeks later, Clovis, Jock, and Gottfried were relaxing on the balcony of the inn. The inn was on a cliff that overlooked the beautiful St. Loirre River. They were no longer thinking about Swiss Ninja and his possible next attacks. Meanwhile, back at the Keukenhof Castle in Snowzerland, Swiss Ninja wasn't thinking about catching Clovis anymore because he thought he was dead already. The other bounty hunters thought so too. Swiss Ninja was sitting on his throne in the throne room as usual, petting his pet puffle, Ticino in his lap. The other bounty hunters with him were at his side. Suddenly, a random penguin approached Swiss Ninja.

Random Penguin:"Sir, Clovis lives."

Swiss Ninja:"WHAT????"

Suddenly, Ticino the puffle bit Swiss Ninja's flipper.

Swiss Ninja:"Aww @$%@$%^!!! Bad puffle! Bad Mr. Ticino!"

Austin:"Hmm. He must have gotten quality care."

Swiss Ninja:"From Polaris, I bet...."

Austin:"Oh, and we recieved a letter from Sancho Monte Captio."

Swiss Ninja:"Oh, what does HE want?"

Austin:"He says there will be a very special event occuring in the Caladian city of Montrealm."

Swiss:"That's a city known for being a conventional meeting place. I've been on vacation there before. It's really nice to bike around."

Austin:"I wonder what this is about."

Swiss:"Hmm. I don't know. Austin, come with me. You might need to guard me, in case if there is a trap. I have a feeling that Clovis is going to be there."

Austin looked at Swiss Ninja funny, but he knew that Swiss was right.

In Crebbec City, Clovis, Jock, and Gottfried began packing up their belongings so they could check out of the hotel when a messenger knocked on the door.

Clovis opened it, and said:"Bonjour."

Messenger:"Uh...Parlez-vous Anglais?"

Clovis:"Of course."

Messenger:"Ok. That's the only French I know. I have a message from Sancho Monte Captio."

Clovis:"Where is it?"

Messenger:"It's a Verbal one. Sancho invites you to a grand convention in Montrealm in three days."

Clovis:"What is it about?"

Messenger:"That is to be a surprise, Mr. Captio said."

Clovis:"Ok. We will come."

Messenger:"Also, he said that he will pay for your train tickets to Montrealm."

Gottfried:"How thoughtful. Let's go then."

Jock:"Ok. Let me finish packing...and I still need to check out first.."

Montrealm Hotel De Ville.JPG

Three days later, Clovis, Jock, and Gottfried stepped into Le Hotel De Ville de Montrealm, the City Hall. There, they saw Swiss Ninja, Austin, Django, and Java Ghent sitting at a Desk that was marked "Snowzerland" on it. Swiss Ninja, who saw them come in, just started, and did not make a mean face like Austin did. Then, they saw King Carlos Goberna and General Hermosa waving at them, and Jock and Clovis went to the "Castilla" desk, while Gottfried sat at the lonely "Alemania" desk since he was the only represenative for that Colony. Eventually, Queen Hooliana of Batavia arrived, then Flywish of Liguria, The represenative of Magyaria, and the President of Frankterre arrived.

When every representative and leader from all the Ninja Archipelago countries arrived, Sancho came up to the speaker's desk with the microphone.

Sancho:"Hello, Ninja Archipelago leaders and representatives. A special member of your island chain and I have assembled everyone here in this one building to promote peace among the nations, and teamwork. May I welcome Papa Flywish to the stand, who was credited for this brilliant idea."

Flywish:"Thank you, Sancho. Because of some bickering that has occured within the Archipelago, we wish to promote more unity and peace to the community. We all, in this room, have a common goal...and that goal is to take over the USA, right?"

Swiss Ninja yells:"YES!!!"

King Carlos yells:"YOU BETCHA!"

Flywish:"Uh huh. But fighting each other will get us nowhere. In recent months, another country has caught our attention, and has been an annoyance to us all."

