King's Figment

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King's Figment
King's Figment cover.PNG
Studio album by Nebulent
Released November 7, 2016
Recorded August 2014—November 2016
Genre Hip hop
Length 64:41
Label Music Industry • Impact
Producer Nebulent (exec.) • Brian Benjamins • DJ Crow • Donjon • D.E.S.T.I.N.Y. • ID Kard • Il Grinta • Mickey Mau • Nardawar • Omar Grest • Ripe Pineapple • Simpleflare • Skyman • SKT and Destroy • Terry on the Track • Wazhi Beats
Nebulent chronology
The Return of Nebulent
King's Figment
Singles from King's Figment
  1. "UTOOSA"
    Released: August 2016
  2. "Living Lavish"
    Released: November 2016
  3. "Life on the Throne"
    Released: January 2017
  4. "Crown"
    Released: April 2017

King's Figment is the fourth studio album by Terrain rapper Nebulent. It was released on November 7, 2016 exclusively on Peach Music by Music Industry and Impact. It comes five long years after Nebulent's comeback album The Return of Nebulent (2011). Nebulent had planned to release three albums between this space of time but put releases aside and went into the shadows again after his continental tour. During the time he put out a variety of non-album songs which never led to any output of a project. Thus, King's Figment is yet another rare, long-awaited Nebulent album. It follows the loose concept of royalty, metaphorically being King Nebulent of the Rap Game.

Four singles were released in promotion for King's Figment – the lead single "UTOOSA" featuring DJ Crow, followed by "Living Lavish" featuring Omar Grest, "Life on the Throne" featuring Joe-Q and "Crown" featuring Nyninyne and Flurry Lyne, after the release of the album.

Track listing[edit]

No. TitleWriter(s)Producer(s) Length
1. "Kingdom"  Marlon Anderson, Erik Fletcher, Kevin Crowe, Kenny BartolomeiD.E.S.T.I.N.Y. 3:48
2. "Crown" (featuring Nyninyne and Flurry Lyne)Marlon Anderson, Harrison Harolds, Eleanor Hunt, Brian Patterson, Rolando MunozBrian Benjamins, Nardawar (co.) 4:00
3. "Life on the Throne" (featuring Joe-Q)Marlon Anderson, Shawn Cooper, Nathaniel Falak, Maximus DaleSKT and Destroy, Il Grinta (add.) 4:14
4. "Living Lavish" (featuring Omar Grest)Marlon Anderson, Omar Grest, Jamal Reymond, Darryl GrahamDonjon, ID Kard, Omar Grest (co.) 4:44
5. "Mirage"  Marlon Anderson, Mickey MauvilleMickey Mau 3:51
6. "Family Tree"  Marlon Anderson, Terry WellsTerry on the Track 4:57
7. "Your Royal Highness" (featuring Young Wade)Marlon Anderson, Dwade Johnson, Winston MilesIl Grinta 5:05
8. "Imagination"  Marlon Anderson, Wazhar DouglasWazhi Beats 3:40
9. "UTOOSA" (featuring DJ Crow)Marlon Anderson, Crow Smith, Mickey MauvilleDJ Crow, Mickey Mau (add.) 4:09
10. "No Rush"  Marlon Anderson, Jamal Reymond, Chester WoodsDonjon, Simpleflare (co.) 4:20
11. "Night Time Renaissance"  Marlon Anderson, Jerry WebberSkyman 5:29
12. "Fortress"  Marlon Anderson, Derek GreeneRipe Pineapple 3:30
13. "Guard Down"  Marlon Anderson, Chester Woods, Brian PattersonSimpleflare, Brian Benjamins 4:10
14. "The Powers That Be"  Marlon Anderson, Jamal Reymond, Brian PattersonBrian Benjamins, Donjon (co.) 3:52
15. "Heir"  Marlon Anderson, Wazhar Douglas, Jamal ReymondWazhi Beats, Donjon (co.) 4:34
Total length:


Chart positions[edit]

Chart (2016) Peak
UnitedTerra Albums Chart TBD
CP Albums Chart TBD
Antartican Hot 100 Albums TBD
Freezeland Albums of 100 TBD
Tel Ah Phon Albums Chart TBD
Pengolian Albums Chart TBD
Puffle'and Bouncin' 100 Albums TBD
Dorkugal Albums Chart TBD
Swiss Ninja's Top Hits Chart TBD
Los Hits Calientes Castellanos TBD
Les Hits d'Aujourd'hui de Frankterre TBD
Greatest Shops Hits TBD

Sales and certifications[edit]

Country Certification
Club Penguin
Tel Ah Phon

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