Kingdom of Snowiny

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Kingdom of Snowiny
Kraljevina Snovinska
Flag of Snowiny
MottoVincere Superbe, Mori Superbe (Latin)
Tantum Unum Terra (Latin)
AnthemSnowiny Shall Rise Again
Coat of Arms

Location of Snowiny
A map of Snowiny. Click to enlarge.
Official languages English, French, Serbian
Recognised regional languages Spanish (northeast)
Species  Various Penguins, Puffles, other
Demonym Snowinn / Snowinian
Membership UAN flag.PNG UAN
Sato.png SATO
Manifest Destiny Treaty
Circles.png Circular Powers
Government Democratic
 -  King Robert Smith
 -  Queen Catherine Smith
 -  Prime Minister Ivan Stephan
Legislature Snowinian Parliament
Constitutional Monarchy (Social-Democratic Party)
 -  March 12, 2003 Government Reformation 
 -  July 12, 2003 1st president anointed 
 -  July 2013 2nd president anointed 
 -  July 2014 Constitutional Monarchy 
 -   estimate 6,100,000 (without territories)
18,012,150 (with territories) 
 -  2013 census 5,000,000 (without territories)
13,000,000 (with territories) 
 -  Density 60.1/km2/km2 
Appr. 5,000/sq mi
Currency Varoe (V$)
No Daylight Savings
Drives on the Right
Calling code +121
The United Provinces
The Flag of the United Provinces
Snowinn History
Click to expand
Osloven Tribes
Osloven Empire (976 - 1921)
First Kingdom of Snowiny (1921 - 1947)
First Republic of Snowiny (1947 - 2003)
Second Republic of Snowiny (2003 - 2013)
Second Kingdom of Snowiny (2013 - 2015)
Third Republic (United Provinces) (2015 -)
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Wars and Battles
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This article is about the Kingdom that used to exist from 2013 to 2015. Information on the Republic of Snowiny that used to exist before 2013 and the nation of Snowiny after 2015 can be found on the United Provinces page.

The Kingdom of Snowiny, simply known as Snowiny [pronounced: Snou-win-ee], nicknamed The Red Clover, is a developing socialist-democratic country located off the coast of Club Penguin, USA, and north to the Antarctic Peninsula, inhabited by just slightly under 20 million Antarctic creatures. It is somewhat economically powerful, holding a moderate place on the list of countries by GDP. Snowiny consists of a collection of islands that are all ruled by its current president, Robert Smith, nicknamed Uncle Antarctica. The islands were first discovered in approximately 500 AD by some penguin tribes. Snowiny is part of the Puffepelago Islands and is the epicentre of the entire archipelago, but isn't associated themselves with the Puffepelago. Snowiny is known for being an important technology and electronic goods producer for Antarctica, and rivals only the Asiapelago for the top spot. The capital city of Winsburg is Snowiny's main industrious hub. Snowiny's currency is the Varoe. It produces the most amount of gold among the Puffepelago.

Snowiny's colonies and states are Penguski, Okan, Atumland, Puffepelago, and Penland.

In February 2014, Snowiny gave away their territories of Marmeling Snowiny and Snowinian Melodeeves to Shops so that the Republic can pay off a debt.

In June 2014, Snowiny declared armed neutrality. Government, economic and military reforms started in early May; Snowinian economy started boosting.

Snowiny's named like that because of the big amount of taigas and tundras on the north of the country, and a lot of mountains in the Southern and Western part of Snowiny, at which also snows most of the time, especially during Autumn, Winter and the beginning of Spring. Snow falls occur sometimes during Spring; which Snowinians find no big surprise due to the climate. The last time snow fell in summer was from 27th to 29th June in the year 2008.

Snowiny is currently in an era which the citizens and the government itself like to call the Booming Tens, because Snowiny is experiencing quick and outstanding economic growth and a majority of its citizens are pleased. Thousands of new jobs and opportunities were opened all around the country, mostly thanks to the Western Union, an economic, political and military union formed in late 2013 between Snowiny, Margate, Terra Federation, Amataria, Acadia and Caseusopolis. During this decade, Snowiny also underwent through severe military growth, with it being involved in many peacekeeping missions, including the Antarctic War on Terrorism, Operation: Freedom Fighter, Puffalian-Western War, and so on.

