King Akuma

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King Akuma

He may look Mary Sue, but he is evil. He is mortal, so hooray.
Born Unknown
Somehow, 15,000 Years ago (making him 15,000 years old)
Gender Male
Nationality Unknown
Ethnicity High Penguin
Occupation Well, same as notable works
Notable works Murder, Hostage taking
Home town Unknown
Term Demented creature
Opponent(s) Every nice creature
Children Chimera, Cerberus
It is coming...

Akuma, or as many call him King Akuma, is a twisted, and sick High Penguin who claims to be from a parallel universe. The demented High Penguin is basically Darktan in his universe. Apparently, he landed in Antarctica, in the Fanon Universe. At that same time, he was 14, and left for a school within that universe. Today, he has two demon chicks.


Among the many villains, his life is shrouded in mystery. While many debate where he actually came from, Akuma has stated in an interview, that he comes from the Cetus Galaxy. He claims that the universe is in the same year of the Fanon Universe, but mostly everything there seems to take place during ancient times. It is said IN THE YEAR 2017 A.D as he says, that he crash landed into the mountains, in the night sky, much like a mini-meteor. He claims as he woke up, he found that he wants to conquer this new land, and surprisingly, he and his family landed there too, although this is what he said, documents say that more happened. They decided to make an underground lair for a home.


  • 2017 - he crash lands in the Mountains of Antarctica with his children.
  • Later, he builds an underground lair.


Many speculate that he is just a normal demon penguin who is a good makeup artist, However, many overthrow that theory that he actually comes from the CyberVoid who was able to return back to the living world, leaving the world of the now-deleted. However many have their own theories.

Haunting Interview[edit]

In 2018, the EPF decided to do an interview with him. His interview has been dubbed The Haunting as he said some pretty messed up things. The following is what he exactly said:

The end of this world has always been, and always will be. Formed by the Destruction Gems who fell into my universe and fused with my own Elemental Nuggets, me and my children and the rest of the Forces of Evil and the Forces of Light have been locked in an eternal battle to either destroy good or destroy evil. I seek use the term to destroy all that is good. I also seek vengeance, power, and eternal life. each day every individual villain has been defeated, a new villain arrives. Antarctica has enjoyed peace for years, but it seems that it is once again, under the "influence" of another war. In my universe, your gems fell into my universe where they fused with our own gems, otherwise known as the Elemental Nuggets, which have the following elements of Fire, Water, Ice, Earth, Air, Nature, Time-Controlling and Destruction. When they fused, into formed into a giant gem, which was able to be sucked into my beak, and eventually take control of me. I was already evil, and I did enjoy the pain that was coming to me. But now the threat has two faces as I, made an alliance with one of Antarctica's threats, the second Darktan, and we will overthrow the crown of evil. One of first goals to make signs, then we will eventually defeat Questisbak so she will no longer be a threat but us. The rest of the tape was cut for government reasons but only those parts were shown publicy.


He somewhat ties in with cryptids being one himself. With all elemental powers he can control every cryptid, well atleast mostly all of them.

Abilities and weaknesses[edit]

With no gems or elemental nuggets he has fire powers . But with all of the gems and nuggets combined, he has the powers of the following:

  • Fire - Although one of his normal powers without most of the gems and nuggets, he has an array of fire powers. Such include launching fire balls, some creating huge explosions and making craters at time, having fire breath, and fiery horns at best. When he teleports, he basically desinigrates before re-appering again.
  • Water - For his water abilities, he is able to make floods, tsunamis and other such things. He can shoot water balls, and can teleport by "sumbmerging" himself.
  • Ice - His Ice abilities are quite fascinating, such as launching huge icicles at his opponents, making a full-sized ice shields, freeze balls, and making freeze rays to shoot enemies with, sometimes with spikes so he can trip his opponents into them, or making them frozen in place as there feet are stuck.
  • Earth - His earth powers can cause tremors! sorry. Anyways, he can create earthquakes, and making huge boulders. He is capable of controlling many different type of minerals under the ground. He can summon rocks of various sizes, create earthquakes of intense magnitude, and even cover his body with different elements that make up the Earth, ranging from crystals, to precious metals like gold, or even burning lava, expressing immunity towards the heat and burning touch of it.
  • Air - He can fly without wings, and making strong winds of breath with a simple blow of the mouth. He is capable of changing the weather, and making air-based natural disasters like hurricanes and tornados.
  • Nature - With nature, he can summon dangerous plants, such as biting and poisonous plants, but most of his powers are similar but not that much is mentioned, since their is not that many powers of the nature element.
  • Time Controlling - The Time Controlling powers is a very dangerous ability where he can actually control time, wether going back in time, stopping everything, and anything else.


One weaknesses is that he is mortal. He can die from anything unless if having all elemental powers like mentioned above, it would take great force to eventually defeat him.


  • He is not supposed to be a Mary Sue.
  • He is a mix-up of many villains like Thanos and Shinnok.
  • He is an ally of basically every evil army, well most but certainly almost all.