Swiss Ninja yells:"WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY????"

Flywish:"We must unite as a Union, that will be politically and economically important."

Clovis:"So....we will form the Ninja Archipelago Union?"

Flywish:"Yes. Just simply called the Archipelago Union, or AU for short."

Jock:"I don't want to be working with Swiss Murderer Hochstadt."

Flywish:"Uh...well...get over it. We must work together as a team to reach our goals."

Swiss:"That's impossible! I would hate to congregate with all these fools every time...."

Flywish:"That is why, every nation and colony within the Archipelago MUST have two represenatives for the AU Council."

Swiss:"Where will they meet? I propose Zurich, Geneva, or maybe Boorlin."

Flywish:"To avoid conflict, we are putting the AU capital in Frostize city. The Republic of Frostize shall also be one of the only outside of the Archipelago nations that will be in the AU because of the Capital."

Sancho:"Can the Polaris SAD or Calada join because of their help?"

Flywish:"We will consider that at the first official meeting in Frostize next monday. By then, all of you must have your two Represenatives who will be debating and making decisions for the AU. Political Leaders of the countries are not to be involved with the Union, but they may plea to the Represenatives for whatever you request."


Swiss Ninja covered Austin's mouth, and told Java and Django to drag him outside and keep him there until the meeting was over.

Swiss Ninja:"I'm sorry, friends. I will accept to this Union, and will be glad to have this occur. May we conquer all to stand in our path, with NO MERCY!"

Everyone looked at each other for a minute, but then, King Carlos raised his flipper and said:"YEAH! FOR THE AU! TOGETHER WE FIGHT AS ONE!"

Everyone else raised their flippers as well, and chanted:"TOGETHER WE FIGHT AS ONE!"

So it was agreed by everyone; the Archipelago Union would be formed to promote peace among the Archipelago and Teamwork.

Nevertheless, Swiss Ninja, being as selfish and egotistical as he was, only agreed to this because most of the islands in the Archipelago already were under his control. Swiss knew that his representatives would have more influence over the Union. He was right, too....but no one seemed to notice, naïvely.

As everyone began to leave, Swiss Ninja walked over to Gottfried for a moment.

Swiss:"May I have a word with you, Knight of Alemania?"

Gottfried:"Yes, Kaiser. What is thy bidding?"

Swiss:"You will NOT be the representative for Alemania in the AU Council in Frostize. I already have two loyal, non-Hochstadt Gang subjects that have been nominated for this position."

Gottfried:"I understand, Kaiser."

Austin did not get back to talking with Swiss Ninja until they were back in the limo that was going to the Airport.

Austin:"Great! Now we have to be friends with the Hochstadt Gang!"

Swiss Ninja:"Who said that?"

Austin:"Uhhh....You agreed with Castilla that you two would join together in the AU! TOGETHER AS A TEAM!"

Swiss Ninja:"So? That doesn't mean I can't continue capturing Hochstadts. I just can't interfere with King Carlos. You know."

Austin:"But Castilla? Really? They're our ENEMY!!!"

Swiss Ninja:"Stop acting like I'm stupid! I'm not! I have plans, you know! Evil plans!"

Austin:"What are they?"

Swiss Ninja:"The AU consists of two represenative from every island in the Archipelago."


Swiss:"Have you forgotten who owns most of the islands in the Ninja Archipelago?"



Swiss slapped Austin with a fish in his annoyance.


Austin:"Sorry! I thought it was Castilla!"

Swiss:"Don't you know that's a place called Latin Antarctica???"


Swiss Ninja shook his head.


Suddenly, the Limo came to a complete stop.

Swiss:"HEY! DRIVER! WHAT THE #$%@# HAPPENED???? We're not at the airport yet!"

Driver:"I'm sorry sir, but we've got traffic! This is a busy freeway..."

Swiss:"I don't care a single #$%@#^# about freeways! @#[email protected]$%@!!!!"