In 2015, the nation was reformed into a democratic republic known as the United Provinces.


See main article: Snowiny in Time

This is the history of a nation that from being of little importance and did little on the globe, to being one of Antarctica's growing powers. This is the history of a nation that is on its road to becoming a great power and is the "guardian of the world", constantly having wars against terrorists who try to destabilize countries around Antarctica.

(See more on the article Snowiny in Time)

Period of Stagnation (2001-2012)[edit]

Snowiny was formed from the ashes of Yugonovia in 2001. They needed to quickly write a new constitution and prepare their military and economy as they were in risk of an invasion. By 2002, Snowiny had ratified a new constitution, which also appeared to be one of the shortest constitutions in Antarctica.

Snowiny in it's first few years was very poor. It was under poor leaderships of Johan Gutevski (2001 - 2004), Katilon Pavilon (2004 - 2008) and Samuel Kalopeve (2008 - 2012). Only in 2012, Snowiny has started rising in power fast. As Robert Smith became the head of the government in 2012, he introduced many reforms into Snowiny, and signed the Manifest Destiny Treaty between Margate, Amataria and Shops Island. Snowiny steadily improved it's military and economy by mid-2013 and annexed a several amount of islands, including Ed Island, which later broke away in early 2014. Robert Smith in his first few months didn't prove well for Snowiny. July 2013, however, led the nation to it's first Great Snowzerland War, in which they, together with many other nations, defeat the Snoss, Zhouese and other powers.

Rising Antarctic Power (2012 - 2015)[edit]

In mid-2013, Snowiny also started getting involved with global politics, not just north Sub-Antarctic and it's own politics. Snowiny, together with Shops Island and Ed Island (it's protectorate at the time), invaded Nexon, in which they won a Pyrrhic Victory. A month later, another war broke out with Shops Island, Snowiny and Sandila, again resulting in a victory. Snowiny continued going on with global affairs and trade, conducted a lot of business with other nations, and also became home to the 2nd tallest building in Antarctica until mid-2014.

2014 saw a year of conflicts, wars and, among that, prosperity too. In January 2014, Ed Island seperated from Snowiny in a bloody war. This war later inspired Penlandian and Puffepelagan Secessionist Movements, which were quickly crushed.

Snowiny founded it's own "circle of nations", the Circular Powers, and, seen as an annoyance by the Shoppers, founded their own Axle Powers. Both Circular Powers (leaded by Snowiny) and Axle Powers (leaded by Shops) are seen as rivals and "competing for more power". Ruscoe Federation later bound to protect Snowiny, but refused to join their alliance. Snowiny's alliance continued expanding and later included Amataria too.

In the later few months, around February to June, tensions started rising between the Nexonan Nationalists, Puffalia, Puffarus and Circular Powers and Axle Powers, eventually leading to the most deadly conflict in Antarctic History, the Frosian War. Snowiny did not join the war until April 2, when the Nexonan Nationalist Movement launched an attack on them, quickly resulting in a Snowinian declaration of war to NNM, and in response to that declaration of war, Puffalia and Puffarus declared war to Snowiny as well. Snowiny feared Puffalian and Puffaruscan might and strength, as the Axle Powers were already having a hard time defeating the Puffalians and Puffaruscans in their theater too. However, Snowiny was well equipped and in the first battle of their conflict already won after 5 days of battle. Puffalians quickly withdrew into the Sub-Antarctic Seas, but made a counteroffensive and attacked the Snowinians.

The war proved Snowinian might and ability to defend itself from strong enemies. Puffalia and Puffarus were humiliated with the Snowinian war. The Puffalians eventually lost their side of the war against the Axles and the Puffalian and Puffaruscan regimes fell under occupation by the Axles.

Afterwar period left Snowiny militarily strong but economically damaged. With Shopper help with their outreach program, Snowiny was quickly able to get back to it's feet in no time, and, also heavily grew in economic power, due to many companies getting their headquarters in Snowiny and high industrial power. Industry has took a hit in late-2013 and 2014 Snowiny, improving it's economic and industrial strength.

