King George's Island

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King George's Island
A map of KGI.
Key details
Type Island
Level 600
Location North of Club Penguin Island
Inhabitants 9,000,000

King George's Island is an island north of Club Penguin. The two islands are connected by an underground tunnel. The island used to be the site of Antarctica's monarchy. As such, it was an important part of the history of Colonial Antarctica.


The island was first inhabited by many fishermen in 1978, and was called Hagwards Island by many sea explorers and fishermen. A small town, called Landsdowne, was set up on the south part of the island, where the current Club Penguin City is located today. Landsdowne was considered the capital of the island.

In 1991, the city was officially incorporated by a government official, and the island was re-named the island King George's Island after King George, the current monarch of Colonial Antarctica. A palace was built for the king, and Landsdowne became the capital of Antarctica.

When the revolution came about in 1999, Landsdowne was burnt to the ground during an attack on the palace. It has never been rebuilt since. The other towns on the island have since been incorporated as part of Club Penguin City. The island is also the site of two of Club Penguin's major airports, which drives the local economy of the island.


Cities and Towns[edit]

All of King George's Island's towns are considered to be suburbs of Club Penguin.

  • Club Penguin City (Pop. 8,800,400) Club Penguin City is a large city on the southern tip of King George's Island.
  • Crawford (Pop. 120,000) Crawford is a medium-sized community located north of Kingston and Amherty.
  • Amherty (Pop. 90,000) is a medium-sized port community on the southwest coast of the island. It is part of the SABER's northern branch.
  • Kingville (Pop. 11,000) Kingville is a small fishing village on the southeast coast of the island.


  • King George's Palace still stands just outside of Landsdowne. It is now a National Historic Landmark.


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