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Alexander Clanin

King Alexander holding a Club Penguin Gold Coin.
Born Alexander Clanin
April 19, 1968
Olde Antarctica
Gender Male
Nationality Yowien
Other names King Alexander The Great
Education Fishing, Carpenter
Occupation King of Yow
Years active 11
Notable works Fishing
Height 3ft. 5in.
Weight 40 pounds.
Known for Finding the Yow Kingdom
Children None
Parents Lost them
Relatives Jaycee Clanin (sister)
Alexander Clanin
King Alexander the Awesome
Reign 29
Coronation August 9, 1990
Full name Alexander Little Clanin
Spanish El rey Alejandro
Titles Alex, King Alex, Alex the Awesome
Born 1968
Birthplace Frostborough, Olde Antarctica
Died 2012
Place of death The Yowien Castle
Heir Feey1
Successor Feey1
Consort None
Offspring King Feey1 the Best None
Royal House The Yowien Castle
Royal motto Remember Tomorrow, Protect Today, Prepare For Tomorrow!
Father Mike Clanin
Mother Mary Clanin

King Alexander was the monarch of the Yow Kingdom. He is quite lazy, despite being ambitious. A substantial amount of penguins believed he was unfit to rule, as his actions sank Yow into debt. He is not married, and has no children, though he has some friends. He was a great fisherman before he found the Yow Kingdom, having a small class of chicks to teach. He died at 44 years old.


King Alexander, then known as Alexander Clanin was born in 1968 in the city of Frostborough during Olde Antarctica, which today would have been Freezeland. His parents, originally from Grand Permatan, moved to the area for job purposes. Alexander's father worked in the harbor, where he worked as a porter who loaded and unloaded ships' cargo like fish and luggage. His mother stayed at home, and enjoyed to crochet and knit scarves and blankets that had patterns that were inspired by the sea, which she loved. He lived with his family for 3 years until a burglar broke into their house. Alexander was kidnapped and never seen again by his birth parents. He was taken to the other side of Antarctic, far away from his family. The kidnapper was finally caught and Alexander was taken to an orphan home. He lived there for 10 years, then was adopted. At his new school he learned wood shop and fishing. At 20 he moved to his old homeland, searching for his family. He asked many penguins, but no one knew where they were. In 1990 he decided to take a fishing trip to Rockhopper Island. He bought a small row boat and went to Rockhopper Island. He pushed off and sailed North, unaware of a large storm coming his way. The storm hit and he washed up on a sandy beach. The next morning he woke up and found the island of Yow. He established Yow Kingdom and sailed back to Colonial Antarctica, where he advertised his new monarchy. However, he was quickly stopped by government officials and forced back to his new island.

Search For His Parents

In 2009 he decided to search for his long lost parents. So he sailed to the USA with 10 Yowien soldiers, and Heimlich Zimmer. The boat docked at the Antarctic Peninsula. Alexander's limo left the boat and drove onto land. They stayed at the Snitz-Farlton. Alexander decided to leave when he saw penguins fighting over a bag of waffle mix. The group rode to South Pole City, where Alexander had hopes of finding his family. There he met his sister, Jaycee Clanin, for the first time in 12 years. The two hugged each other and spoke about finding their parents, and the rest of their family. Alexander learned that Jaycee had not seen their parents for 30 years, which scared Alexander. He was sure they would find them. So he and Jaycee got in the limo and drove off to Freezeland. The limo pulled up to the town of Bellaghy, in Freezeland. The limo pulled up to a 5 star hotel, called the Grand House. Alexander said they will start searching for their parents tomorrow, and that they will stay in this hotel for the night. That night Jaycee told Alexander where she thinks their parents live, in Ard Mhacha City in Freezeland. While they were sleeping a penguin in a dark-black coat blew up their limo, setting fire to the hotel. The bomb had gone off waking up Alexander, when the bedroom light went on. Guards came saying that a bomb had gone off near the hotel. The guards and Alexander ran outside, then three guards took off to look for the bomber. Two minutes later gunfire was heard. Alexander's guards ran down a sloped road shooting behind them. Then Alexander saw 5 brown penguins wearing black clothing, with large guns. They were flying on Hover Boards, and were shooting the other guards. Quickly 2 guards waddled over to help them. It was then that Alexander noticed Jaycee wasn't here, so he rushed inside to save her. He found Jaycee on the 2nd floor, crushed by a wall. The guards rushed in and freed Jaycee, then picked her up. They headed towards a fire escape and carried Jaycee down. The fire escape fell down on them, and they were quickly rushed to the hospital. Alexander woke up the next day and heard that Jaycee had died. His search for his parents had failed.

The Crab Wars

Alexander was still alive during the Barbearic Crab War, and tried to establish peace between Coldless and Ish2. However, Coldless turned on him, and tried to kill him. Alexander nearly escaped, and realized that Yow was in deep trouble. A nation that was in debt could hardly fight in a war, so he instantly went to work to fix it. Alexander increased taxes on citizens, but didn't cut government spending. Instead he raised funding for the military, and cut funding to local law enforcement. This did very little to help Yow's debt crisis.

During this time, Alexander began to feel lonely. He wasn't married, and never was. He joined a dating a website, but of course every woman on there sent him a message. Alexander became increasingly depressed, and tried to find new friends. When he failed to find new friends, he hung out with Feey1 much more often. He and Feey started having tea every three weeks on Sunday, and would make a great friendship. Sadly, on October 1st, 2012, Alexander was shot and killed by a Barbearic robot while he was making an announcement. Feey sought revenge on Coldless for his friend's death, and declared war on Coldless. Alexander's memorial was held the day after Feey1's inauguration, and the entire nation grieved. Alexander was buried in the backyard of the Yowien Castle, with a massive statue and tomb stone covering his burial sight.


During the middle of the Barbearic Crab War he tried to get the two armies to make peace. This only caused Emperor Coldless to angry and arrest Alexander for two months. He was later freed by Ish2, the king crab, and was led to safety on a Yowien fighter jet that landed to pick him up.



  • Hippies
  • Pacifists



  • Remember tomorrow, protect today, prepare for tomorrow."
  • Long live Yow!"'
  • (When Ish2 freed him from prison)Thank-you my little red, hard shelled, friend."


  • Alexander has not found his long lost parents yet.
  • He is in his 40's.
  • He has seizures once in awhile.
  • Lockhopper built the statue of him at The Yowien Castle.

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No one
The Position of
King of Yow Kingdom.,

as held by King Alexander The Awesome


Succeeded by

Feey1 Pie, after Alexander died in 2012.