Kingdom of Moon Island

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Kingdom of Moon Island
January 1, 1915–October 2005 Colony of Moon Island

Political map of the island as of 2013.
Capital Kingdom City
Government Monarchy
 -  1915-1951 Dps the Great
 -  1951 Dps the First
 -  1951-1999 Dps the Second
 -  1999-2005 Dps the Third
Historical era 20th Century
 -  Dps the Great's forces annex the island from various penguin tribes. 1914
 -  Kingdom City established. March 1915
 -  Wizzint annexed by Moon Island. Pre-1924
 -  Moon Island Civil War 1924
 -  Dps the Second sent into exile. 1999
 -  Moon Island is established as a colony of the Rockhopper Empire. late 2005
Today part of Moon Island Flag.png Moon Island, The Democratic Industrial Island of Shops

The Kingdom of Moon Island was a 20th Century monarchy located in the Asiapelago, specifically located in the region currently known as the Shops Sea. Established on January 1st, 1915 by Dps the Great, the nation lived for 90 years before it became a colony of the Rockhopper Empire in 2005. The land on which the Kingdom occupied is currently known as The Semi-Autonomous State of Moon Island, a state of Shops Island.


For an extensive history, see this article.

Early history[edit]

Moon Island itself was claimed territory of Zhou for centuries, and it is believed that the Moon Island natives are descendants of the Zhouese. In the late 1600s, the island became known as Huan Jiang due to the trading post established there. To other nations, the whole island was referred to as Empiropol.

Early into the Khanzem War, the Empire of Japaland invaded and claimed many islands in the Asiapelago, including modern-day Moon Island. However, they didn't set up very defensive measures on Moon Island, and soon after most of the island was re-taken by the natives.


The government was set up as a monarchy. Throughout the nation's tenure, it was supremely governed by the Dps Family.



Moon Island had various different cultures. The area around Kingdom City had an essence of Fanon City (HPC), since Dps the Great and his original military forces lived there. The area of Wizzint had also previously been it's own city-state established by Zhouese merchants, so it had a very Zhouese dominated culture.



One of the most prestigious educational facilities in the country was the Moon Island Institute of Education, established in 1918 by Dps the Great.


The Moon Island Royal Army was the official army of the Kingdom of Moon Island, founded sometime after the Kingdom's formation. It was disestablished in 2005, after the Rockhopper administration took over. These are the four known penguins that were head of the army, all of them also being being members of the Moon Island Royal Family:

  • Dps the Second, Son of Dps the Great and Empress Moon, Emperor of Moon Island from 1951-1999, head of the army from 1951 to 1976.
  • Crown Prince Bob of Kingdom City, Son of Dps the Second and Empress Liza, head of the army from 1976 to 1990.
  • Stephen, Prince Royal, Son of Crown Prince Bob and Crown Princess Amy, head of the army from 1990 to 1999.
  • Dps the Third, Son of Dps the First and Empress Anne I, Emperor of the Kingdom of Moon Island and head of the army from 1999 to 2005.


The Moon Island Royal Army was generally used for defense of the island and keeping things in order. Their strength and effectiveness is unknown.

Relationships with other nations[edit]

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  • Japaland - Good? Moon Island didn't have any relations with Japaland for at least thirty years after it was founded, due to public hatred of the Japalandese (due to the Khanzem invasion) and Zhouese hatred of the Japalandese. However, they eventually established relations and became minor trading partners. Moon Island even acted as a negotiator between the nations in later years. In 1984, Japalandese Princess Yuko Noda married Crown Prince John II.
  • Zhou - Great. Moon Island and Zhou established relations after the end of the Khanzem War, since they were on former Zhouese property. They signed a treaty and became allies and trading partners. Throughout the life of the Kingdom, Zhou was one of it's greatest allies.