Kim Il Sunguin

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Kim Il Sunguin
The Juche Socialist who seeks destruction of the USA.
Title 김일성, Kim Il Sunguin
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Bad
Health Decent.
Level "Heavenly"
Status Eternal President
Location Pyongchang, North Joseon
Birth date April 15
Occupation Politician, Dictator
Interests Power, communism, Juche idealism, politics, urban development, economics, military, nuclear weapons
Friends Feey1 Pie, Bolsheevic Penguinsky, Jong Arnold, His Generals
Enemies King Carlos Goberna, Billybob, Polo Field, Clovis Hochstadt, Leonardo di Tremezzo, Political Dissenters
Archetype Antagonist

Kim Il Sunguin, known in Korean as 김일성, is the charismatic founder and current leader of North Joseon. He is considered the Island's hero for liberating the island from cruel Japalandese rule. He is known for also being the founder of the Juche idealism, a form of communism that was influenced by Bolsheevic Penguinsky.


Kim Il Sunguin's early history is vague; much of it was discovered from the information given by the odd Sapie Brothers, who had visited the penguin before. Kim Il Sunguin was born on April 15, 1912 as a Human in what is believed to be the Northern Hemisphere of Earth. Legend there has it that he had died on July 8th, 1994, but Kim Il Sunguin tells a different story. Apparently, on that day, a huge double rainbow appeared in the sky, and it seemed to beckon him to it. Kim Il Sunguin, who was then just known as Kim Il Sung, made his son in charge of his country. Kim Il Sung rode the rainbow and disappeared high above the earth and soon landed in what was Joseon Island in the Asiapelago, then still occupied secretly by the Japalandese. Shocked at how his whole life had turned turned back to an earlier era but with penguins, Kim Il Sung made a decision to help the island of Joseon, just as he had helped the land known as "Korea". In most history textbooks in North Joseon, they say that Kim Il Sung magically transformed from being a Human to a Penguin because of his pure awesomeness, but historical documents have proven against his propaganda. In reality, because he was a human, the Japalandese captured him, and they eventually sold him to a bunch of North Alemanian scientists. To his luck, the scientists told him that he would undergo a major scientific experiment: he would be transformed into a Penguin. The advanced technology that the North Alemanians used were of high quality and were formerly built by STINC scientists. In addition, the old STINC scientist leaders, Blary and Xary, had also taken part in the experiment project. Kim Il Sung's experiment turned out to be a complete success; he transformed from being a human to a blue colored penguin. From then on, Kim Il Sung added a -guin to his name, and he hastily returned to Joseon to fight the Japalandese covertly and acquire supporters for the Joseon Communist Party. However, Kim Il Sunguin's Joseonean resistance army was outmatched by Japalandese firepower, and Kim Il Sunguin eventually fled to East Pengolia in late 2009 with the help of two sympathetic East Pengolian tourists. Under the watchful eye of Bolsheevic Penguinsky, Kim Il Sunguin developed his army and skills, and in 2010, Kim Il Sunguin invaded the Northern portion of Joseon Island with East Pengolia, while the USA unexpectedly invaded the South. East Pengolia happily established Kim Il Sunguin as North Joseon's leader, and Kim Il Sunguin established the Workers Party of Joseon, which followed the self-invented idealism of Juche; Juche stressed the self-reliance of North Joseon's society, development, military, and economy. Kim Il Sunguin made great efforts to turn himself into a cult of personality where he would be worshiped as a diety. In 2011, Kim Il Sunguin had developed his army enough to invade South Joseon, and he nearly conquered the whole island before USA, Puffish, and Batavian opposition. The enemies nearly invaded all of North Joseon, but help from Zhou and East Pengolia had helped to restore the original border. The aftermath of the Joseonean War destroyed the capital cities of both sides, and it led to massive rebuilding. Kim Il Sung oversaw the construction of a new palace for himself, and he personally hired East Pengolian architects to rebuild Pyongchang. In 2013, Kim Il Sunguin established an alliance with the Yow Kingdom, hoping to evade international sanctions and to hopefully rise as a powerful nuclear state. Kim Il Sunguin has also been increasing his distaste against the USA and several other countries in the Ninja Archipelago, vowing to wage war on them and to bury them in nuclear bombs.


Kim Il Sunguin is very intelligent and social. He enjoys making public speeches to his citizens, and he often makes visits to schools and hospitals of the privileged class of Intellectuals in North Joseonean society. Kim Il Sunguin reacts harshly to criticism, and he is known to execute anyone who opposes him by sending them to prison camps or by Deletion firing squad. During his spare time, he likes to eat fresh lobsters that are imported from Rusca or Zhou with a large mug of imported Cream Soda from Frankterre. Both foods mentioned are unavailable to the common citizens, though Kim Il Sunguin doesn't seem to care. Kim Il Sunguin enjoys annoying the USA and its allies with infinite rounds of threats that no one can predict to become true.


Kim Il Sunguin is the founder and leader of North Joseon, the most secluded and isolated country in the Antarctic. He lives in extreme luxury and has brainwashed his citizens to worship him from birth. He is known to crush anyone who opposes him in brutal concentration camps around the country. Kim Il Sunguin was mentioned in EPF Agents 2, when the Hochstadt Gang came to rescue Gottfried's girlfriend from his captivity. Kim Il Sunguin had purchased Gerda from another criminal organization in Frankterre so that she could be a FORCED player for his son, Jong Arnold. In the end, Kim Il Sunguin lost her, and his failure was censored by the North Joseonean government.


  • "The way to peace is on the tip of a bayonet."
  • "The most important thing in our war preparations is to teach all our citizens to hate Antarctican imperialism. Otherwise, we will not be able to defeat the Antarctican imperialists who boast of their technological superiority."



  • Kim Il Sunguin has been accused by the UAN Security council for Penguin Rights violations, though the North Joseonean delegate denies all the claims made against him.
  • Kim Il Sunguin is said to be immortal.
  • Kim Il Sunguin is said to be a wizard at basketball, and he hates losing.
  • Some claim that he can fly, but this is unproven.
  • His son is Jong Arnold, but he never met him until 2009.

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