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The Tenth King of the Emperor Penguins
That's him.
Reign January 12, 2009 - Present
Coronation January 12, 2009
Full name King James "KingH10" Smith Jacknos the Tenth
Titles LordH10, Lord KingH10
Born 11:59:59 PM August 19 1979 (local time)
Birthplace On a cloud city in the Air Kingdom of Olde Antarctica
Heir Prince James "KingH11" Smith Jacknos the Eleventh
Consort Queen Amy "Amgirl" Katie Jacknos Sr.
Offspring Prince James "KingH11" Smith Jacknos the Eleventh & Princess Amy "Amgirl 2" Katie Jacknos Jr.
Royal House House of Jacknos
Royal anthem Big Time Rush
Royal motto Emperor Penguins Rule!
Father James "KingH9" Smith Jacknos the Ninth
Mother Isabella "Izzy" Sally Jacknos

KingH10, full title King of the Emperor Penguins, James Smith Jacknos X (hatched August 19, 1979 (1979-08-19) (age 40)), is the first ruler of Emperorlands, who also styles himself as the (Tenth) King of all Emperor Penguins. He is a privileged entrepreneur, having created his own country, video game and television show, and is known for the many jobs he takes on.


King10 was born on Cloud City 3 in the Air Kingdom of Olde Antarctica. When he lived in Olde Antarctica during his youth, he dreamed of going beyond the sky, to the stars and the Moon (which he would in due time). During the Colonial Antarctica era, his family moved to the Emperor Penguins Colony, where a small village was developing. His parents let him leave home on the first day of the millennium (2000) as a New Year's present and a present to be happy about the new life. He then flew to:

King eventually settled on South Pole City, with a holiday house in New Club Penguin.

He then met a beautiful girl named Amy and they got married. Their first chick, a boy, hatched about a year later. He did some market research, and found that if he put his holiday house on a private lease, then sold it, he could get twice the money he spent for it over 6 months. So, he did that to make a profit, before living a quiet life for a time in South Pole City. About 7 years later, he found out he could break the Fourth Wall and joined the BoF. He then bought Melvin and the Puffles and started recording demos.


He did some more travelling, and flew to Club Penguin again and bought a diving suit. He asked the Hydro Hopper boat driver if he could take it out for a little explore. He stopped around 100 kilometres west of Club Penguin, then put on his diving suit, and plunged down into the depths of the sea. He had heard of a land under the sea, and he wanted to find if it was real. It was. He called the land "Emperorlands". He soon colonized it. A couple of days after it's independence, he started Emperorlands Airlines.

Later life[edit]

KingH10 wanted to make his own online game. He then asked G and Amgirl to help him create a virtual world. A month later, Boptropica Islands was up and running. A few days later, KingH10 wrote a few scripts for his new series, The KingH Family. He got a few cameras and started filming. On the second day of the new year, it was finally broadcast on Emperor TV. He then joined the MMK and was quickly promoted to Teacher's Assistant.


KingH10 has quite a lot of jobs. Here is a list of them.

  • Actor (Part-time, The KingH Family)
  • Artist (Full-time)
  • BoF Department of Mathematics and Department of Rollbacks Worker (Full-time)
  • Comedian (Part-time, PengTube)
  • Director (Part-time, The KingH Family)
  • King of Emperorlands (Full-time)
  • Script Author (Part-time, The KingH Family)
  • Spy (Full-time, EPF)


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