Kim Karkrashian's Followers

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The KKF insignia.
Name The KKF
Type Secret group of psychopathic control-freaks.
Location Members can be and meet anywhere
Head Kim Karkrashian
Job Attaining universe-domination
Members Deranged penguins and mind-controlled innocents
Headquarters The Karkrashian estate

Kim Karkrashian's Followers, better known as The KKF, is an evil group bent on taking over the universe. They mainly use normal penguins to their aid or their hypnotist, Eloise, to interfere with TV signals to put in subliminal messaging to take over the minds of average civilians. Their sworn rival group is the Anti-Kim Karkrashian Followers, or the AKKF. Much blood has been spilled because of their well-matched battles which normally results in changing nothing.

Kim Karkrashian's Followers are extremely loyal to their leader. Lots has happened within the thick walls of this prestigious and almost unnoticed association, including betrayal. Young Camille who was once a follower of Kim's helping build machines and equipment realized what she was doing was wrong. She was killed by Kim after a long and well-matched duel. It is rare to know someone who has came and gone from the KKF as the word is once you're in, you never come out.


The KKF was founded before the year 2000, sometime after Kim started rising to fame. She was popular on the internet and went on many talk shows and variety shows, which made her famous. Wanting more power and fame, she decided to conquer the entire continent, and gathered a bunch of loyal followers. The membership kept expanding as she became more popular, and the organization became more technologically advanced and developed robotics and forms of mind control and manipulation. This allowed Kim's followers to kidnap people and brainwash them into following her.



Head Assassins[edit]









There are many people allied with Kim who carry out her plans unwittingly. They are locked out of the loop.


Some members of the KKF have realized that Kim is not worth following. Unfortunately it usually doesn't end well for them.