The largest protests in Snowiny's history occured in the downtown area of Winsburg from June 3, 2014 to June 16, 2014. The 2014 Snowiny Anti-War Protest, as they be called, were attended by over 5,000 Snowinian citizens. The protests were targeted against the Snowinian government, which, in their eyes, got involved in wars too often. The protesters claimed that "the Snowinian government is trying to expand their military and influence and become the main power over Antarctica". The protests weren't only targeted against Snowiny; they were targeted against Shops Island, Snowzerland, Puffalia, Puffarus and Zhou too (but mainly Snowiny). Snowiny responded June 16th by declaring armed neutrality and keeping their troops away from other nations' business. However, this only lasted a short time, later bringing criticism back on the Snowinian government for not keeping their word.

In late 2014, in an attempt to achieve independence to Nexon, the Nexonan Nationalist Movement attacked Margate and Snowiny and the two killed it's leader in the following war. 3 days after the war, NNM under a new self-proclaimed leader, again declared war on Snowiny, and Snowiny alone fought NNM in the conflict which lasted less than 4 hours and resulted in the NNM to cease to exist. Robert Smith called Friedrich Rommel and Key Preston "attention-seeking hobos".

Snowiny recently also sent expeditions to space. On November 27, 2014, Snowiny sent their first probe to the moon. In January 2015, Snowinians finished their moon base and on January 28, 2015, Snowinian scientist Heligo Castrel discovered the law of gravity on the moon. In late February, the Snowinians finished their space centers.

Snowiny has greatly improved since wars of early 2014 and it has a fairly strong military. Snowiny has military exercises every so often and it is already known that Snowiny can never turn into a neutral, isolationist country that never has war. Many Antarctic countries see Snowiny as the next rising power, set for a trajectory similar to Shops Island.

The Booming Tens: Victory in the War on Terror and Rising Star (2013 - present)[edit]

2015 saw the most successful year of Snowinian history, but also the most tragic and deadliest. A deadly war lasting the first half of the year saw the death of tens of thousands of penguins not just in Snowiny, but all over Antarctica. Snowiny grew to be one of the most famous and most known nations after May 9th, when the Snowinians won the War on Terror, and the Snowinians were marked as "brave and bold people, who stood triumphant and mighty from many terrible wars that almost destroyed so many other nations". A military parade on May 10th, held in the capital of Snowiny was attended by over 1,060,000 people from all over the world, with as much as 160,000,000 viewing the parade on television, live as it went through for 5 hours.

Snowiny was dubbed as the rising star on the Antarctic stage and many penguins expect that it will reach the great power status in no less than between 2 months to 5 years.

The War on Terrorism ended on May 13th with the victory at Puffle City, Puffepelago. The Pengslo Trials started in the capital city of the United Penguin Islands. The NNM and Little Penland completely ceased to exist. Nexon and Penland were given more autonomy. Thousands of AWOT war criminals were either executed or imprisoned for life, and in the jail they suffered torture. Snowiny and its allies victory over terrorism left remarkable effect on Antarctica and thousands of penguins all over Antarctica took celebrations out on the streets, waved Snowinian and Circular flags because of the victory.

This decade brought extreme economic and military growth to Snowiny. Thousands of new jobs and opportunities opened all across Snowiny and its territories. Penguins from all over Antarctica, especially Snowzerland, Zhou, and so on actually started immigrating to Snowiny to find a new career. Life was improving for the Snowinians, especially with the establishment of the Western Union, with Snowiny at its lead.


See also: Constitution of the Kingdom of Snowiny

Snowinian Council[edit]

The Snowinian Council passes laws and discusses ongoing things across Snowiny.


Snowinian laws are created by the Council and passed out by the King. Law is taken strictly in Snowiny; with murder of someone resulting in capital punishment against the murder. Property thief results in the thief being forced to giving back the stolen items to the items' original owner and 1 year jail. It's impossible to refuse this.


Crime rates in Snowiny are usually low, because of the largely abundant and very well trained police force that is on every corner in a street. The constitution of Snowiny enables max 20 years of prison, which can be extended near the end of the term. Capital punishment was ONLY RECENTLY abolished in Snowiny (around early June 2015) as many government members and penguins in the country found it barbaric, including the king himself, who long sought to abolish capital punishment as it "created a bad image of the country".


