King Ohzie Ablaze

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Ohzie Ablaze
Born 1919
Gender Male
Nationality Fire Kingdom
Other names Fire King
Education Decades of Elemental Amulet training
Occupation King of the Fire Kingdom
Years active 1945-1963
Title His Pyromaniacal Majesty
Spouse(s) Undisclosed
Children Scarface Ablaze
Parents Undisclosed
Relatives Dara (distant niece)

King Ohzai Ablaze was a famous fascist and King of the Fire Kingdom from 1945 to 1963. History tells of three things that made him famous. First, and most importantly, he attempted to conquer the rest of Olde Antarctica under the "superior element". Secondly, he seemed to have a hatred of the Air Kingdom, both for being pacifist and for being bald, although most of his citizens were bald themselves (he waved this by saying bald fire controllers are awesome anyway). Third, and possibly the strangest, he had a resentment for clothing, preferring instead to parade around in nothing but the crown on his head and a pair of shoes.


The Fire Kingdom didn't really have any seeds of imperialism sewn into it until a scandal erupted amongst the previous Fire King. The Fire King learned that his wife was actively cheating on him, and this drove him to exile her. Despite being an adulteress, the Fire King nonetheless missed his spouse, but she wouldn't return. He went into various mood swings that eventually led to the South Pole Summit declaing him imcompetent and relieving him of his duties, in 1945.

His son, Ohzie, succeeded him and carried a bitter hatred of the other nations for doing that to his grieving father. (Even more so, the Ice Kingdom had a king that was a bit of a fruit loop himself, yet he wasn't relieved of his duties!)

Ohzie decided to reform the Fire Kingdom government without consent of the other kingdoms. A closeted fascist, Ohzie took a page from days gone by to promote fire as the "superior element".

The Kingdom under Ohzie's Fascist reign was galvanized and put to work, with everyone giving their effort to taking over the continent. A fierce military was built up to combat the other realms, and on his orders, the Fire Kingdom suspended its appearences at South Pole Summit and invaded the Air Kingdom.

Woefully unprepared, the Air Kingdom was the first to fall to the Fire Kingdom's hegemony. Being pacifistic and more fitting for peaceful uses, their excellent economy and infrastructure aided the war effort and made it last much longer than it should have.

The other nations took to arms and fought back, beginning a lengthy war. In 1963, King Ohzie resigned his position as the other nations closed in on the Fire Kingdom.

His son, and now King, Scarface, had gone on a long journey of self-searching and adventures, and had come back a better, more peaceful penguin. Upon coronation, his first act of office was a ceasefire and then a peace treaty restoring the nations borders, and the war was over.

Ohzie today[edit]

King Ohzie now resides in Snowflake Valley Retirement Home, where he immediately befriended ruthless tyrant and fellow fascist Whoot Smackler Whoot. They usually reminisce about the good old days and complain about the tolerance of High Penguins and other elements, respectively. Needless to say, surviving Elemental Amulet Keepers and High Penguins despise the whole lot of them.

Legacy and vindication[edit]

Historians debate whether or not King Ohzie was a bad penguin, or just a brooding son that saw his father stripped of power and sent to a mental institution. Many argue that they'd be angry as well, and Ohzie's msiery might have led to him blaming the world and the other elements for his problems, as a scapegoat.

Still, aside from Whoot Smackler Whoot, King Ohzie was Swiss Ninja's other role model. Whether or not it was for family reasons or genuine villainy. he is nonetheless Antarctica's third imperialist, the first being the High Penguin Confederacy, the second being Whoot, and the fourth being the Kaiser.

Unlike Swiss Ninja but like Whoot, King Ohzie didn't want to harm or kill the conquered lands. He wanted to unite the nation under one banner, but unlike Whoot, he didn't want slavery, either. In fact, his real motives seem to be more of a revenge move to avenge his father, not a true lust for power.

While he despised bald penguins and never wore any clothes, these weren't his motives. Until his father was removed from power, he never spoke of any hatred for other elements. It seemed that the entire war seemed to be a collosal means of just getting back at the South Pole Summit for taking his father's crown.

It was this, and the immediate ceasefire of King Scarface, that led to a historical and rather unpopular decision in 2001 to pardon King Ohzie for his war crimes.


  • King Ohzie is a much kinder parody of Ozai, the primary antagonist of Avatar: The Last Airbender. The actual parodee was a genocidal maniac bent on continuing world domination as his forefathers did before him. Ohzie, meanwhile, was just a fascist wanting to avenge his father.
    • (Having researched the character, TurtleShroom was not able to write a very tight parody of a villain he likened far to close to real genocidal maniacs.)
  • It seems that Ohzie is related to Dara in some way, and given Dara's pyromania and taste in robes, this isn't too far a stretch to make.
  • Ohzie Ablaze is a great nephew of King Harry Trueguy from the Grand Ol' Land. They argued during Ohzie's youth and they did not like each other. His father, Harry Trueguy's true nephew, was elected by Sensei Tsoi to become the first King of the Fire Kingdom.
  • King Ohzie was despised by Communist Rusca and STINC, and many of them had attempted to assassinate him, twice.
    • Because of the Communist Ruscans hating the Facist, the East Pengolians also hate King Ohzie Ablaze and also attempted to assassinate him in 2006.

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