Kim Karkrashian

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Kim smirking for the cameras with her signature purple coat.
Title Kim
Gender Female
Faction The Bad Guys
Birth date October 21, 1980 (1980-10-21) (age 39)
Occupation Model, Socialite, TV Personality, Actress, Store Owner, just about anything you can get famous for
Nationality Antarctican

Kimberly Holly Karkrashian, also known as Kim Karkrashian or Kim K, was born October 21, 1980 in Beverly Hills, Penguifornia. She's famous for her good looks and for being close friends with many popular stars. The general public has no idea how she has stayed in the limelight for so long. After she rose to fame, a reality TV show was made about her and her family known as Keeping Up With The Karkrashians. Some also try to make it known that subliminal messages are used to make fans absolutely adore her, but her lawyers have tried nonstop to dissipate those "rumors". She has been married to Omar Grest since 2014, and is using his popularity to gain influence.


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Early Life[edit]

Kim was almost born on a route to fame, since she grew up in a prestigious area, such as Beverly Hills. Along with that, her father was the founder of a wealthy movie and music marketing company and an attorney. Her mother, a boutique shop owner and a TV personality, was already a celebrity herself. After her father died, she remarried and had two more children who grew up to be just as famous as well.

She grew up alongside many other famed members of penguin society. In school, she wanted to be the most popular penguin. She constantly started drama in any way she could, dating all the cool boys and staring in talent shows hoping to get scouted by a talent agent. Kim even tried going into journalism, just to get her face in the paper. She began acting and auditioning, blogging and vlogging, anything to get someone to remember her face and name.

Riding the Road to Fame[edit]

Kim got immense plastic surgery to her face to make herself look... well, more appealing. With the drama in a swirling frenzy in her mother's and her life, the media flocked like vultures to fresh prey to the Karkrashian estate to get her to do interviews and poses for their shows. Of course, Kim accepted, as she would do anything for another bite of fame. The media saturation earned a preposterous amount of fans and views, along with haters. She didn't really care because on her terms, she'd be the owner of the Antarctica very soon.

Kim's head began to metaphorically swell as all the fame went to her head. Her thirst for Antarctica domination grew into world domination to solar-system domination, galaxy domination to universe domination. She traveled all over the world starting as much controversy as she could so people could take her side and care about every little thing she did. She even resorted to subliminal messaging. Kim knew she was close to conquering Antarctica, until a few penguins decided to leak some of the aforementioned subliminal messages onto the internet. Those penguins banded together, wanting to stop Kim's soon-to-be reign of tyranny before it even started. Kim was not going to let that happen.

The Chicks[edit]

Soon after, Kim abducted recruited three chicks for her followers and had her sisters train them to be "Mommy's little villains". They went on many journeys together, two to accomplish a lifetime goal. But who can trust Kim? She promised them two things they'd stop at nothing to achieve, but Kim has her own agenda. Whether or not she'll fulfill her promises and do her end of the deal is yet to be seen.

She used them to her advantage, stopping her haters and opponents in their tracks. She used Eloise's powers to stun her opponents and used Charlotte and Pal to eliminate them. With their aid, she'd be unstoppable. The KKF and the AKKF are equally well matched enemies with the AKKF's assassins and the KKF's androids and murderers.

Current Life[edit]

Kim sits upon her metaphorical throne of also metaphorically blood-thirsty fans alongside her two sisters, Kaitlin and Kolette. She makes sure that everything she does gets enough recognition to air on television at least 1,000 times, which she doesn't have to try very hard to do. She currently runs the KK clothing line, a successful reality show with Charles Maniaca von Injoface, and a Chitter account with a rapidly growing amount of followers.

Kim, behind closed doors, wants to take over the universe with the aid of hired and/or mind-controlled assassins and spies which is why she has kept her fame for such a long period of time.


  • Her name is an almost obvious play on Kim Kardashian, since she's a close to loose parody of her.
  • It's suspected Kim was the previous wielder of Havoc, due to when she's in battle, which is rare, she shifts to her true form and gains a lot of the speculated psionic powers Havoc has.


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