Snowiny has a very fast growing economy, especially since the Antarctic War of Terrorism was coming to an end and also because they are in the Circular Powers, which guarantee them a stable economy. Snowiny is expected to have an 8th place economy in GDP by at least mid-2016. Snowiny has a middle-strength currency called the Varoe.


Snowiny's biggest food export is corn, which is produced mostly around the east Thaming river, near the sea and on the plains that are located by the Thaming. Snowny also produces lots of cotton in the north.


this is about the tourism industry, not tourist sightseeing

Daily, over 100,000 foreign tourists arrive in Snowiny. Snowiny has a booming tourist industry and it compromises a large part of its economy. It is one of the most visited locations in Antarctica, behind the Ninja Archipelago nations.


Industry in Snowiny has been growing since the early summer of 2014 and Snowiny has manufactured a large amount of goods, and is Antarctica's number one dairy product exporter. Snowiny is most famous, in the dairy product industry, for it's renowned cheeses.


Snowiny produces lots of uranium, gold and nickel. It is quick and efficient oil and nickel producer on the Antarctic stage. Most-trusted allies of Snowiny are allowed to go here and mine the resources. Snowiny has a lot of oil wells in the northeast of Snowiny.


Snowiny's currency is called "Varoe". It's a middle-strength currency, with 1 varoe being 1.2 gold coins.


View of the capital city, Winsburg

Snowiny has a very polite and refined culture. They have their unique way of greeting someone. This is done by shaking ones flippers with someone else and then saying "Hello there, sir/madam!".

The streets in Snowiny are often made of cobblestone, with lots of nice restaurants from around Antarctica, and is home to one of the largest Vegetarian restaurant chains in Antarctica, Veggie Emporium. Snowiny is also well-known for their traditional folk music.

Alla Dolphinos park in southeastern Winsburg


There were many famous royal cities and palaces in Snowiny built at the time of The Kingdom of Snowiny and middle Snowinian Empire, traces of which can still be found in Greenfield, Elizanile and Peattle. Snowinian medieval monuments, which have survived until today, are mostly walls from castles and towers. The oldest monument of Snowinian medieval art is the Wall of Snowiny (built around 1305).


Snowiny's cuisine is very diverse. It consists of many meals of Turkish origin, namely the Snowinian kebab, like the shish kebab and gyros, and the traditional Snowinian burgers called pljeskavicas are also very famous. Tourists also prefer the traditional Serbian soup, and other kinds of pastries, like the shampita, a very delicious Serbian dessert.

Although Turkish cuisine is the most popular in Snowiny, there are many other dishes from many other nationalities in Snowiny. Chinese, Antarctican and German cuisine is very popular in Snowiny, and there are also many Ligurian pizzerias in the old town of Winsburg.


Snowiny's main sports are hockey and football / soccer. In hockey, Snowiny isn't that much good, but isn't bad either. In football / soccer, Snowiny is one of the best Antarctic countries. Snowinians also play baseball, water polo and volleyball sometimes, but they are not that good at those sports.

List of all Association Football matches in Snowinian history[edit]

Date 1st Player Score 2nd Player Result Match Type
13 June 2014 Snowiny 1 - 1 Nutzil UNSOLVED 2014 UGFA World Cup
18 June 2014 Snowiny 2 - 1 Lisboagal VICTORY 2014 UGFA World Cup
23 June 2014 Seal Islands 1 - 3 Snowiny VICTORY 2014 UGFA World Cup
29 June 2014 Snowiny 2 - 0 Freezeland VICTORY 2014 UGFA World Cup
4 July 2014 Parhentina 2 - 1 Snowiny DEFEAT 2014 UGFA World Cup
25 August 2014 USA 0 - 2 Snowiny VICTORY Friendly
3 January 2015 Snowiny 2 - 1 Margate VICTORY Friendly
4 April 2015 Snowiny 3 - 0 Moon Island VICTORY Friendly
5 May 2015 Snowzerland 1 - 2 Snowiny VICTORY Friendly
26 May 2015 Snowiny 1 - 2 Suome DEFEAT Friendly
5 June 2015 West Pengolia 0 - 12 Snowiny VICTORY Friendly
10 June 2015 Pengvio 2 -7 Snowiny VICTORY Friendly


Snowiny has a lot of TV channels and broadcasted Treetee, an antarctica-wide popular TV channel, featuring tons of shows for chicks and adults. Since Snowinians spent most of their time working/studying, so they don't watch TV often.


