King Snowkinian

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King Snowkinian
King Snowkinian image.PNG
Mah Boi!!!
Title Not really a King
Gender Male
Race High Penguin
Faction A bit Crazy
Health Unknown
Level Unknown
Status Eating Dinner
Location What is soon to be the Province of Pastry

King Snowkinian is a rather strange High Penguin, who is a member of the Underground PWN Mafia. He's not really a King, but the Mafia gave him the name since his father was a high rank (not a king, but a High Rank) during the High Penguin Confederacy.


Snowkinian grew up in Freezeland during the middle years of the High Penguin Confederacy. However years later when he was full grown, Whoot Smackler Whoot and the rest of Khanzem attacked Freezeland and the High Penguins. Not wanting to be captured, Snowkinian grabbed the nearest shoes and started running. For years he ran across the Wilderness of Antarctica, occasionally stopping to get Dinner at various McDoodles. By the time he finally stopped running he had grown a long beard, and he found that his clothes were way outdated. He could care less though and decided to leave it that way.

A year passed and Snowkinian could not find a job as all he wanted to do was eat. Eventually he started calling everyone MAH BOI and started wearing a Gold crown that his father had owned (his dad was a very high rank in Triskelle's Kingdom). Eventually the penguin met Bugzy who was at the moment just a ordinary member of the UPM. Seeing how much Snowkinian loved to say the word BOI, the current Godfather invited him to join. Now he was happy, and recieved the name King Snowkinian. Eventually when the current Godfather of the Mafia Died, Him, Bugzy, Link, ClockWerk, and Gangsta G were promoted, and became the Mafia Lords.


King Snowkinian is not evil, but his loyalty is strictly to the Mafia and treats his job almost as seriously as he does Dinner. Infact he likes being a Ganster so much, that most Penguins have forgotten he's even related to royals.


(While talking to Link)

Link: Gee, it sure is boring around here.

King Snowkinian: MAH BOI! This MAFIA is what all true Ganstas strive for!

Link: I just wonder what Darktan's up to.

(during the evening)

King Snowkinian: Casey, Fluffy 21 is under attack by the evil forces of Darktan. I'm going to The Happyface State to aid him.

Casey: Whatever!

King Snowkinian: Enough! My ship sails in the morning. I wonder what's for Dinner.

Link: You can eat. I'm not hungry.

(talking to the traitor)

Fluffy 21: Please! Your majesty, have mercy!

King Snowkinian: After you scrub all the floors in the USA, then we can talk about mercy. Take him away.

Waddle G: Yes your majesty.


  • He is a parody of King Harkinian.
  • Like PogoPunk, he constantly calls Link "Mah Boi".

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