Swiss Ninja lowered the window next to him and stuck out his head and his flipper and began shaking his flipper at the drivers in front of him, and he began shouting:"HEY YOU #$%@# PENGUINS! FOR THE LOVE OF SWISS NINJA, PRESS THE #$%@# GAS PEDAL! DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM???"

Austin:"'s Traffic..."

Swiss:"NO! NO! NO!!!! SWISS NINJA NEVER SITS IN TRAFFIC! These idiots don't know who I am!"

Swiss Ninja got out of the limo, and walked down the freeway past several cars to the problem, which happened to be a two car accident. Luckily, nobody was hurt, but it appeared that both penguins who crashed into each other were gang rivals. Being in Montrealm, the two were screaming their heads off each other in French. Swiss immediately saw that the two cars weren't terribly damaged, and that one guy's rear bumper had been moderately scratched.

Swiss thought:"And they stopped traffic because of THIS???"


Penguin 1:"Hey, go away, @#%^@#$ Ninja!"


Penguin 2:"You're a @#$%#@?? That's what you are!"

Swiss Ninja pulled out his gun and shot the penguin down.

Penguin 1:"Woah. Good job, @#$%% Ninja!"

Swiss Ninja shot the other penguin as well.

Swiss:"Good. Problem solved."

Austin, who heard the noise, ran to the scene.

Austin:"What did you do?!?"

Swiss Ninja:"Those two penguins were holding up the traffic. I just came to stop their fighting so we can get on with our lives."

Austin:" just made the traffic even longer! Now we have to wait until someone gets rid of their bodies and their cars!"

Swiss Ninja:"Aw, darn it. Oh, wait.... Heheheheheheh...I have an idea."

Swiss Ninja ran back to the limo and took his belongings out of the trunk.

Swiss Ninja then ran back to the scene and stole the car keys from one of the dead penguins. Swiss Ninja threw his stuff in Penguin 1's trunk and jumped into the driver's seat.

Swiss:"Come on, Austin. Tell Java and Django to take the other car. Oh, and also tell the limo guy that I won't be needing his service anymore!"

Austin hopped in, and Swiss Ninja ignited the engine and zoomed down the empty freeway in front of him and a backed up traffic behind him.

Meanwhile, Gottfried returned home to Alemania, while Jock, Clovis, General Hermosa, and King Carlos went back to the Castillan capital city of Metido for a special ceremony to honor the formation of the AU.

A whole celebration began in front of the King's Palace, right in front of the large flagpole that proudly flew the flag of Castilla.

Fans and adoring citizens stood behind the metal crowd gates, waving Castillan flags in honor of this event.

King Carlos:"Hola, todos. ¡Hoy, somos El Unión Archipelago! Juntos con Nievezertierra y otros países, somos este Unión. ¡Viva Castilla y El Unión Archipelago!" (Hello, everyone. Today, we are the Archipelago Union! Together with Snowzerland and other countries, we are this Union. Long live Castilla and the Archipelago Union!)

With that being said, King Carlos handed Jock Hochstadt a piece of red fabric.

King Carlos:"Abra la bandera, Jock." (Open the flag, Jock.)

Jock carefully unfolded the flag in front of the crowd, to reveal that it was a picture of a happy looking creature surrounded by golden colored designs.

Jock hung the flag on the pole, and began to rise it up until it flew below the flag of Castilla.

Flag of Ninja Archipelago Union.png

King Carlos:"¡Esta es la bandera del Unión Archipelago!" (This is the flag of the Archipelago Union!)


The crowd was easily impressed, and they were very happy to know that they would be allying with Snowzerland from this day forth, instead of fighting them in another unfavorable war.


Thus, Clovis returned home safely, and the Archipelago Union was formed. Everyone knew that this would be a monumental step for the Ninja Archipelago, and they hoped that together they would be more peaceful with each other as well as working as a team to reach their goals. Nevertheless, Swiss Ninja would continue to get into arguments with Castilla, and he would definitely attempt to capture the Hochstadt Gang once more.