Below is a complete list of known national, regional, and unofficial holidays and their dates in chronological order:

  • January 1st = New Year's Day
  • January 8th = Snowinian Independence Day
  • February 14th = Valentine's Day
  • February 25th = Snowinian New Year
  • March 5th = The Day of Reckoning
  • March 24th = Osloven Day (In remembrance of the Fall of the Osloven Empire)
  • April 1st = April Fools' Day
  • April 4th = Allegiance Day (in rememberance of the Shadow of Culldrome, the worst conflict Snowiny ever experienced in its history)
  • May 4th = High Penguin Freedom Day
  • 3rd week of May = Dolphinas Festival
  • June 22nd = Veteran's Day (to commemorate the end of the Frosian War and Snowinian and Allied victory in the war)
  • July 10th = Midsummer's Eve
  • July 11th = Midsummer's Day
  • July 12th = Midsummer's Aftermath
  • July 18th = National Swimming Day
  • July 27th = Whale Festival
  • August 1st = The Day of Liberation
  • August 14th = Snowstorm Day (In remembrance of the August 2013 snowstorm)
  • September 15th = Remembrance Day (In remembrance of the Anderenean Terrorist Attacks)
  • October 31st = Halloween / All Saints Eve
  • November 1st = All Saints Day
  • 1st Thursday of November = Snowinian Thanksgiving
  • 1st Friday of November = Black Friday
  • 1st Weekend of November = Weekend Festival
  • November 18th = Khanzem Freedom Day (In remembrance of the freedom from Khanzem)
  • December 3rd = Snowiny Day (In remembrance of The Frozen War and the Battle of Snowiny)
  • This holiday was two separate holidays until they were merged in 2013. They took place on December 1st and 5th, respectively.
  • December 11th = The Day of Gifts
  • December 23rd = Christmas Eve
  • December 24th = Christmas Day
  • December 25th = Boxing Day
  • December 31st = New Year's Eve & In Remembrance of The New Year's Crisis of 1999.


With it's states and colonies, Snowiny has a fairly large population of about 20,000,000, while the mainland has only about 6,000,000. The Snowinian population grows rapidly fast, causing several overpopulation issues.

Largest Cities[edit]

City Population Note
Greenfield 965,047 Largest city by size
Winsburg 1,014,040 Largest by population, declared Snowiny's "most beautiful city"
Dolphinas 818,363 Northernmost city, warmest city
Snowy City 490,000 Used to be richest city
Taming 456,067 A river named after it
Levgea (Lichigen) 454,001 Lake named after it
Berg 478,004 Coldest city
Vestula 302,301 Bay named after it
Staistel 50,064 Most dangerous city
Ouheoh 110,001 Second coldest city
Eliza 154,706 Second largest city on the Lichigen lake
Ciudad Snopiňa 100,734 (none)
Vanesk 97,029 (none)
Telostava 46,004 (none)
Grand Rue 28,001 (none)


These are the largest ethnicities of the island of Snowiny as of 2013.

  • Snowinian = 79%
  • Yowien = 7% (During The Great Yowien War, a lot of Yowien citizens were granted asylum in Snowiny)
  • Margatian = 6%
  • Snoss = 3%
  • Puffalian = 2% (fled their country during the Frosian War)
  • Other ethnicities (over 20 ethnicities) = 3%

Almost the entire immigrant population, if not almost, then all, knows how to speak the Snowinian language at least acceptably / moderately.


All Snowinians are teached English, Serbian and French in elementary school. Over 95% Snowinians understand both Serbian and English.

Territory of Snowiny[edit]

A map that includes most of Snowiny's territory.

