King Alexander International Airport

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King Alexander International Airport
King Alexander International Airport.png
One of the entrances into the airport.
Key details
Name King Alexander International Airport
Type of airport Joint civilian/military
Hub for Royal Yowien Airways
Owned/Operated by Yow Ministry of Transportation
Location Golden City
Runway Runway 10R/28L (11,678 ft.) (Asphalt/Concrete) (Civilian)
Runway Runway 10L/28R (12,562 ft.) (Asphalt/Concrete) (Civilian)
Runway Runway 9L/27R (10,452 ft.) (Asphalt/Concrete) (Military)
Runway Runway 9R/27L (18,754 ft.) (Asphalt/Concrete) (Miltary)
No. of Passengers 6,574,562
Aircraft Movements 169,587

King Alexander International Airport is a major civilian international airport and military airbase serving the Golden City. The airport is the only international gateway in the country as well. The airport is located 16 miles outside of Golden City, and is located on a 51 sq. kilometer proper, with the bulk of the proper set aside for military purposes. The airport serves both domestic and international flights, divided into two concourses. The airport serves as a hub for Royal Yowien Airways and a technical base for SkyJet Airways. King Alexander International Airport is served by 16 airlines, to over 31 destinations across the Antarctic.

Golden City Air Base is also located at the airport, and is home to 76% of the Yowien Air Force, and also houses testing facilities and barracks for air force personnel. Four of the six runways at the airport are for this purpose only, and are 1 mile from the civilian sector of the airport. Over 2,000


The airport was built in 2005 after Club Penguin Island was established, and less traders on the SABER came to Yow Kingdom. King Alexander funded 10,000 Gold Coins to construct the airport. The airport was completed a month later, and was actually very small compared to its current state. The architect of the airport named it after Alexander, and even including a large painting of him on one of the walls. It only had four runways, and two terminals. There was a small hanger included, and a McDoodles placed in the airport. When the airport started to get over crowded Alexander funded to expand the airport by adding six runways, six terminals, and five more hangers. He also made half of the airport a military air base.

Airlines and destinations[edit]

North International Terminal[edit]

South International Terminal[edit]

Central Terminal[edit]

  • Royal Yowien Airways: South Pole City-Metro, Polaris City, Penguville, Snowville, Enderby City, Shiverpool, Newton Town, Torona-Persan, Metido, Parie, Boorlin, Inningsbruck, Wien,New Club Penguin,Googolplex, Margate City, Fishwow, Neo Domino City, Frostborough, Los Penguines, Dellaroma, Southern Ocean City, New Happyface City, Ginty, Dongjing, Jokio, Honk Gomg, Mabila, East Bank City, Frostize, Puerto Elanor


The airport has six runways(four of them for military purposes), three terminals, and six hangers to store aircraft. There is also a small military aircraft base used for some classified things.


  • The airport has a gift shop, and a locally-owned restaurant.
  • An average of 921 creatures visit the airport daily.
  • A puffle was once ran over by a luggage cart in the airport.

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