Rey Carlos Goberna de Borbón

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Rey Carlos Goberna de Borbón
King Carlos Goberna.png
His official Photo.
Title Rey Carlos Goberna de Borbón
Gender Male
Race Viking Penguin
Faction Good Guy
Health Saludable.
Level King
Status Active
Location Palacio Real, Metido, Castilla
Birth date 1956, Dellaroma, Liguria
Occupation King
Interests Politics, Arts, Music, Military
Friends Clovis, Jock Hochstadt, Leonardo di Tremezzo, Piper, General Hermosa, majority of Castillan Citizens
Enemies Swiss Ninja, SSS, Everyone in Dorkugal, Austin8310, Anti-Castillan Freedom Fighters in País Vasco and other Colonies, the Facist Party of Castilla
Archetype Protagonist

Rey Carlos Goberna de Borbón, or better known to the English speaking nations as King Carlos Goberna, is the current ruler of the Castillan Empire. He is well known for caring for citizens' concerns and donating to major conservationist organizations, charities, and orphanages. King Carlos Goberna has a strong rivalry and hatred with Kaiser Swiss Ninja Hochstadt. He is also well known for being a sponsor to the Hochstadt Gang.


King Carlos was born in 1956 in Dellaroma, Liguria, where his parents, Prince Afonso VI and Princess Isabela III were in exile. In those days, Castilla was run by the Facist dictator named Franco, who had overthrown Carlos's Grandfather and caused the Castillan Civil War in 1913. Like all Castillan monarch children before him, Carlos was taken to Centriepistula right after hatching to be seen by the POPE. The young prince Carlos was taught by his parents to speak Spanish, since they were raised the same. Carlos and his younger brother Hugo were taught by a Spanish speaking Ligurian Mentor named Emilio Desanno, who taught them to speak Italian, French, and English fluently. He was also drilled to learn to play Piano and Violin, the latter of which he forgot how to play after he grew older. Carlos occationally visited Capitoline Hill in Dellaroma, where he learned about the Ligurian Government System, which was a Republic. Carlos grew a love for politics and attended Ligurian Parliament meetings often. One day in 1969, Carlos was at one of these meetings with his brother Hugo and sister Francesca, when they were informed by a Ligurian Soldier that Two Castillan Spies had assasinated his parents under the orders of Franco. In distress, Carlos had no choice to become the head of the household, and Ligurian soldiers were ordered to protect the De Borbón Family. Times were tough, and Carlos had many responsibilites to take care of. In 1975, Franco had passed away, and because he had no children, he resolved to reinstate the monarchy and declared Carlos the successor. Carlos and his brother and sister returned to Castilla. Before being crowned king, Carlos renamed himself to Carlos Goberna, because he did not want to be called King Carlos V. King Carlos Goberna created a parliamentary Republic to please the citizens, putting monarchy as the eternal Head of State. Elections were held and a Congress was formed, thus starting the Democratic Monarchy era of Castilla. For a decade and a half, Carlos did not get involved in Foreign affairs until the Colonial Antarctica War broke out. It was then that Carlos had Castilla aid and ally with the Revolutionists, because Puffle'and was leading the Loyalists. At war's end in 2000, King Carlos helped fund the new USA and was the first to put their embassy on the new country. In 2003, a year after the War of 2002 (which the Castillans did not participate or get involved in), Carlos's brother moved from Castilla to Frostize and renamed himself to Yurgo, who planned to train a large Viking Army to make his own country in the future. King Carlos did not get involved in Yurgo's business until Yurgo died not long after the end of the Great Snowzerland War I, which created the new Viking Empire. Taking a chance to expand territory, King Carlos claimed himself to be Yurgo's son, and he Anglicized himself as Charles when he became the King of the Viking Empire in 2010. At the same time, King Carlos sold Castilla to King Akbaboy of FG, although he still was considered king of Castilla. No one in Castilla knew he became King Charles Olave of the Viking Empire, and no one actually cared. With the money from Akbaboy, King Carlos made big investments to extend the Viking Empire and make it more successful. In 2011, the Snoss invaded Castilla and drove the Finestade Land rulers out of Castilla, and King Carlos decided that he should return home. It was then that Carlos decided to tell the Hochstadt Gang about his actual identity, and Carlos dissolved the Viking Empire, first keeping it for Castilla, but later selling Frostize back to Liguria and the rest of the land to Lisboagal. In total, King Carlos had made himself twice as rich as he was before he became the ruler of the Viking Empire; this new wealth was mostly donated to the Castillan Government, while other parts of the money were donated to national charities. Today, King Carlos lives in Metido, Castilla as an admired political figure in the Ninja Archipelago, and he strongly rivals Swiss Ninja Hochstadt, since they are bitter enemies.


King Carlos is the ruler of Castilla, and the successor of Dictator Franco. He is known for replacing Facism with a Constituional Monarchy. King Carlos is well known for being a polar opposite and main enemy of Swiss Ninja Hochstadt. King Carlos is the good friend of the Hochstadt Gang, and he has helped them in many of their missions and wishes. King Carlos has lead the Castillan military in the Snoss-Castillan War since he is the Head of State.


  • "Tengo fe en nuestro país que un día, conquistaremos nuestros enemigos y traeremos paz a toda de Antárctica." (I have faith in our country that one day, we will conquer our enemies and we will bring peace to all of Antarctica.)
  • "El Diablo se llama 'Kaiser Swiss Ninja' trae vergüenza a todo el Archipélago Ninja." (The devil that calls himself 'Kaiser Swiss Ninja' brings shame to all of the Ninja Archipelago.)
  • "Un buen Rey ayuda a su gente primero." (A good King helps his people first.)
  • "Franco era un dictador facismo quién paró a su gente de prosperidad. Sólo democracía y monarquía son la contesta a una sociedad civilizado." (Franco was a Facist dictator who stopped his people from prosperity. Only democracy and monarchy are the answer to a civilized society.)

When asked about why Castilla continues to have colonies:

  • "No estamos en el siglo XVIII. Estamos en tiempos modernos, cuándo hay democracía. Toda la gente de todas las colonias viven lo mismo y todos de ellos tienen un voz en el Gobierno. Todo es igual para todos, así ¿Por qué deben las colonías salir?" (We are not in the 18th century. We are in modern times, where there is democracy. All people from all the colonies live the same and all of them have a voice in the Government. Everything is equal for everyone, so why should our colonies leave?)


  • King Carlos has a deep passion for those in need, which is why he donates a lot to charities and orphanages.

  • King Carlos enjoys playing piano or dancing to modern music during his free time.

  • Because he's a monarch, Carlos is politically conservative.


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Preceded by
Caudillo Franco
The Position of
Ruler of Castilla,

as held by King Carlos Goberna


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