Current territory[edit]

Flag Name Admission date Status Notes
FlagROSn.png Snowiny Mid-10th Century State (1992) Founding country
Puffepelago.png Puffepelago 1050 State (1992) Founding country
PenlandFlag.png Penland 1050 Declares itself a sovereign nation, not recognized by Antarctica Part of Snowiny
Slavenia.png Slavenia 1050 State (2014) Conquered by Snowiny, statehood in 2014
Stoland.png Stoland 1953 State (2014) Conquered by Snowiny, statehood in 2014
Okan Flag.png Okan 2013 Conquered by Snowiny
Penguskiflag.png Penguski 2013 Conquered by Snowiny
AtumlandFlag.png Atumland 2013 Received after a deal with Joseph D
CheeselandFlag.png Cheeseland 2013 Shared territory Shared with Shops Island
FortJoseon.png Fort Joseon 2014 Overseas Territory Purchased from South Joseon in April 2014
Flag of Ucrying.png Ucrying 2014 Semi-Autonomous State Annexed by Snowiny after the 2014 Ucrying Referendum.

Former territories[edit]

Flag Name Admission to Snowiny Withdrawn from Snowiny Notes
Snowinian Ed Island Flag.png Snowinian Ed Island 2013 2014 Only consisted of the lower half of Ed Island, as the upper half of the island managed to remain independent. Regained independence after the Ed-Snowinn War.
SnowinianMelodeeves.png Snowinian Melodeeves 2013 2014 Ceded to Shops Island to pay off debts.
Marmeling.png Marmeling Snowiny 2013 2014 Ceded to Shops Island to pay off debts.

Geography and Climate[edit]

Snowiny has a temperate climate, with heavy snow during the winter, and usually average temperatures during spring, summer and autumn. Of course, the weather in Snowiny varies over season.


Thaming River as shown nearby Thaming City.

Snowiny has many rivers. The biggest river is the Thaming River, which has a city named after it. The Thaming river goes by the cities of Thaming, Winsburg, and Greenfield the largest cities in the Kingdom.


Snowiny has many hills, though the natives inaccurately consider them to be mountains. Many natives believe their hills to be mountains since solid definitions of mountains and hills had not yet been developed when they gave names to high natural formations. The nation's tallest mountain is Mt. Landos, which is very tall compared to the other hills. Several penguins have tried to reach it's summit, but most of them disappeared.

In the northern mountains, gold is very abundant and diamonds can be found deep underground, into the mountains of the northeast. There are some oil mining sites just north of the city of Casper, which is located right under the northeast mountains.


Weather in Snowiny is usually temperate, during all the seasons except winter, when the temperature can get way before 0 degrees celsius and when snow is very common. Snow is possible during early spring, too. In the northeast mountains, it usually snows all the time during late autumn, winter, spring and early summer.



The Snowinian Military is average compared to others and is capable of defending itself from larger nations. However, nations that are as big as Frankterre or even bigger threatens Snowiny's existence. Snowiny has a lot of high tech weapons and Keysabers. The modern military only participated in a few wars, and the military doesn't fight a lot. A well-known Snowinian military agency is the Snowinian Elite Force, which is home to the best Snowinian soldiers.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Snowinian Armed Forces is General Forrest, a bright and talented General. He is the youngest Commander-in-Chief ever in Snowinian history. He often uses peaceful penetration and deception tactics to win battles.

Snowiny's Armed Forces compose of 670,031 male soldiers and 201,230 female soldiers as of April 28th, 2014. The soldiers actively have military exercises in various places around Snowiny. One of the known military bases is "Fort Venatum", to which location is unknown. New soldiers are actively recruited.

Snowiny has greatly increased military spending due to the rising economy and steady flow of new jobs starting 2013. In 2001, Snowiny had roughly 25,000 troops. In 2010, Snowiny had been cautious due to the rising power of Snowzerland and threat of being invaded. Snowiny kept good relations with Snowzerland and went unharmed through all those Great Snowzerland wars. By 2011 they had 60,000 troops. In 2012 they had 65,000. In 2013, however, the need for a huge military was desperate due to an aggressive, even more expansionist than ever-before Snowzerland. Snowinians were constantly threatened, and pressure was put on Snowiny by both sides of the war. Snowinians declared war on Snowzerland in early-August and Snowiny quickly mobilized its troops.

Snowinians were confident that if they tried, they could win. Snowiny greatly increased military spending by early September and over 200,000 troops were sent to fight Snowzerland. Snowzerland was defeated at the hands of the other major powers; Snowiny contributed, but its contributions at the time were weak.

In September to October 2013, they had about 150,000 troops. They were plunged into another war, in a coalition against Nexon. Nexon was defeated by Shops, Ed and Snowiny involved in the war, and ceased to exist as a nation. Eventually, a war started against the Melodeeves, with a joint Snowino-Shopper Victory. By the end of December, Snowiny had about 240,000 troops.

In early January, Snowiny had to face a bloody conflict with Ed Island. It lasted 7 days and Ed Island won, getting independence from Snowiny, no longer being its protectorate. Snowiny had to upgrade its military to a new level, as even bigger conflicts arrive. A small attack on the Frosian Islands plunged ENTIRE Antarctica into the new Frosian War, a large, bloody conflict. Another bloody conflict that is ongoing till the near end of the Frosian War, also going through the same time, is the Culldrome Civil War. Snowiny was involved in both and faced a war to ALL directions; northwest to Culldrome, north to Snowzerland, south to the Nexonan Terrorists, on the south of the ISLAND to the Penlandians, and to the east to Penlandians craving for independence. Both conflicts lasted for months, but they greatly improved Snowinian strength. Mainland Snowiny, outside of Penland, did not have much damage, except for a few bombings and shootings in the northern cities, including Winsburg. By the beginning of the both wars, Snowiny had about 400,000 troops, and by the end of the both wars, it had around 800,000. Snowiny upgraded its military so much, people expected Snowiny to be a new great power in the near future, possibly by 2019, or even as early as mid-2015.

Snowiny currently has 700,000 troops, and up to 1,100,000 when mobilized. Its rising economy has managed to hold such large spendings and amounts of troops.


See: List of Conflicts involving Snowiny


OK, not bad, but you should be more specific. Is school compulsory here? Is it free? MOAR details please!

Education in Snowiny is free and Snowiny guarantees every child gets at least primary education. School is compulsory in the country and all parents have to provide their kids education.


In Kindergarten, chicks learn the basics of what they would learn in their elementary school years (e.g. Counting, speaking properly, alphabets etc.). After learning all these, the chicks receives the rights to go to Elementary School.

Elementary school[edit]

In the first 3 years, chicks study subjects such as Mathematics, Nature, P.E. and others, and in the other 3 years harder subjects like Physics, history and chemistry. After they pass with at least a C grade in the final exam, chicks can sign up for a high school of their choice.

In all elementary schools in Mainland Snowiny and ALL other territories of Snowiny, school begins on September 1st for everyone. On December 18th, the Christmas Vacation begins and ends on December 26th. The New Year vacation begins on December 29th and ends on January 3rd. The Snowinian New Year vacation begins on February 23rd and ends on February 27th. Reckoning Day vacation begins on March 2nd and ends on March 9th. Every year, on one of these days of the summer (June 2nd, June 19th, June 30th, July 3rd, June 7th, June 11th, or June 15th), summer vacation begins.

High school[edit]

Chicks (which are now full grown teenagers) can choose which class do they want to take (e.g. Internet Technology, Science, Biology) and they only learn the hardest classes. After this, the teenager can go to pre-college, which is practically a series of tests to verify their readiness for university.


Here, students take exams, learn the most advanced things and if they get under a C grade, they're out and will need to go to university again. During the old times, university wasn't that important as Snowinians had High School, but now it's confirmed that it's REALLY important for one's life and one must take the exams and go to the university, or else one will live life in a trash can.


Add more info.

The most common method of transport Snowinians use are cars, but without cars, the most used are often trains. Snowiny has one of the most advanced railway networks in the entire continent and over 25,000 penguins go by train to somewhere in Snowiny every day. Snowiny's railways are controlled by the company SnowRail, with its headquarters in Thaming.

The second most popular transportation method is by bus. The most famous Snowinian bus company is DailyStop, which owns most of the buses in Snowiny. There are also many Snowinians who go by bike to somewhere in Snowiny, and biking is very famous in Snowiny and many people are seen biking in all cities and towns of Snowiny. There is a famous bike racing competition, too (Tour de Snowiny), organized by Francois Magnetage, and Johan Levan Smith.

Relations with other countries[edit]

USA flag.PNG USA - Ok. USA sees Snowinians as 'nations competing for more power on the Antarctic stage'. The two nations aren't exactly friends. Their relations increased after the Shadow of Culldrome, because both of them were on the same side fighting against the enemy.

Ruscoe Federation Flag.png Rusca - Excellent. Snowiny takes Rusca as their best and closest ally. Ruscoe Federation protects Snowiny and Snowiny also trades with them commonly, gives them aid and supplies, and more. They have embassies in each other's capitals.

UnitedTerra flag.PNG UnitedTerra - Good. They are allies, and UnitedTerra ships them goods. They also signed a defense treaty together with Rusca.

Newestpenguio.png United Penguin Islands - Excellent. They are allies and trade partners.

Snowzerland Flag.png Snowzerland - Horrible! Snowiny finds them a warmongering menace to the world and the king has fully expressed his thoughts about Snowzerland to the public. Snowiny denounced Snowzerland several times, especially during and after the 6th Great Snowzerland War. Snowiny has fought against Snowzerland in the 6th Great Snowzerland War and supplied the Allied forces with weapons and medical aid for the soldiers.

MAI.png Margate - Excellent. They are together in one large military, economic and political alliance called Circular Powers. They engage in active trade and protect each other.

Flag of Castilla.png Castilla - Good. Snowiny previously showed lots of hatred at Castilla, but later changed and had good relations. The two are engaged in active trade. Snowiny often provides them with gold and nickel.

ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island - Excellent. They engage in active trade, and Shops often lends soldiers and weapons to Snowiny to help upgrade their military. Neither Shops nor Snowiny have signed an official mutual defense treaty, yet they've conducted some minor military drills with each other, and have formal diplomatic relations. Snowiny actively corporates with Shops Island and the two nations are also seen as rivals.

Liguria Flag.png Liguria - Ok. They don't interact much but sometimes trade. Liguria has an embassy in Winsburg and Snowiny has an embassy in Dellaroma.

Bandera de Lisboagal.png Lisboagal - Good. They are trading partners and both nations have embassies in each others' capitals.

Ed Island Flag.svg Ed Island - Poor After the First Snowinian Civil War, in which Ed Island won and seceded from Snowiny, their relationship had remained rocky for years after. They don't interact much.

Flag of Calada.png Calada - Excellent Snowiny's relationship with Calada is great, as they trade alot.

FrancterreFlag.png Frankterre - Excellent Snowiny and Frankterre engage in active trade and Frankterre usually sells Snowiny food like cream soda and cheese. Frankterre and Snowiny give aid to each other in occasion.

Munijochempire.png Munijoch - Good Snowiny and Munijoch are trade partners and they have embassies in each others' capitals. They are also rivals due to Munijoch being in Axle Powers and Snowiny in Circular Powers.

Asaina flag.png Zhou - Horrible! The two nations hate each other and have been to war against each other multiple times.

Cheeese.png Caseusopolis - Great - Snowiny and Caseusopolis are good friends. Snowiny offers war help while Caseusopolis ships them goods.


Names in other languages[edit]

  • Snowiny: in serbian - Сновинај / Snovinaj, in russian = Республика Сновиния (Respublika Snoviniya), in german - Snowinien, in italian - Snowinia, in french - Snowinie, in spanish - Snowinia, in Dutch - Snowinië, in Swedish - Snowinien
  • Winsburg: in serbian - Винзбург / Vinzburg, in russian = Виьнзбург, in german - Vinsburg, in Italian - Winsborgo, in french - Winsbourg, in spanish - Winsburgo, in Dutch - Winsburg, in Swedish: Winsborg
  • Greenfield: in serbian - Зеленград / Zelengrad, in russian = Зеленыйград, in german - Zelengrad, in Italian - Grünfeld, in french - Champ Verte, in spanish - Campo Verde, in Dutch - Groenveld
  • Dolphinas: in serbian - Делфинопљ / Delfinoplj, in russian = Дельфингород, in german - Delfinstadt, in italian - Città di Delfini, in french - Ville de Dauphins, in spanish - Ciudad de Delfinos


  • Partly parody of Serbia. Not everything is parody of Serbia, mostly the culture is though.
Territories and Colonies of Snowiny